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By Dr. Claude Swanson,



Hostilities in Middle East, as well as several other parts of the world, have been escalating recently and threaten the possibility of a larger war. In Syria, the casualties from that civil war are now estimated to have surpassed 160,000. In Iraq, a fragile internal peace has broken down, and given way to intense sectarian violence and the rise of a new, powerful Sunni group called ISIS (or ISIL) which seeks to unify military factions in Syria and Iraq. A PBS Frontline documentary summarizes the tragic recent history of this region, and many of the decisions that have led to the present situation: (see also Ref. 7).

As the U.S. attempts to withdraw from Afghanistan, the internal situation there also seems far from stable. Elsewhere, in the Ukraine, the U.S. has chosen to back the present government in a civil war involving ethnic Russians and Russia herself, and the U.S. has led a concerted effort to apply economic sanctions to Russia. In Libya, concerns over rising violence led to the recent evacuation and closing of the U.S. and Canadian embassies. In addition, fighting has erupted again in the Gaza strip, where Israeli airstrikes have killed more than 1,000 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and the Israeli army has moved into Gaza city to search out tunnels and weapons.

The human toll of suffering in all of these wars is difficult to comprehend. In many of the war zones, the chief casualties are civilians, and many of them are children. The consequences of these wars have gone far beyond issues of oil or territory or religion. An entire generation of young Muslims in many countries has suffered horribly, and many have lost family members or watched the destruction of their communities. Many harbor deep anger at the West for the role we have played. The effect has been to unleash old hostilities we did not understand. The present chaos and suffering has ominous portents for the future of the region and even the world.

At this point it is more important than ever that all the hostile factions step back and look earnestly for peaceful solutions. They may need to give up or compromise some of their deeply held beliefs or ambitions to find a common ground.  Regardless of the details of the history of past wrongs or injuries on both sides, it is clear that matters in the Middle East are becoming increasingly dangerous and hold the potential for even greater conflict in the future. Let us ask forgiveness for the mistakes we have made, and forgive all other parties involved, as well. The Hawaiian prayer of Ho'oponopono seems appropriate here: "I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. I thank you." (One  beautiful Youtube video based on this prayer is: )

We ask, and urgently pray, that everyone sends prayers for peace and wisdom to the Middle East and elsewhere in the world in whatever form seems best for you, that our leaders be guided by the highest good for all the peoples of the Earth.


These conflicts serve to highlight the need for peace prayers. To make prayer the most powerful, we ask that everyone around the world pray simultaneously, at the same time. This will increase the power of the prayer, possibly by a factor of several hundred because more people are praying simultaneously. Prayer in each time zone is adjusted so that prayers are simultaneous all around the world. Prayers should be done EVERY DAY.

There is also a best time of day to receive prayer, a time when our receptivity is greatest (see below).  This depends on where we are in the world. Prayer times are set to correspond to the hour when receptivity is greatest in the Washington, D.C. Our prayers of peace, love and forgiveness, while directed to everyone around the world, may in this way have greatest effectiveness in calming and bringing peace to this region, which is near a flash point. Let us pray that peace, love and forgiveness penetrate the hearts of all people.

The chart below, Table 1, shows the best time to pray to accomplish this. It is slightly different (about four minutes earlier) every day. It depends on what time zone you are in and the time of year. The time zones and locations are listed in the left-hand column. Find the row which describes your time zone. Then move across to the right to find the column for the correct date.  The dates are shown for every five days, but you should pray every day. On days not shown in the chart, choose a time for the closest day shown.  For example, if you live in Colorado, you look down the left hand column until you find Colorado or MDT for Mountain Daylight Time. This describes your time zone. If it is August 17, you then look across the top row of the chart to find the date, August 17. Going down that column to the row corresponding to Colorado or MDT you find the prayer time given is 2:50 PM. This is the center of the prayer period.

For a 20 minute prayer, this means beginning the prayer 10 minutes earlier than this. Since the center is 2:50 PM, you would start the prayer ten minutes earlier, at 2:40 PM. PRAYERS SHOULD BE DONE EVERY DAY.  Each day the best prayer time is about four minutes earlier. The chart shows the best prayer times every five days, to help keep track of the schedule.   However you should pray every day. If the day is not shown on the chart, choose a prayer time in between the times shown. If the times are inconvenient, then pray when you can but include the intention that the prayer is to be joined with others praying in the same time window.

