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Art Bell, Radio’s Most Popular Weirdo, Returns

Art Bell, Radio’s Most Popular Weirdo, Returns

Conspiracy-minded host starts satellite show 10 years after retirement

Art Bell photographed at his home Pahrump, Nevada, on Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2013.
Ian Allen / for TIME
Art Bell photographed at his home Pahrump, Nevada, on Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2013.

I used to frequent a (now-shuttered) website called Fine Art. There I encountered a long-dormant culture I could find nowhere else, aesthetically significant works presented in still effective but slightly altered-from-the-original forms. I learned — well, no, I experienced — new things, concepts, ideas and visions once lamentably distant from my consciousness.
The “Art” in the title, though, didn’t refer to painting, sculpture, film or photography. The name instead came from Art Bell, a 68-year-old radio talker whose memorably terrifying 1990s and early-2000s Coast to Coast AM broadcasts about UFOs, remote viewing, science, monsters, ghosts, government conspiracies (and, really, anything else) streamed there. Archival recordings of old Bell shows flowed all over the web for years, until several streams dried up within the last three months. (Do not despair. Here’s a good one, from a frantic Area 51 employee, and here’s another, which contains what purports to be Bigfoot’s scream. There are plenty of full shows on YouTube and on
But the streams’ vanishing heralded good news: More than a decade after he retired as the full-time Coast host, and after several false starts, Bell was returning to radio. His new show, Art Bell’s Dark Matter, premieres Monday night at 10 p.m. Eastern on Sirius XM’s Indie Talk channel. (The toll-free call-in line? 1-855-REAL-UFO.) In late August, I visited Bell at his home studio in the high desert of Pahrump, Nev. (“A lot of people who come out here from the big cities tend to feel weird,” he told me. No kidding — he had a plastic alien head on his porch.) I profiled him in this week’s magazine.
Many, many people have missed Art Bell. Take it not from the now-defunct streaming sites, or his busy Facebook page, or the chirping at the Fantastic Forum. Just look at the numbers. Sirius XM has a broad user base — the satellite-radio provider has 25 million subscribers overall — but Bell’s used to the biggest of numbers. Coast to Coast was syndicated to over 500 North American stations by the end of his run. He spoke to 10 to 15 million listeners per week, fourth among all talk-show hosts of the era, despite broadcasting from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. Eastern. His Marlboro-Lights-weathered voice blanketed the continent after dark, reliably chilling his audience of insomniacs, truckers, night-shift workers, and whoever else might be alone with a radio late at night.
Bell’s ratings success was all the more surprising because of how he deviated from the dominant talk-radio format. Conservative chatter owned the medium (think Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura) but all that bored Bell — he had started out in Vegas as a right-wing host in the ’80s, but his show’s ratings didn’t take off until he started talking about the paranormal. He was different, fed up with the government not because of some tax increase or a bad vote but because of what they were hiding. Where others had rage, he had skepticism, and lots of it.
Accordingly, he became something of a cultural phenomenon. National media outlets, including TIME, blamed him in part for the Heaven’s Gate cult’s mass suicide in 1997. (The cult’s leader said its members would be able to board a mysterious craft supposedly trailing the Hale-Bopp comet if they killed themselves, and at least two of Bell’s guests had reported seeing such a UFO. He discredited their stories afterward, but not in time to avoid some scientists’ wrath.) And Bell’s not-infrequent retirements motivated by family turmoil — his son was molested by a teacher, and then two shortwave radio hosts accused him of the crime — ensured that he would draw only more attention. When he returned to the air full-time, in 2001, and said it was for good, he lasted only a year and a half longer before taking on a part-time load. More personal misfortune followed: Bell’s third wife, Ramona, died of an asthma attack while they were vacationing in the couple’s RV. Three months later, Bell moved to the Philippines to marry, Airyn, a college student 39 years his junior. They soon had a daughter, Asia, who is now six.
