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The Lost Betty Hill Interview - Part X

The Lost Betty Hill Interview - Part IX

The Lost Betty Hill Interview - Part VIII

The Lost Betty Hill Interview - Part VII

The Lost Betty Hill Interview - Part VI

The Lost Betty Hill Interview - Part V

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The Lost Betty Hill Interview - Part I

Kathleen Marden has written a book about her Aunt Betty and Uncle Barney : Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience: The True Story of the World's First Documented Alien Abduction

Travis Walton Video: "Inside the Alien Craft" Part 1

Travis Walton Part 1

Rick Nelson founder of (PRF) Paranormal Research Forum sat down with Travis for a one-on-one.

You will  need to turn up your speakers,  the audio isn't very good.

Travis Walton Video: "Inside the Alien Craft" Part 2

Travis Walton Interview Part 2

You will  need to turn up your speakers,  the audio isn't very good.
Rick Nelson founder of (PRF) Paranormal Research Forum sat down with Travis for a one-on-one.

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Six UFO Reports around Stephenville, Texas, evening of February 21, 2012

Harold Daniel shared this info on his website: also see his Blog:

For more incredible stories, and to report your personal sightings, please visit this site!

The system automatically matched these UFO reports up as potentially related.
UFO Sightings Report
Six UFO Reports around Stephenville, Texas, evening of February 21, 2012

"Four bright lights in the shape of a parallelogram were sitting stationary for a few seconds then one disappeared and after the first one disappeared the others vanished immediately after it. What made us look into the sky was a jetlike noise or hum."

"dozens of small flashing lights southern sky followed by unbelievable brightness in sequence and independently."

"Saw a rapid moving thing low in the sky with blinking lights. My phone stopped working and my radio got staticy."

"Bright white and red lights flashing in straight lines up to 7 or 8, many at a time."

"Flashing Sequentially"

"v shaped strobe orange red lights left to right 5 objects then one object at a time southwest then one south southwest then center" UFO Sighting

dozens of small flashing lights southern sky followed by unbelievable brightness in sequence and independently.

Keep up the good work, Harold!!! We all appreciate it!

Chip Coffey "Growing Up Psychic: My Story of Not Just Surviving but Thriving--and How Others Like Me Can, Too"

An exciting Message From Chip Coffey: My book, "Growing Up Psychic:
My Story of Not Just Surviving but Thriving--and How Others Like Me Can, Too" will be available April 3rd, 2012 on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, INDEBOUND, iBookstore and more. Pre-orders are being taken now, on my website"

Chip Coffey is an internationally acclaimed psychic, medium, paranormal investigator, lecturer and writer. He is the great-grandson of famed Native American medicine woman Minnie Sue Morrow Foster. (He is also distantly related to General Robert E. Lee and Thomas Coffey, an actor who performed with Edwin and John Wilkes Booth.)

Chip was born in Upstate New York, spent much of his childhood in South Carolina, and now resides in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.

His psychic abilities manifested themselves when he was a young child and, after successful careers in traditional counseling, the entertainment industry and travel management, he began working full-time as a psychic and medium in 2001. Since that time, he has conducted over 20,000 readings for clients all around the world.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution called Chip "every bit as accurate as John Edward" and InStyle magazine said "Chip Coffey is a cross between John Edward and Dr. Phil...a psychic who doesn't hesitate to tell it like it is." Fate and Fortune, a European magazine, featured an article about Chip's visit to the ruins of the World Trade Center with the widow of a man who died there on 9-11.

Chip hosted Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal, a one hour pilot documentary, followed by three hit seasons of the series that aired on both A&E and Biography. Psychic Kids is aired in numerous international markets, including Canada, Mexico, the UK, Central America, South America, Australia and Norway.

Chip was featured on thirty episodes of the popular A&E Network series, Paranormal State. He appears in seasons 1-4 of this series. Chip also appeared on the popular television show, Airline, along with his good friend and colleague, Patti Starr. The ghost hunting duo was followed by a film crew as they investigated Sloss Furnaces, a haunted iron mill in Birmingham, Alabama.

Articles that Chip has written have appeared in regional and national publications. Haunted Times magazine featured an article written by Chip as the cover story of its Winter, 2007 issue.

He is also an avid animal rescue advocate and works with groups across the United States to save animals' lives. A firm believer in God and His Angels, Chip believes that miracles, great and small, happen each and every day.