We propose that the prayer be for world peace, forgiveness of others, healing of Mother Earth, and the awakening of love for our fellow man. This follows the lessons of the great Teachers of all religions.
** If Table does not display properly, go directly to the webpage here for Table image: **

TABLE 1. How to use it: Look down the far left-hand column to find your time zone. California, for example, is Pacific Daylight Time right now, or PDT.  When you find the right row for your time zone, then go across to the correct column for the present date. If it is August 10, for example, then find the columns for August 7 and August 12, the two closest dates before and after. Your prayer time is in between these two numbers, around 2:20 PM. Choose that time for the middle of your prayer period.

The power of prayer has been known for thousands of years. Recent scientific experiments have proven it (Ref. 1). Experiments show that when people pray together at THE SAME TIME, it has EVEN MORE IMPACT (Ref. 2). Science has also discovered there is a SPECIAL TIME OF DAY when we are MOST RECEPTIVE to spiritual and intuitive messages (Ref. 3). Prayers received at this time are likely to have the greatest effect. If everyone around the world will pray at this time the prayers can have heightened impact, both because of the time of day and because many people are praying together. Fifteen or twenty minutes of concentrated prayer everyday at this time can work miracles.

The Princeton PEAR Lab, the Global Consciousness Project, and other research institutions have discovered that consciousness affects physics and can be measured (Ref. 4). The human mind and human intention alter the behavior of devices called "random event generators," or REGs. They measure the power of human intention to affect distant events. In scientific studies on prayer, it has been found that when many people pray together the effect is larger (Ref. 2).

The graph below shows this effect. The lower curve in blue shows the level of randomness of  these REGs when no one is praying. When many people around the world pray together, the devices begin to act as though they are coupled together (the red line on the graph). This shows that synchronized prayer affects the physics of space-time around the world. Prayer has power that can be measured, and synchronized prayer can have great effectiveness.

** If graph does not display properly, go directly to the webpage here for graph image:   **

GRAPH 1. The power of synchronized prayer. The red line shows how prayer,  by millions of people around the world, affect devices called REGs. These devices have been shown to measure the power of consciousness. They are based on patterns of quantum noise which occur when many people around the world think the same thought or focus on the same idea.

The second key piece is the importance of the TIME when one prays. It has been discovered in scientific experiments that there is a BEST TIME of day when intuitive messages are most accurately received. Prayer is an example of messages of this type. The graph below shows how accurately such messages are received versus TIME OF DAY. The peak in the graph shows the best time. It is found to depend on the position of the stars overhead, and is therefore called "sidereal time."  Because the peak has width of about a half hour on either side, this defines a one hour window which should be the "best time" for sending or receiving prayer. Table 1 above, labeled "Best Time to Pray," shows how this "best time" relates to your local clock time.

** If graph does not display properly, go directly to the webpage here for graph image: ( #GRAPH2 (  **

GRAPH 2. The most powerful time of day to receive a psychic message. This seems to be the time of day when psychic or spiritual communication is least noisy, which means it is clearer then. If we are sending an intuitive or prayer message to others, this is the best time for it to be received. Just like channels on a radio dial, it is best to send and receive on a channel which is clear and quiet, not one that is noisy. The peak in the graph shows when this occurs. It depends on the star positions overhead, which is why it is called "sidereal time" (Ref. 3)  Table 1 above translates this into your local clock time.

To have maximum effectiveness when we pray, it may be most powerful to combine these two ideas: To have many people pray TOGETHER, and also to pray at the BEST TIME for it to be received. In each time zone, when the clock reaches the BEST TIME, as shown by Table 1, everyone in that time zone should join their minds and hearts to pray together.

The times in each time zone are adjusted so everyone will pray at the same exact moment around the world. This means the largest number of people will be praying together, which will have the GREATEST EFFECT. The prayer is timed to correspond to the time during the day of best receptivity in the Middle East. This is when the peak in receptivity, shown in Graph 2, is over that region. This part of the world appears most critical at the present time. It is hoped that by directing prayers there when they are most receptive, we may help encourage peace in the region.


Use the form of prayer or meditation you are most comfortable with. One suggested technique is to pray from the heart, to deeply relax and “drop down” into a relaxed, meditative, loving state releasing all attachment to “outcome.” We simply send love and forgiveness and ask others to forgive us from our heart to theirs. Another technique comes from the Hawaiian shamans (kahunas) and is called Ho’oponopono. It involves saying the mantra in your mind:  "I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you." In this way we acknowledge our connection to others and that we are co-creators of our reality.