Bell’s Coast to Coast hosting duties gradually tapered off before he made his final appearance on Halloween 2010, a radio legend severed for good — by choice — from the iconic show he founded.
Now, he returns. Old Coast hand Michio Kaku, the theoretical physicist, will be his first guest, and Ross Mitchell, the old Coast announcer, will do Bell’s intro and bumpers. I asked Bell what he’d do on this show that he didn’t do enough of on the old show. He says he’s really eager to talk about life after death.
Here’s some more from the day I spent with Art Bell:
• What does Bell think of the man who replaced him on Coast, George Noory? He’s a lazy broadcaster, Bell says, indifferent to what he puts on the air. “This fellow, half the time, he doesn’t sound like he’s listening to his guest. He’ll come back and ask a question that had just been answered five minutes previously. Or he’ll inject a complete non sequitur. The guest will be talking about Bigfoot, and he’ll ask, ‘Well, does that have something to do with angels?’” Worse, “there’s a lot more politics in it, a lot more medical crap in it, a lot of New Age-y crap that I won’t touch. I prefer science.” Bell hopes competition will raise all boats. “It better—otherwise George’ll be a submarine.” Fans seem to agree: The first Google autocomplete hit on Noory’s name is “George Noory sucks.”
• Bell’s former syndicator, Clear Channel-owned Premiere Networks, rebroadcasts his old shows on Saturday nights. He hates this. “Are they doing it just to irritate me?” he asks. He has no legal rights to the shows, but he wants them off the air. Premiere’s spokesperson: “Somewhere in Time with Art Bell remains very popular… To remove the show from our weekend lineup would be a disservice to those affiliates and their listeners, many of whom have already expressed their desire to keep the show on the air.”
• Sirius XM built Bell a new studio in the guest house on his property. (Many have called it a “compound,” but Bell says he hates that. Fine. It’s a fenced-in collection of one-story buildings, satellite dishes and radio antennas on a plot of land in the desert. Not a compound.) He used to broadcast from a ham radio room in the main house, but his six-year-old daughter now sleeps in the next bedroom, and he doesn’t want to scare her. The new studio has much less equipment than his old room — computers have come a long way since he quit Coast — but he has kept his trusty .40-caliber Glock 22, in a desk drawer.  (“I’m not a gun nut,” he says. “But go out on my porch, look around—what’s there? Zero, nothing. If I had a problem out here, well, the police would arrive just in time to draw the chalk outline on my floor.”)
• With Whitley Strieber, a horror novelist, Bell co-wrote The Coming Global Superstorm, the book Roland Emmerich made into The Day After Tomorrow, the Dennis Quaid disaster movie. (Bell laments that he got all of his royalties from the movie, which made $544 million at the box office, up front.) For all of scientists’ occasional qualms with Coast, Bell did help explain global warming to a big audience.
• Bell’s no kook. He’s after “the sane fringe,” he says. His most out-there theory, he claims, concerns the crash of TWA Flight 800—Bell says the government knows why that plane left the sky, and isn’t saying. “But that’s about as fringy as I get. The 9/11 truthers hate my guts.”
• Bell’s show will rerun immediately after it airs, but it won’t play during the daytime. Bell has asked Sirius XM to confine re-airings to the night, when the mood is right.
• Bell, a self-described news junkie, says there’s only one decent cable news outfit. (And it’s not CNN, the one he was tuned to during our visit.) “CNN is destroying their franchise. They’ve become either the trial network or the story network. They grab onto a goddamn story and go for a week, or two weeks, with the same story all frigging day long. They used to be a news organization. Give me Al-Jazeera any day of the week. You want real news, go to Al-Jazeera!”