For more information on private readings, upcoming events and appearances, go to

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Something Out There | NASA's Unexplained Files

Close Encounters in Antarctica

Close Encounters in Antarctica
Submitted by Scott Corrales on Wed, 03/28/2012 - 10:30
By Scott Corrales
Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic UFOlogy
UFO Digest Latin America Correspondent

Source: Planeta UFO and El Dragón Invisible
Date: 3.25.12

Close Encounters in Antarctica
By Carlos Alberto Iurchuk

Note: This is the original text submitted to Brazil’s UFO magazine, edited by A.J. Gevaerd. The article appeared in Issue 177, May 2011.

The man with the thick beard drank his coffee slowly. Later he turned to look at me, saying deliberately: “Around April or May, the cook remarked casually that around 17:00 hours he saw a plane flying in absolute silence – at least he didn’t hear any sound whatsoever, being in the kitchen and all – approached the center of the bay, made an abrupt turn, and pulled away.”

It was on a cold afternoon, seated in a bar in the city of Buenos Aires, that I heard this story from the lips of Jose Raul Bortolamedi, who had been stationed at the Almirante Brown Argentinean Base in the Antarctic in 1981.

Raul continued his story in an almost solemn tone of voice, ignoring the hubbub surrounding us: “Its altitude was estimated as being relatively low, between 100 and 300 meters, and it turned approximately 45 degrees. The cook was startled by the silence and abruptness with which the maneuver was executed. There was no news about any expected flights, since arrivals of commercial or scientific flights, or those of any other nature, were generally announced.”

But that wasn’t the only unknown presence during his stay at the base. After drinking his coffee, he continued: “In the summer, while the necessary arrangements were being made for the departure of chemists and biologists at the base’s dock, the presence of an object similar to a bean, executing a falling leaf maneuver, was noticed directly over the base. The time it remained visible is hard to estimate, but it was between 2 to 5 minutes.”

A Pulsating Continent

Antarctica is a nearly circular continent, some 4500 kilometers in diameter, surrounding the South Pole. It has a surface area of 14 million square kilometers, but when the encircling seas freeze, its surface area extends to 30 million square kilometers. It is also for this reason that Antarctica is known as “the pulsating continent.”

It is also the last continent on our planet to be explored and populated by humans. It is hard to determine who was its official discoverer. Some say it was Spanish explorer Gabriel de Castilla, who reached 64 degrees South and saw land in those latitudes (which could have been any of the South Shetland Islands) according to the testimony of a Dutch mariner who sailed with him. Other historians give the nod to Dirk Gerritz, also Dutch, as possibly the first one to see the surface of the Antarctic as he sailed south to the Mar de Hoces (or the Drake Passage) in the vicinity of the South Shetland Islands in 1599.

Apparently, it is easier to establish who was the first to reach the South Pole. Two expeditions set out toward that goal in 1911: one of them was the Norwegian expedition under the command of Roald Amundsen; the other was Britsh, and led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott.

Amundsen employed Greenlandic sled dogs as his motor power. Scott, on the other hand, employed ponies during the first stage and then human power during the second. Roald Amundsen reached the South Pole on 14 December 1911; Scott arrived between 17-18 January 1913. While the Norwegian crew faced no further complications, poor planning and misfortune caused the five British explorers to perish during the return trip.

Currently, most of the signatories to the Antarctic Treaty maintain scientific research stations on Antarctica. Some of them operate year-round, while others are of a seasonal nature and only operate during the summer.

The Orkney Base, or Destacamento Naval Orcadas, located on Laurie Island in the South Orkneys, is the oldest Antarctic base in service and belongs to the Argentinean Republic, which operates it year-round through the Argentinean Navy. The weather station was originally set up by William Speirs Bruce, a Scotsman, in 1903, who later sold the facilities, instrument warehouse and measuring devices to the Argentinean government. President Julio Argentino Roca, through Decree No. 3073 of 2 January 1904, accepted the offer, authorizing the Oficina Meteorlógica Argentina to maintain the station.

A Continent of a Thousand and One Stories

As has occurred everywhere else on the planet, UFO stories emerged from the moment on which man first set foot on the Antarctic. This inhospitable land, however, has another type of story that has achieved great popularity among those who study strange phenomena. One of them suggests that at the heart of the continent, at the South Pole itself, there is an entrance to the so-called “Hollow Earth”.

This theory basically asserts, as its name suggests, that the center of the Earth is hollow, with a sort of internal Sun, and inhabited by a highly developed civilization. There would be two immense openings, several hundred kilometers in diameter, on the surface of the Earth to provide access to this place, and these openings would be at the poles. This civilization would avail itself of the openings to come to the surface, and its craft would be the UFOs that we currently witness.

While this theory has been readily accepted by many, it contradicts the teachings of current science. And as the reader may well imagine, none of the expeditions sent to the South Pole found any openings whatsoever.