We are living in a time of great change on the planet. We have built technologies which are transforming the world's ecology and weather. Our investment in weapons of war is skyrocketing. New weapons including engineered diseases are being stockpiled. Soldiers are fighting in many countries, and it is not bringing peace but only more war. Tensions in the Middle East have erupted into "hot wars" in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon, and threaten to spread into Iran and Syria. Growing opposition by China and Russia to U.S. military incursions and the effort by Iran to develop nuclear power raise the potential for escalation. It only seems to bring more anger and create more terrorists, which then feeds the cycle.

In many religions and cultures, the times we are living in have been the subject of prophecy. The Hopi Indians of North America are but one of many peoples who have predicted these times. They describe Western man as having a head and body which are separated. The body represents understanding of the physical world, i.e. technology, and the head represents spiritual wisdom. In the Hopi view, the separation of head and body symbolizes that Western man is out of touch with spiritual guidance, and therefore misuses his understanding of technology. Unless we can learn to access spiritual wisdom, we will make wrong decisions leading to an extremely destructive Third World War.

We humans are at a turning point. Are we able to handle our technology to make our lives better and to spread wealth and opportunity to all? Or do we have a streak of violence, hatred and greed which will doom us to bring about the destruction of this beautiful world in which we live?

The answer does not lie in violence. This only creates more hatred in the victims who respond with greater violence toward us. The answer does not lie in more technology, for without wise and thoughtful use it just causes more environmental damage. The true answer has been given in many cultures and in many religions. We must stop the violence and hatred and greed within ourselves, and then we can help heal the world.


The Gulf Stream which is responsible for the temperate climate in Europe has been slowing in recent years because Global Warming has rapidly melted Arctic ice bringing fresh water into the North Atlantic. Ten of the twelve ocean convection cells which maintain the Gulf Stream flow have reportedly slowed or stopped, raising the possibility in the near future of drastic weather changes. The Antarctic polar ice sheet, which is two miles thick and a thousand miles across, is melting so rapidly that some experts predict it could slide into the ocean within a few years. This would cause a global ocean rise and huge tsunamis in all coastal areas. The ocean rise may also trigger massive earthquakes and volcanoes. Meanwhile the extinction rate of the earth's animal and plant species has accelerated to a level not seen since the last "Great Extinction" 65 million years ago when the dinosaurs perished. They were the dominant species then. Are we next?

Let us send love and healing to Mother Earth and to one another, that our mistakes and mistreatment of the environment and of our fellow man may be healed, that we learn how to tread more gently on the earth, and that we be forgiven for the disturbances we have so far created.


In the West every day we see images of violence and war. War has never solved problems for very long. The defeat of Germany in World War I led to resentment and poverty and eventually to the rise of Hitler and World War II. The wisest teachers have taught a very different lesson. Jesus said:
"...if anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also." (Matthew 5:38-41)

Jesus taught that violence solves nothing. It only creates more violence. It hurts and angers the victim who vows and plots his revenge. Jesus realized and taught the great lesson that the best way to destroy an enemy is to make him your friend. Jesus taught that the only way to end violence it to:
"...Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you..." (Matthew 5:44)

The alternative is to create more and more people around the world who hate us and plan and live for our demise. With the increasing power of modern weapons, nuclear, biological, and chemical, even a weak enemy can cause death and suffering on a massive scale. And we know from experience that this only leads to retaliation and escalation. It will only stop when one of two things happens.

(1) Either we destroy ourselves in a global conflict, which has been predicted by many, or

(2) We escape this fate by trying something new: forgive and send love to our enemies, and pray for peace and healing everywhere.

It is up to us to begin the forgiveness process, to love, to send prayers daily around the world to ease the anger and fear, to forgive the violence, to pray for a growing peace. Let the fires of hatred and fear and revenge burn down, let the embers cool. Remember that each of us possesses an immortal soul and is here to learn. Let us follow the teachings of the great Masters of all ages, sowing love and kindness and generosity, and extending it in prayer to all living souls around the world.

When we look beneath the external trappings of any religion, it is remarkable how similar are the underlying beliefs. We offer two examples here. The first is the “Golden Rule,” which in Christianity is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This same belief is taught in most of the world’s religions:

Buddhism (Udana-Varga): Hurt not others with that which pains yourself.

Judaism (Leviticus 19:18): You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

Confucianism (Mencius VII.A.4): Try your best to treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself, and you will find that this is the shortest way to benevolence.

Hinduism (The Mahabharata): This is the sum of duty: do naught to others which if done to thee would cause thee pain.


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