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Romanek's 09-06-13 UFO Over Northern Colorado

extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story Priemier!!



For Immediate Release: September 17, 2013                                                                              

                                                          Media Contact: Jack Roth

Orlando, Fla. – The j3FILMS documentary — extraordinary: the Stan Romanek story — has been named an official selection of the 2013 Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF). The premiere is set for Saturday, Nov. 2 at 3 p.m. at the Festival’s showcase theatre – Cinema Paradiso – located in downtown Ft. Lauderdale.

Stan Romanek claims to be at the center of world’s most documented extraterrestrial contact story, and the multitude of evidence accumulated over the past decade has convinced thousands around the world his story is true. This documentary film takes audiences on a journey through Stan’s past, present and future with one goal in mind: Help the world understand that no one knowingly chooses the challenges Stan and his family have endured over the past decade.

“This project has taken us on a fascinating journey, and we’ve all learned a great deal in the process of making this film,” says Jack Roth, one of the documentary’s producers. “We set out to document a controversial and emotional story, and our goal has always been to create a compelling and objective narrative about one man’s evolution through a life he didn’t choose.”

The film’s director, Jon Sumple, sees this as a story of survival in the face of adversity, rather than just another film recounting eyewitness UFO experiences. “Simply put, the film illustrates how an ordinary man and his family have been transformed by extraordinary experiences,” he explains. “Some viewers may not believe in life beyond planet Earth when they leave the theatre, but they will surely believe Stan does. The film's intention is not to prove the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrials, but it does pose the question: What if this is all true?”

extraordinary: the Stan Romanek story will also be screened at 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 4 at the Cinema Paradiso Hollywood; at 2 p.m. on Nov. 5 at the Muvico Pompano; and at 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 10 at the Sunrise Civic Center.

About j3FILMS: j3FILMS is a production company with deep ties to the communities surrounding the unexplained. Having worked extensively with researchers, investigative journalists and eyewitnesses, the principals of j3FILMS are dedicated to presenting material that encourages audiences to ask questions and challenge conventional wisdom. Driven by the fascinating lure of unsolved mysteries, j3FILMS has two objectives: entertain and educate. By tapping into the innate human desire to explore the unknown, j3FILMS takes audiences on an emotional journey of discovery.

About FLIFF: Now in its 28th year, the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival is held annually from late October – mid November and reels out over 200 films from around the globe. During the festival, films are divided into the following sidebars: Competition Films, World Films, American Independents, Documentaries, Shorts, Sunshine Celluloid, Children’s Films, Gay and Lesbian Films, and Retrospective and Tribute Films. Filmmakers and celebrities attend many of the screenings and events during the festival, where parties and gatherings at area “hot spots”, on board yachts, and on the beach will provide audiences an opportunity to hob knob with film talent and other movie buffs.

For ticket, festival and accommodation information, go to the Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival website at For more information on extraordinary: the Stan Romanek story, visit or contact Jack Roth at

Trailer for Documentary here:

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Romanek July News..

 July 2013

Hello Everyone,
It’s been a few months since our last newsletter and we have gone without incident except for four separate UFO sightings. So all in all its been quiet on the home front.
The first sighting that we had happened  a couple of months ago, an orange orb craft 100 yards or so off the ground floated above a lake between Windsor and Loveland Colorado.
The second was while fishing on the river in Nebraska near Steele City Nebraska. It too was an orange craft.
The third sighting occurred while enjoying a concert in the park in Denver on 4th of July. Four separate lit crafts appeared, fell towards the ground merged together, crossed paths and three remained the fourth vanished.
The fourth was in May when we were in Florida for the StarWorks Symposium. One of the producers working on the documentary named Jack Roth, his friend Scott and I were standing outside behind the hotel with people from the conference when Scott yelled UFO! We all looked up just in time to see a large dimly lit triangle UFO rotating slowly as it floated over us.  Jack was so excited I thought he was going to start crying. Sadly even though we all had cameras we were so enthralled, we forgot to take pictures.
We also decided to spend 2 hours doing a Native American Cleansing of our house to remove the negative goo that was purposely thrust upon us through some unique gifts, intentions, spells, remote psychic junk, curses…whatever you want to call it. We were told to use white sage, red cedar, and a lot of intention to clear the space. At this point what could it hurt? Thanks to some amazing friends who assisted us with the protocols we think it worked but only time will tell for sure.
We have noticed that for whatever reason UFOs have shown up at many conferences that we speak at. Calculating the odds there seems to be and 80% chance to see something at one of our talks and with the ever growing witnesses list there is evidence to support our calculations. But then again, the hybrid kids like to make appearances as well.  So, if you are interested in having a possible sighting Lisa and I will be doing a conference sponsored by Etherean LLC Publishing, called TRANSITION Advancing the Understanding of the Extraterrestrial Experience in Clinton, New Jersey on July 20th, 2013.

This will be different than anything we have ever done it will be a 12 hour interactive event with a panel of speakers that includes Grant Cameron, Michael Austin Melton, Jennifer Stein, Chris Augustin, Larry Frascella, and George Filer.

So if you are in the area PLEASE come see us. It will be a great opportunity to have real conversations with all of us. To our off world visitors feel free to drop by, it would be very nice to meet you.

For ticket information go to and our sponsor website

Links are available on all sites as well as on our Facebook pages.

Also July 26-28th the UFO Watchtower is having an event.

