Friday, August 1, 2014

Educating Humanity: Disclosure, Why We Need It and Why Are They Keeping it secret?

Educating Humanity: Disclosure

Disclosure is Necessary for Mankind Consider: A technology which enables energy generation from the zero point field, which enables every home, business, factory and vehicle to have its own source of power -without an external fuel source, ever. No need for oil, gas, coal, nuclear plants or the internal combustion engine,no pollution.... Period.

Consider: A technology using electro-gravitic (magnetic) devices which allows for above surface transportation - no more roadways to cover fertile farmland since transportation could take place totally above the surface.

Now you will probably find this hard to believe but we have had this type of technology since the 50's. But in the 1950s, oil was plentiful, nobody worried too much about pollution, global warming was not part of the conversation and the powers that be just wanted stability. WWII had just ended and giving up any military advantage would have been unheard of, unpatriotic and dangerous. And besides, why risk the tectonic changes that disclosure would immediately bring about? Let a later generation take care of it. Well that generation is now here, problems on our planet are immense and getting larger everyday! Disclosure is almost central to the continued existence of mankind!

Covert reverse-engineering projects have resulted in huge quantum leaps forward in technologies which, once applied to military systems, could be a real threat to ET s which may be here peacefully. The attempts to rapidly militarize space is likely a result of a myopic, militaristic and paranoid view of extraterrestrial projects and intentions. If left unchecked, it can only result in catastrophe.

Indeed this group, no matter how well-intentioned, is in urgent need of exposure so that global statesmen with a new perspective can intercede in this situation. While there no evidence that the ET civilizations are hostile, it is also clear that it is unlikely that they will allow unfettered and growing interference with their operations. Self-defense is likely a universal quality. And while tremendous restraint has been shown by the ETs thus far, might there be a ‘cosmic trip wire' or a tipping point, if human covert technologies begin to reach parity and we are using such advanced technologies in a bellicose fashion? The prospect is sobering.

We need our International Statesmen involved with so vast a problem. But if access is denied -and the subject remains undisclosed and off the global radar screen - we are left with the unelected few to decide our fate and act on our behalf. This must change, and soon.

UFO and ultimately alien disclosure would be massive and profoundly impact virtually every aspect of life on earth, it is still the right thing to do. Secrecy has taken on a life of its own, it is a growing cancer which needs to be cured before it destroys all life on earth.

The reasons for secrecy are clear: global power, economic and technological control, geo-political status quo, the fear of scandal surrounding the exposure of such projects and the criminal activity that has taken place to keep this information in the dark. In the early days the need for secrecy are almost understandable but 60 years later the need for disclosure far outstrips the need for secrecy!

But the one thing more dangerous than disclosure is continued secrecy. The promising relationship between humanity and people from other planets is being militarized and strained by failed thinking and failed programs run completely in secret. Even those that currently hold this technology in secret are beginning to see the light. Power means nothing if you are not here to wield it!

The vast majority of the power economic, political and otherwise is with America, Western Europe and Japan but that only represents a little over 10% of the population of Planet Earth so the powers that be are scared to death of putting all peoples on this globe on an equal footing. This is immoral, unethical and wrong on so many levels that it must change and it must change now!

As daunting as disclosure may be, with all its potential for short-term instability and change, continued secrecy means that we will destroy the earth through our folly and greed. The future of humanity, which has been delayed and hijacked for the past 60 years, cannot be hijacked for 60 more. We do not have 60 more years, the earth's ecosystem will collapse before then.

There are no easy choices. But there is one right one. DISCLOSURE


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