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The Ranch On The Edge Of Forever (Bradshaw Ranch)

By William Hamilton

There are places of mystery in the world. Strange things are seen and bizarre events unfold in these mysterious places. Sedona, Arizona is such a mysterious place. Visitors flock to this Arizona New Age capital to view the striking red cliffs and rocks that highlight the verdant growth of pine and juniper as well as to feel the uplifting energy of Sedona's vortices. Conservative people think the vortex believers are a little short of a full deck. After all, if the vortex is invisible, how does one know that a vortex is on one sight and not another. Even if people claimed that could feel the energy of the vortex, why doesn't it just twirl them around?
There are other visible mysteries that occur in the Sedona region. There are UFOs and strange orbs of light that move through the back canyons, notably Long and Boynton Canyons. A mysterious military or para-military presence has been reported in Boynton Canyon, Secret Canyon, and Sycamore Canyon. Back in 1991 I traveled to Sedona to visit a man who lived in Long Canyon. John was a caretaker on an old housing project. He had sighted a large boomerang traveling from the direction of Secret Canyon in the north to the edge of Sedona in the south. The remarkable thing about this very large vehicle was its attitude of flight: it was flying on end and leaving a sparkling trail!
Strange, unmarked helicopters had been seen coming from the direction of Secret Canyon and flying south, the same direction as the boomerang flew. That day when I was in one section of Long Canyon I could hear the whooping blades of a helicopter behind the mountains to the north. Shortly, an olive drab helicopter flew low over the trees after taking off from somewhere within the canyon. Once, a fellow investigator tried to hike back to Secret Canyon around one o'clock in the morning when he heard the whooping swish of helicopter blades. Attempting to follow the trail back into the canyon, he was stopped by a voice that emanated from a loudspeaker warning him to go no further. Thinking the speaker was there to ward off hunters, he proceeded further when he was stopped again by a laser-targeting light moving around his chest. From the direction of the laser's source, he heard another voice telling him that he had entered a restricted area and that he was to turn around at once.
Field investigator and researcher Tom Dongo has spent his last few years living in the Sedona area, interviewing witnesses, and chasing UFO sightings, abductions, and other paranormal phenomena as well as trying to track down the reports of a secret military presence in the canyons. He has written books on his findings. He kept searching for a focus for the phenomena and found three, one was on a 90 acre ranch off theBoynton Canyon back roads in an isolated canyon between Red Canyon and Loy B utte.
Our friend Kim had moved to Sedona to raise her children and attend Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. We introduced her to Tom and she started going on nightly sorties with Tom out to the ranch in this isolated canyon where all manner of things were happening. Tom always brought his camera loaded with 400 ASA film and a time exposure trigger. Kim brought her own camera. They would shoot one, two, or three rolls of film just pointing and shooting whenever they felt moved. The owners of the ranch are Bob and Linda Bradshaw. Bob was a freelance photographer as well as a rancher and his beautiful photos of Arizona landscapes have been published in books and magazines. Linda seems to be the contact point between worlds. Her experiences of the paranormal go back to childhood.
My wife and I were invited to go out on a sortie and meet Linda. We gathered our cameras, videocam, binoculars, and tri-field detector and headed north for Sedona on October 7, 1995. I was prepared to meet the unknown.
We rendezvoused at Kim's house in Sedona. Tom arrived bringing photographs that he had taken at the ranch. These photos mostly showed a variety of inexplicable light phenomena. In one photo, a randomly laced trail of vari-colored light hovered over the ground. Other photos showed light streaks, orbs, and, in a few cases, structured objects. Tom did not see most of these lights and orbs, but they registered clearly on his film. I was eager to travel out to the ranch site before sunset so I could get a look at the surrounding terrain.
We traveled in two vehicles, Tom in his van, and the rest of us in Kim's trans-sport van. We piled jackets and cameras in the back. The road was rough and rocky in places and riding in the van gave me the feeling of riding in a nineteenth century stagecoach. The last mile or two along the ranch road was the roughest surface we had yet encountered. We managed to arrive as the sun was setting and I could still get a good daylight view of the property. The main house and two other buildings sat squarely at the bottom of a little valley surrounded by trees and bushes. We were far away from city noise. Linda and her dogs came out to greet us as we disembarked from the vans, making us feel welcome and invited. We went into a well- decorated house that all of the accouterments one would expect to find in an urban house and sat around the kitchen table. Linda served us coffee and handed us a large photo album filled with the strange pictures of paranormal light phenomena. The sheer number of such photos was remarkable. Others have taken similar photos, but not in such quantity. Linda told us parts of her story as we sat looking through her fascinating photo album.