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Colonel Donald Ware Interview

Colonel Donald Ware Interview

Johanne Robichaud's picture
By Johanne Robichaud 

Before I delve into Donald Wares’ insights which he wishes to share with the world while he is with us in this “container” or “soul vessel”, I’d like to tell you about the young man, who to me, must have always been a very curious soul
UFO Congress Conference Location AZ
Donald was born in Richmond, VA in 1935.  He says his first paranormal dream was of himself flying around, he now recognizes this as an OBE (Out of Body Experience). I told him that I used to be able to float or fly anywhere too…down stairs, over houses…until the age of 12 and then it stopped.
Around the age of eighteen and a sophomore at Duke University, he woke up late one night at 2am in the morning and all this information started coming to him. He wrote three major paragraphs.  Donald said he had one main ambition and that was to be the happiest man in the world. He wrote down the ingredients for that to happen which reads as follows:
1. Love
2. Excitement
3. Self-satisfaction
Donald Ware found all these elements in his role as an Air Force fighter pilot. Donald Ware is now a retired USAF fighter pilot and teacher. He received his Bachelor in Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1957 at Duke University. He received his Masters in Science for Nuclear Engineering in 1972 from the AF Institute of Technology. Ware was Eastern Regional Director of MUFON from 1989-1993.  He was also the Director of the International UFO Congress Conference from 1993-2010.  In the year 2000, he was invited to attend the State of the World Forum. Although he probably enjoyed his military life, he left it and retired at the ripe old age of ….47!
Colonel Donald Ware and Johanne Arizona
So what does a still relatively young and curious mind do with his new found time?
Well in this case Donald Ware dedicates his life to learning more about our cosmos and our relationship in it. He believes the prime directive that he has been assigned to is “to show that science and spirituality are two sides of the same coin and cannot be separated.”
Lt. Colonel Ware was also an advisor for the Exopolitics Institute under the research and education division and also became a World Citizen, initiated at Stone Mountain, Georgia.
We will be electing people who are not of a particular nation, they will be Citizens of the World and will led us into the Golden Age.”
"Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind." – Albert Einstein.
Donald Ware lets me ask the questions that he has been asked repeatedly, but since he is a gentle, kind and patient man, he goes through the motions with me. I feel compelled to share something personal with him, but I hold back.  I am waiting for a sign to go ahead.  For now I will stick to the interview but when he started talking about his being in contact with the spiritual realm since 1989, I knew we would and will eventually talk more about the spiritual aspect of aliens, contact and angelic beings…
The Zeta Race Mixing with Human DNA
He tells me that millions of people in the US are now in a hybrid program with short beings that come from Zeta Reticula.  The new hybrids have larger brains and have a greater telepathic capability.  These new bodies are being developed to house our souls as we join the galactic societies. This same body will house some Zeta souls!
This is a joint human/Zeta project and I believe that our Government is in liaison with the aliens.  Wait, my head is spinning, did I just hear that right?  He doesn’t look like he’s pulling me leg, he looks calm and serious.  Wow, now that’s a pill to digest.  But that’s not all he spouted.
He said there is a lot of preparation before all of this can happen.  The New World Government will herald forth this era.  Humans have to learn “Unconditional Love
What Jesus preached will come about “heaven on earth”.  Donald acknowledges,
I’ve been in touch with the angel tic realm since 1989.”
Everyone on the earth has to forget about borders.  We have to get rid of “nationalism” and look at the earth as one human race going towards a new era.
Arizona Desert UFO Conference 2012
What type of things would stop this new era to come about?
Donald said with firmness: “Fear, ignorance, hate and greed will be the blocks towards humankind going forward.”  He goes on to say, the internet and international flights, rapid communications with each other makes us all get closer than ever before.  We can work out our differences.  The economy is changing also into smaller segments.”
What was the main event that influenced you to become more interested in UFOs?
In 1952 I saw seven lights from UFOs over the White House in Washington, DC. They were flying in a no fly zone.  This was witnessed by a lot of people and made the news.
Tell me about your life in the US Air Force and did anything happen to you there that you’d like to share with us?
“During my 26 years with the Air Force I was into UFOs and spirituality but I didn’t really investigate it fully until I retired in 1982 and I was 47.”  He reminisced, “the F-84/F86 would do 500 miles an hour and the F-100 would run supersonic. I did combat tours in Vietnam, came back to do classes in nuclear engineering at Patterson Air Base.  My last assignment in the air force was in Europe.”
“I was in a six hour chase in a super sonic jet that went faster than the speed of sound, “The Canadian Arrow”.  It was dismantled because the technology was just too advanced for us to use.  We were asked by the US Government to dismantle it.”