One of the few bits of “evidence” shown in favor of the presence of a large opening in the Antarctic was the photo taken by the U.S. Essa-7 satellite on 23 November 1968, showing a hole measuring nearly 1000 kilometers in diameter. What really happened is that the satellite “compiled” global images by means of smaller images that later made up a mosaic, incorrectly interpreted as an “opening”. The circular black space is nothing more than the “blind” spot that the satellite is unable to see during its numerous passes.

As a curious side note, Jules Verne, the great author who predicted may technological breakthroughs and historic events such as a trip to the Moon, was also correct in stating that humans would never reach the center of the planet. The title of his book Journey to the Center of the Earth is a small trap aimed at ensnaring the readers’ curiosity, since the journey in question was only a hazardous tour “within the Earth’s crust” and the novel’s protagonists never reached the center of the Earth.

While this is not the main purpose of the Article, one cannot speak of the Antarctic and its legends without a brief mention of Nazis. Everyone is aware of the significant technical achievements of Nazi Germany. The V-1 and V-2 flying bombs, for instance, served as the foundation for developing rockets by the U.S. which later enabled man to reach the Moon. German contributions to aeronautics were equally significant, including the development of jet-propelled fighters and the creation of so-called “Flying Wings”.

In spite of this, some are willing to take matters a step further and state that the Nazis were able to develop true UFOs, going as far as to say that they created major bases in Antarctica to conceal all of this technology from the prying eyes of the Allies. In the final months of the war, when the collapse of the Third Reich was inevitable, many Nazis fled to these bases in submarines. Not only did they find shelter there – they pursued the development of these vessels. As one can imagine, according to this theory, all UFOs seen since that time not only in Antarctica but worldwide, are German in origin.

And in order to make the theory complete, any scientific expedition sent to Antarctica, mainly by the United States, is nothing more than a smokescreen to conceal its true intentions: a military expedition to find the Nazi bases and seize their technology.

Setting these stories aside, let us return to the UFO sightings.

Official Acknowledgement by the Argentinean Navy

The most significant incident involving an unidentified flying object, mainly due to its consequences, occurred on 3 July 1965 at the Argentinean Naval Base on Decepción Island. According to the story told by Lt. Cmdr. Daniel Perissé, who was in charge of the base, they saw an object moving silently. “While it seemed solid, there was a certain lack of precision to its shape, sometimes lenticular and at others circular. Its visual aspect, of course, could have been affected by an atmospheric refraction phenomenon that could have resulted in an apparent deformation of its characteristics.”

What is most notable is that the Argentinean Navy acknowledged this event in two communiqués that were issued subsequently. The total absence of sound and variations in speed are highlighted, along with the fact that “it remained suspended for one minute.” While sightings of this flying object occurred at night, the meteorological conditions for the area, according to the initial communiqué could be “considered exceptional for the time of year.”

It should also be noted that it was seen at the Destacamento Naval Argentino Orcadas, located on South Orkney, and “at the moment in which the object passed over that point. Two variometers (magnetic field readers) in service at the time recorded disturbances to the magnetic field, captured on the tapes of both devices,” according to the second Argentinean naval communiqué.

I would not like to miss the opportunity to pay tribute to Daniel Perissé, who retired with the rank of Commander, and who sadly passed away in 2008. After the incident, and for the rest of his life, he participated actively in UFO research, cooperating with all ufologists who had the pleasure of knowing him.

Many Surprises Await

It is clear that the UFO phenomenon is global in reach. By this I mean that there isn’t a corner of the planet where the presence of these distinctive craft hasn’t been reported. Therefore, it can be expected that such sightings would also exist in Antarctica. No sightings whatsoever would be truly strange.

Antarctica is the least explored continent, meaning that there are many things to be discovered in this corner of the planet. Perhaps not entrances to the center of the Earth, or hidden installations decorated with swastikas. But they will nonetheless be discoveries that will surprise us all, to a greater or lesser degree. And why not. Perhaps Antarctica is one of those places where UFOs go to conceal themselves (where are the UFOs when they are nowhere to be seen. Beyond their origin, its true that the scarce presence of human beings in the white continent makes it an ideal place to go unnoticed. But not forever...

(Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO, and Carlos Alberto Iurchuk, El Dragón Invisible)

Visit Scott's website"


Gerry Warner's journey began at the James Gilliland, ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake, Washington. It was at the ECETI Ranch that his awareness was opened beyond the singular realities within himself, to the worlds that exist beyond the "borderlands" of his former perceptions were suddenly revealed.