Linda tells us that she has experienced strange phenomena all her life, but after moving onto the ranch, the frequency and strangeness of the experiences increased. One night while her and her husband were sitting in the kitchen they heard a noise that sounded like shattering glass come from inside their kitchen space, but nothing was seen and no shards of glass were ever found. She has heard footsteps both outside and inside the house when nobody could be seen. To further compound the mysterious events, some unknown agency would lift her camera at night and snap picturesaround various parts of the house. One picture showed the light over the kitchen table, yet the area surrounding the light was completely dark! Another picture taken by the unknown agent showed the yard as seen through one of the kitchen windows, but it wasn't quite the same yard as a portion of the scene seemed blocked off by a mysterious illuminated border.
As it was getting darker and a full moon was rising in the east, we decided to gather our coats and equipment and go for a walk around the property. Linda first took us to the horse corral. There were many nights when her horses were spooked by something that left tracks in the dirt. These large three-toed tracks were not identifiable as belonging to any of the known wildlife in the canyons. Linda indicated a trail that we could walk toward an old western movie set that had been erected sometime ago. She said that we would find more tracks as we walked into the old west town. Most of the buildings were just facades. Linda said we should look for the tracks of Big Girl, a bigfoot that both she and her son had seen on occasion and which had left evidence of its presence at nearby locations.
I was told that if I tripped by camera flash in the dark I would see that the air was filled with an unusual sparkling energy. I deliberately flashed my camera in the dark while looking through the viewfinder, and, indeed, I could see glowing particles filling the air. Seeking a conventional explanation for this spectacle, I surmised that particles of dust must be suspended in the air, and that my flash simply reflected off these numerous particles of dust, but as I continued the experiment, I noticed that the glittering particles did not move around as I have seen dust move, but rather seemed to be suspended or frozen in the air.
As we continued walking, I noticed from time to time, a tiny light would flicker on in distant bushes then extinguish. I asked Tom about this and he said that he noticed this on all of his frequent excursions out there. They appeared to be like the fireflies I used to watch at my uncle's house on Long Island when I was a young boy. But fireflys were not known in Arizona.
Tom kept looking around the horizon for the lights of UFOs. He claims that the frequency of UFO sightings over the canyons had picked up lately. He then proceeded to pull night-vision binoculars out of his pack to scan the horizon more closely for signs of movement. I could see a number of aircraft lights off in the distance to the south and east of us. When we came to the movie set we turned our flashlights on the ground and could make out some unusual tracks. One track looked exactly like those I had seen published of alleged bigfoot tracks. I photographed it. Other tracks were the of the large three-toed variety akin to those made by large birds or small dinosaurs.
At the end of the trail sat a platform made into a gallows. It was an ominous sight to greet in the light of the full moon. The women climbed the stairs to sit on the platform followed by one of Linda's dogs. Tom and I walked around, scanning the horizon for any faint movement. The air was still and silent. Occasionally, Tom would raise his camera and shoot on a seeming whim. When the camera flashed, I could see the strange glitter in the air, but nothing else seemed out of place or mysterious.
After standing around for a half-hour or so, we headed back to the ranch. When we all got cozy in the kitchen, Linda served coffee and I started to ask more questions. Linda told me about her son Victor's experiences. Victor had taken a hike back in the canyons one day and stumbled upon some white trucks and men in white suits. One flat-bed truck carried a wingless craft on its bed. Victor felt that he was being observed. He had his video cam at the ready and scanned the scene below his position when he thought he heard a noise in the bushes behind him. When he turned to look, he saw a creature peering back at him, then duck out of sight. This creature looked like a typical gray alien. On another hiking expedition into the canyons, he had become lost. He was walking in one place in daylight, then he found himself in an unknown location and it was suddenly night!