The F-100 Super Sabres were used from 1954 to 1971. The super jets ran Mach One and then eventually Mach II speed with the F105. Colonel Ware continued, “I requested a one year lay over working on the F100, the first fighter to cross supersonic speed.  I decided I’d rather be a pilot rather than working on the aircrafts themselves.  I retired in 1982 from the Air Force.”
Ok, so after your Air Force career, what happened next?  How did you get involved with the UFO world?
“I talked to Walt Andrews January 1st and said I’d like to work for MUFON and be a field investigator.  Two years later I was state director in Florida in Fort Walton Beach, 800 miles from Key West.  I got fired from the board of MUFON though. The reason is that the International Director, Walt, is the only person that can fire another director.  So I got fired 2 weeks before my 4 year term was up.”
So why after years being with MUFON would the Director ask you to step down?
“I was encouraging other board members to look at both the physical and “non physical” aspects of UFOs.  The stationary of MUFON clearly states it is “Dedicated to the Scientific Study of UFO’s.  I told them the study of the human spirit is the proper approach. They feared losing credibility with the spiritual aspect being put in there. So I lost the board vote 15 to 8 to not study the non-physical aspect. Walt had old-fashioned ideas.”
Ware continued, “I learnt that the main reason people were seeing UFOs is that they were part of the hybrid project.  Angels and aliens communicate with us telepathically.”
Colonel Ware has written “Eleven Government Conspiracies and Probably Reasons” in March 2002.  Looking into this will prove eye-opening at the very least.  I will go over these conspiracies as a list in Part II.  Hey does this mean Donald Ware is a whisleblower?
“I believe that in 1981 the President was given a one hour briefing on the Alien agenda at Camp David.”  - Donald Ware
You mentioned that you have been in contact with the spiritual realm since 1989, can you tell me more about that?
In 1989 I received fifteen messages which appear to be from a higher intelligence. The messages came through seven other people using three different telepathic processes. I did not know all of the seven people.  Some information was channelled, some came through a Ouija board, and some came through visual messages. One of the messages from the aliens is that we are killing our planet.”
“Just remember, said Ware, “We are eternal spiritual beings, and there’s no need for fear or anger.”
Colonel Ware then jumps topics as he is excited to get everything out and my poor hand just keeps on writing.  This man has so much information that I’ve decided to present this interview on two parts.  Another article will be written separate to Part I and II after I have read and digested a plethora of written information he has handed me.
The Council of 20 & 4
With bright eyes of excitement Colonel Ware says, “The Counsel of 20 and 4 are the upper echelons of the galactic council. Adam & Eve were actually 8 feet tall when earthbound and they sit to this day on that council.”
So were you brought up religious, and if you don’t mind me asking, what religion were you brought up in?
My grandfather was a Methodist minister and I attended church but then I didn’t go for a while.  I attended some inter-denominational churches but then I rejoined the Methodist church when I retired at 47.  I remember the minister we had when I was younger; he was very interesting with a ridiculous high IQ of 175 and had access to the Library of Congress!  He was the smartest Methodist Minister I knew.” Donald chuckled.
Again, in 1989 I took to another Methodist minister a three page letter and 20 minute audio tape. I asked him, I want you to tell me what the public would feel if they knew this stuff.  His response back to me was; “I can’t talk to you about anything but what I was taught at the seminary.”  What a letdown, of all letdowns….here you are hoping for help, insight, or some good advice at least…and all Donald got was a solemn “can’t talk about it”! 
I am now a faithful follower of the Unity Church whose mantra is “We promote peace, love and joy through our thoughts, words and actions.”
I brought up a book that I had about eight years ago.  I found it at a used bookstore.  I don’t have a lot of books, I don’t like clutter.  I like good information and unique books.  I walked into the bookstore and asked a higher power to guide me to a book that I would need in the future.  I was hoping it would pull me to the Art section, sculpture or medical section…no such luck….instead I found myself drawn to the “Religion” section.  Oh great.  I walked right up to the book and put my hand on it.  Before I pulled it out I asked myself, “Is this the one?”  The answer was yes in my head so I pulled it out from the shelf.  It was a bible….but not just any bible, it was called URANTIA and if I remember correctly it was white and blue with a world on it. The pages were thin just like the old bibles had and the chapters were laid out like a bible.  I thought maybe it’s like a Mormon Bible. I paid 8.75 for it and took it home. I started to read it. It was difficult for me to get through …I got tired from it and eventually put it away.  I have no idea where it is now. What I remember is, it was extremely involved and overwhelming.
My point in bringing this up is that there’s only a small number of this bibles published (approximately) 750,000.  Guess who else has a copy of it?  He may not remember what I told him about my personal struggle and it being so private I cannot talk about it here but someday everything will come together.  For now, I am surprised and happy to find that Donald Ware also has the URANTIA bible. 
URANTIA is the name of planet Earth. 

