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UFOs - Brian OLeary Blows the Whistle on UFO's ... before his death

Monday, May 26, 2014

Former Princeton Physics Professor and NASA Astronaut Blows Whistle on UFOs: Technological Implications

Astronaut Dr. Brian Oleary
Dr  Brian O’Leary was born on January 27th, 1940 and passed away on July
28th, 2011 shortly after making a big statement. He was a member of the
sixth group of astronauts selected by NASA in August of 1967. The
members of this group were known as the scientist-astronauts. Dr O’Leary
received a bachelor of arts degree in physics from Williams College in
1961, and a doctor of philosophy in astronomy from the University of
California at Berkeley in 1967. He was a fellow of the American
Association for the Advancement of Science, as well as secretary of the
American Geophysical Union’s Planetology Section. Furthermore, he was
the team leader of the Asteroidal Resources Group for NASA’s Ames Summer
Study on Space Settlements. He was a founding board member of the
International Association for New Science as well as founding president
of the New Energy Movement. He was a fellow at the World Innovation
Foundation and a physics professor at Princeton University.

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 The technological implication of UFOs is one reason for the secrecy that
surrounds them. The way they can stop on point and move any direction
they choose brings up a big question; what type of propulsion systems
and operating characteristics are involved? If we know UFOs are real,
one of the questions to ask is how they operate and how they get to
where they need to be.

Given all of the official documentation
and credible witness testimonies, we are able to question further and
make reasonable connections. With the amount of effort and time spent to
cover up the reality of UFOs, it is logical to assume that the ones
responsible for the cover up have the same questions that we do. How do
they operate? Maybe more exists beyond the secrecy, maybe some questions
have been answered and seized by those who control the money supply.
Anti-Gravity, clean energy, the list goes on and on. Even without UFOs,
human beings have the scientific and technological capability to change
our planet. It’s time to start asking more questions, if we have
alternative and more efficient ways of operating on planet Earth that
could benefit everybody, why are they not being implemented and who is

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you can imagine we already know how to do, but these technologies are
so locked up in black projects it would take an act of God to ever get
them out to benefit humanity – Ben Rich, Former CEO of Lockheed Martin
Skunk Works

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