Tom had also seen a creature, but it was right near the ranch. One night while Kim and Linda were talking, he saw a small humanoid in a brown suit dash across the field near the juniper tree. The dogs gave chase, barking and running after the entity. As it neared the fence line, it seemed to vanish into thin air, and the dogs quite suddenly gave up the chase. Tom had never seen anything like this and was startled only after the entity vanished from sight.
Linda gave me a copy of the book that she and Tom had published, titled "Merging Dimensions". It is replete with dozens of photos. Unfortunately, the photos are reproduced in black and white and one misses seeing some of the startling colors that are visible in the original photos. Each of them are accumulating more anomalous photos every week. Anomalies have also appeared on some of Kim's photos.
Pamela and I went back to the ranch for a second visit on December 7, 1995. The night was even colder than the first night's visit. After nightfall, the stars sparkled like jewels. Tom set his camera up on a tripod with a timer attached to the camera to get long exposure photos of distant moving lights. Tom and Linda had been seeing "a ship" that would characteristically pop up behind some far hills to the south and west. Pamela had loaded her camera with 400 ASA film. We did see some unusual moving lights that night, but they seemed too far off to classify them as UFOs. Skywatching is a game that involves a lot of patience.
During a break in our watch, I went inside to get warm and convinced Linda to show me the video that Victor had pieced together from several different shoots around the canyon. This fifteen to twenty-minute video was shot in daylight and darkness. On it I saw some of the most peculiar "things" flitting around near the ground. One segment focused on a low-flying airplane which was blocked out by a brilliant orb of light that flew across the plane's path. The video was compelling. Very strange things were happening on this ranch.
I kept asking Linda details about the photograph of the window or gateway taken near the juniper tree. She had only seen a bright rectangle of light, yet the developed photo looks like a window into another world. Unless Tom, Linda, and now Kim were in collusion on a magnificent hoax, I would have to think that the photos are untampered and show what they purport to show. While it is true that they have not been subject to expert analysis, it still leads one to speculate about the happenings on the Bradshaw Ranch.
There seem to be three significant elements to the Bradshaw events: 1) The Gateway Window; 2) the ever-present orbs; and 3) the sparkling energy in the air. The presence of humanoid entities, mysterious craft, and mysterious animals seemed tied into the elements offering clues to the mysterious world that was intersecting our familiar world in this remote canyon beyond Sedona.
Looking at the Gateway photo reveals a number of things. The scene inside the window area is in daylight. A structure that looks exactly like a telephone pole with the cross struts and insulators is on the right. A third of the way down from the top of the window one can see an a dark oval object that looks like a flying saucer. At the bottom left corner is a jumble of indistinct objects that could be foliage or even a humanoid figure. What is even stranger is an embossed area to the left of the phone pole that looks like a light round object with projecting lines and the number 39 raised up to the right of the round object. There are two photos of the window taken in rapid succession before the window closed down. There are no telephone poles on the ranch property and there are certainly none stuck in the ground next to the juniper tree. If one wanted to come up with a hoax scenario, it would have to involve snapping a picture in daylight and super-imposing it over a picture taken at night in another location. Of course, then one would have to explain how the daylight photo was taken of a hubcap or some other plain object thrown into the air to simulate a flying disk. Photo experts could examine the negatives for signs of double exposure or superposition. I, for one, would like to see the photos analyzed, but for the sake of argument, let us examine the implications if the photos were taken as described by the witness. Additionally, supporting the authenticity of the photos is the fact that photos taken by Kim and Pamela also show anomalous images.
A little research on photographic film reveals that it is essentially a thin plastic base coated with an emulsion. The emulsion is composed of gelatin within which tiny particles of light- sensitive salts have been suspended. Because of the silver halides in the emulsion, all light-sensitive photographic emulsions are sensitive to the blue, violet, and ultra-violet end of the visible and invisible spectrum. There are emulsions that make film sensitive to infrared frequencies and, of course, film made sensitive for x-rays. Objects beyond the range of sight could register on various types of film. No special film or filters were used by Tom or Linda to capture the invisible energies around them.
Some percentage of abductees have reported seeing glowing orbs. These orbs will appear in the abductee's house and pass right through solid barriers. In Brian Scott's case, he reported seeing an orb pass in front of a dresser mirror without reflecting in the mirror. Others have reported seeing orbs float above the ground without reflecting light off the ground even when the orb appeared brilliant to the observer. Orbs have appeared of various colors and from baseball to basketball sized. An orb is a good candidate for a hyperdimensional object. Not all of the orbs photographed are visible, yet they appear on film as translucent objects.