Donald Ware’s New Years resolution in 1999 was to take the URANTIA book from the bottom of the stack and put it on the top.  This book is so involved and fantastic that I can understand why someone would put it to the side for future reading, as I did that myself.
I hope someday to find my book again and understand it when I do find it.
Mr. Ware asked if me I ever been to Italy. Unfortunately, I have never been there but I’d love to go for the history and especially the sculptures!  He suggested I go to visit a special place called Damanhur which is located in Northern Italy near Turin.
Damanhur – Seeking the Utopian Community
Damanhur is a society located in Piedmont, and by plane the nearest airport is Turin-Caselle. You can visit this “Utopian” society who has their own money system, school system and constitution! They are regarded as a separate unique society.  Sort of what Quebec probably wishes for but wait…there’s more to it.  Apparently a lot of tourists visit there for the hand dug underground temples. Founded in 1975, the ‘Federation’ has about 1,000 citizens and extends over 500 hectares of territory throughout Valchiusella and the Alto Canavese area.  They are at the foothills of the Piedmont Alps.
The founder is Oberto Airaudia also called “FALCO”.  And why do they call him “Falco?” He took his name from the Egyptain God, Horus who has a falcon head and a human body.
Since 1998 it has been a member of GEN Europe (Global Eco-Villages Network). This is part of the intrigue with Damanhur as they serve as a good role model of self-sustainability.  Many of thousands of tourist go there, including the famous such as Sting and his wife Judy, as pictured on their website.
Damanhur is renowned throughout the world for the Temples of Humankind, an underground work of art. It was started by hand until the mountain had been dug out to its core and then finished by electric drills. The main temple is the Temple of Humankind and has been called ‘the Eighth Wonder of the World’.  They are different temples that branch off the main temple: Halls of Water, the Earth Hall, The Hall of Spheres, the Hall of Mirrors, Hall of Metals, the Blue Temple, and the Labyrinth. –
The reason Colonel Ware brought up Damanhur is that he wanted to tell me about their main lure. You have fantastic artwork and grand meditative temples, a separate society that believes that every individual is fundamentally important and… they apparently have a “time travel” machine!  Colonel Ware told me, “You have to be a Daminnherian to be able to use their time machine.” In other words they are recruiting for new citizens and if not consciously, certainly subconsciously, people joining the new Utopian society are hoping they will have the privilege of using the time machine. “You have to be naked when you step in and when you get to the other side, new clothes will be given to you.”  Do you have a choice as to where you go…in the future, in the past, which country?  It certainly adds mystery. Please visit this website at:
State of the World Forum
The State of the World Forum was founded in 1995 by Jim Garrison to create a global
network of unique individuals from different sectors of life. The forum holds gatherings and invites people who are Heads of State, Nobel Prize winners, activists, big business executives, scientists, policy-makers, senior military officers, politicians, spiritual leaders, artists, and PhDs in different fields of study.
The Forum has developed a number of strategic initiatives with partners worldwide and started many non-profit organizations.  The whole idea is to form a global network of like-minded people to work on global issues. They work on solving problems facing all of humanity as a non-profit organization.
In the year 2000 Donald Ware got a call saying Jim Garrison wanted to speak with him.
Donald was invited to attend the ‘State of the World Forum’. The World Forum was being held in New York City that year at the Hilton Hotel. On the exact same day, Joe Firmage, who made 35 billion by age 28, was holding his conference in the NYC Hilton on the same floor! He invited anyone of the 1,500-2000 people invited to the World Forum to join him at his conference for free.  The UN Millennium Summit was also being held in New York at this time!  Now just split yourself 3 ways and send each one of your personas to attend each conference…that’s all you have to do!

Patricia Butler, Donald Ware, Michael Telstarr and Travis Walton

In May 2003, Donald Ware was invited as the Director of the UFO Congress Conference to attend another conference held in Brussels called National Sovereignty and World Challenges: Choices for the World After Iraq.  This conference was to be held on June 20thhowever Mr. Ware was also scheduled and promised to go to another conference happening simultaneously. Mr. Ware decided to go to the conference that he said he would attend; keeping his word to his friend and colleague. This other conference had a monetary cost attached to it as well but Mr. Ware kept to his plan. He was asked to make his comments via e-mail for the Brussels Conference after he was sent background material.
“The greatest honour I ever had was when I was sent the outcome draft from the Brussel’s Conference on the ‘Integral Governance Initiative’ and asked for my comments.”
I was   allowed to put a web page on the exclusive State of the World Forum website   that
was accessible to the people who participated in those six conferences from 1995-2000.
My spirit guides led me and I’m not shy telling people what’s going on.”
Doanld Ware says matter of factly, “I do believe that they did recover a craft in Roswell in 1947.  MJ-12 was created to deal with the Roswell fall out in 1947 by Henry Truman.”
The “Majestic 12” is a code name for a committee of scientist, military and government officials to investigate the Roswell crash.  The original MJ-12 have passed on…but some say there is still an MJ-12 going, on even today. Vannevar Bush had recommended to the President Truman to put together MJ-12 to investigate the Roswell case.  Many of the MJ-12 documents have been disputed as false or disinformation to throw off the UFO investigators and the public in general. 
Donald Ware is a wealth of information and he can dart from one subject to another pretty quickly.  The interview turned more into a teacher/pupil relation after the first 20 minutes.
Being an investigator and writer himself, he delved into the next topic with great fervor.
If only our school teachers could muster up this amount of zeal be this interesting and informative…
THE CLUB OF ROME (COR) was formed in 1968 by ten countries that had gathered in Rome. They had a book published in 1972 called The Limits of Growth: A Report for the Club of Rome's Project on the Predicament of Mankind.  In a nutshell it says, “The homo sapien species is suicidal in need of an upgrade both intellectually and spiritually.”
Donald said that, “The carrying capacity of the earth is 8.3 billion people and we are hovering at 7 billion.”
Zero population growth is what the world should aim for so that we can sustain our population with the resources available. It doesn’t take an expert to see that this will eventually become a huge problem and I think that people just push it to the back of their minds.  Just doing the simple math will point to a great decrease in natural resources to support an ever-growing population.  Besides that most people gravitate to the city centers
And the distribution of the population is too condensed.  We all have to look at what China is doing with limiting family size. This is my opinion and is not in anyway a religious opinion.  I am not promoting abortion, I am suggesting contraceptive methods.
As I mentioned in Part I of this interview Colonel Ware has put together Eleven Government Conspiracies and Probably Reasons. In point form I will share with
you the list of interesting information that Donald Ware writes about. The topics are as follows: Hilters’ Death, UFOs, Cattle Mutilations, President Kennedy’s Death, Chernobyl, HAARP, Oklahoma City Bombing, TWA 800, The Missing A-10, AA 587, and Planet X.
Tall Whites in Area 51, Nevada
Charles Hall a former military guy that was assigned to be a weatherman at Indian Springs AFV, in Nevada in 1965. He had access to Area 51, 52, 53 and 54. Charles Hall has documented his contact with aliens in his book Millennial Hospitality.  He said that the “Tall White” aliens used to come to him to become used to humans and the way they act. He said that in 1967 their mother ships stayed on the ground in Area 54 for two weeks while being re-supplied. He said Booz Allen had the contract for providing the aliens what they asked for. It took Charles Hall more than 6 months to get used to these aliens.  The alien had high-pitched sounds past the sound of human hearing.  If the Tall Whites live out their lifespan, they can become 700 years old!
Ware stated that one alien base was half way up the mountain west of Nellis AFB  Range 2,
an unmanned electronically scored range.  Charles said the Tall  Whites came out of that base
to the adjacent Indian  Springs AFB for negotiations with the Air Force  officers.
I wonder where I can get my clearance pass…I want to meet a Tall White… or maybe not but I can probably handle a small grey!