Even when orbs are visible, they are capable of passing through a solid wall or closed window. Their light emission may excite the optic nerves in humans and animals, yet may not reflect off surrounding surfaces. In actuality, the light-band frequencies of radiation may pass through a material object because they cannot be fully absorbed or re- radiated by atomic electrons, and yet their radiation will affect film because of radiation at ultraviolet frequencies. The impression made on the film shows variations in photon density between different orbs appearing in the same image. We can only surmise that there exists stages of progressive materialization of hyperdimensional objects where they can appear only as a ghostly glow or become a fully objectified source of light. The evidence viewed in this way gives strength to the idea that the hyperdimensional parameter is a frequency dimension and not an extra-spatial dimension. In other words, the orb is moving into and out of this dimension by shifting its frequency and perhaps its phase. According to physicists, sub-atomic particles are composed of wave packets, and these matter waves can pass through a small slit and show evidence of wave-like interference. Most of the matter waves we can see absorb and reflect photons within a narrow band of frequencies. Suppose objects composed of higher frequency wave-packets, and out-of-phase with our normal mundane sensible world were to approach a mundane material barrier composed of every-day protons and electrons. It would probably look just like a ghost passing through a wall. The wall would offer it little or no resistance. If a hyperdimensional cesium atom would be compared to a mundane cesium atom in normal dimensions, we would probably measure a faster rate of time and the space the cesium atom passed through would be isolated and separate from our normal space. There could be various levels of dimensional states. Without a more rigorous data collection and analysis, this remains only a speculative hypothesis.
We might also consider that the "glitter" seen in the air around the ranch property is caused by radiation from another dimension causing excitations in atmospheric molecules. Some of the molecules of oxygen and nitrogen could be absorbing radiation from the other side of the dimensional barrier, causing random photon re-radiation in the air. The "glitter" appeared static. These glittering particles did not seem to be moving.
The implications of this phenomena require a reassessment of the nature of physical reality. If our scientists are studying only a portion of physical reality and basing theoretical models on the data collected from only one frequency dimension of the universe, then we may be harboring a very narrow view of this all-encompassing universe. Other worlds peopled by other beings might not only be found in the far reaches of intergalactic space, but in the near reaches of extradimensional space.
A phenomena that resembles the orbs is ball lightning. Ball lightening usually appears during thunderstorms. The ball is usually bright, fuzzy, and orange-yellow in color. Ball lightning has been seen that was up to 16 feet in diameter. Ball lightning has been seen to materialize inside enclosures, even an all-metal aircraft. How it accomplishes this feat is unknown. If we could produce ball lightning in a laboratory, we could probably experiment and record its weird behavior and antics and gain some insight as to how the orbs materialize inside of homes.
The typical view is that a parallel reality exists along a fourth-dimensional spatial axis, however it is possible that a parallel reality exists along a fourth-dimensional temporal axis or energy axis. If space and time are fundamental dimensions, then it is possible that universes exist in other dimensions of space and time. The real hint comes from the energy expended in moving from a point in our world to a point in some adjacent world. But until some scientists take this phenomena under serious study, we are not likely to dymystify these bizarre happenings.
Some UFOs may be someone else's spacecraft from an extra-solar planet in our Milky Way galaxy, but some UFOs may be visiting us from points of space that cannot be seen. I remember a conversation that I had with my informant, Charlie, about objects that had completely disappeared from the surface of the earth, some which he acknowledged were known about, and others that were classified as military secrets. According to Charlie not all UFOs come to earth from outer space. Some tunnel here from another space- time dimension. He told me that some of the recovered crashed disks had a unit that we called a transpatial resonator. These resonators could open portals allowing the craft to pass from one dimension to another. Maybe Charlie is telling the truth. After visiting the ranch on the edge of forever, I not only think of Sagan's billions and billions of stars, but the possible billions and billions of universes that are out there somewhere.
P.S. Linda sold the ranch and now lives in Montana. I moved from Arizona back to California.
Bill Hamilton Executive Director Skywatch International, Inc.

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