As Gerry was snapping random pictures on his last night at the ECETI Ranch, he made the statement,"Come on you guys, show me some love." This one simple phrase launched him on an unimaginable expedition of consciousness. He took four photographs, in the span of approximately four minutes. The first picture was of a red orb, which he thought was interesting, but didn't give it much thought, and continued to take pictures. However, the next three shots revealed what appeared to be Ectoplasm, or what Gerry calls plasma. Plasma essentially consists of freely moving electromagnetically charged particles of ions and electrons and is considered a the fourth state of matter beyond a solid, liquid, or gas while 99% of the observable universe is composed of this substance. This is the fourth picture that was taken. Gerry, relates that this picture scared the living daylights out of him, and he packed up his belongings, jumped into his car and got the heck out of there.

~~The Feline Nature Spirit~~

"Oh Watcher in the silent hours of the night, art thou prepared to meet thy noiseless Guests, the Messengers from distant Spirit Worlds? On rapid wings They speed hither, They float around thee, canst thou not perceive Them? Soon thy spirit shall discern Their form."
'Towards The Light' by Princess Mary Karadja 1899

Both the above photograph, and the following quote are from Gerry's website. He granted me permission to use the photo for my article. It is copy written, so please do not copy it, or use any of his images without his consent to do so.

For more information, and to view over 2,700 other amazing photographs, of the "Otherness behind the veil," go to Gerry Warner's website, or simple click on the title of this blog and it will take you directly to his page.

When asked, "Do you sense the presence of anything around you when you get these photographs?" Gerry responds, "The only sense that I get, is a sense of gratitude."

UFO 101: What to do if you see a UFO

What to do if you see a UFO

1. Remain calm. But protect yourself from any hazards, real or perceived.

2. Be objective. Not every UFO is extraterrestrial; eliminate other possibilities first. Only after that should you consider that what you saw might be a true UFO.

3. Use a camcorder or camera to record the event. Try to keep reference points in the field of view, as this will aid in analyzing the film. If you do not have a recording device, then draw pictures of what you saw.

4. Tape your tale. If you have a tape recorder, record your description of the event as it happens. Include reference points. If you don't have a tape recorder, write down your observations immediately.

5. Get other witness observations. Ask other witnesses to write or record their observations, but do not discuss the event with them until after your observations have been recorded.

6. Leave the area alone. If the UFO left some trace of its presence, do not disturb the area around it and restrict access to the site. Photograph the area around the site before you enter, and note the exact position of everything. Take close-up photos or video of the evidence before touching it.

7. Gauge the size. If the sighting is from a distance, at an arm's length, what would it take to cover the object? A quarter? A penny? A dime?

8. Gauge the distance. Try to judge the distance from you to the object, the object's altitude and its speed. Was it across the street or was it over the next field? Was it treetop level or a few hundred feet up? Did it cross the sky in five seconds or five minutes?

9. Record any encounter. Should you encounter some type extraterrestrial being associated with the craft, be prepared to protect yourself. From a safe distance, in a concealed position, photograph or videotape the being. If you are unable to safely get photos of the being, draw and write down a description as soon as it is safe to do so.

10. Report your experience. Immediately report the event to a UFO research origination for documentation or investigation.

Where to make a report:

(NUFORC)- National UFO Reporting Center
is the most comprehensive user friendly database of UFO sighting reports in the United States.

MUFON (Mutual UFO Network)

This blog is linked to The (PRF) Paranormal Research Forum website,where this information was located. Go to
PRF is the nations largest monthly gathering on any and all matters of the paranormal.

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Ophir | Being Sound, Vol. 1 | CD Baby

There comes a time when we should all step forward and do something wonderful, even for someone we don't know. That is my mission for today. Holly Lindin and Matt DeMeritt the creators of Ophir-"Being Sound" have just released their album "Being Sound"  today, and would like for you all to share in the wonder and beauty of the music they have created.

Holly say's "Most, if not all, of our songs are about raising consciousness and finding the power within yourself  fighting the system, and finding your creativity and personal beauty. We don't tend to do mainstream Love songs, but there are two on the album that ride that line - just in a different way than is normally presented."

Holly has provided me with a link for you all to go to, listen to the song clips, and then simply click on the title of this blog, and order either one song, or the entire album.

From my heart to yours,

To preview songs:

Live without fear, Love without limit,

Out of the Blue - Full HD UFO Movie

Top 10 UFO Sighting Cases (Best Evidence 2012)

You Are Not Alone!!!

Are you the spouse, partner, child,or parent of an extraterrestrial Abductee/Contactee? Well, You are not alone.

I am the author of From My Side of the Bed: Pulling Back the Covers on Extraterrestrial Contact, A Spouses Point of View, I am the wife of the well-known extraterrestrial abductee/contactee Stan Romanek.

I wrote this book for all of you. I realized that there are two sides to every story, two sides of every bed, and I have learned the importance of taking that which is personal and at times embarrassing, and turning into that which serves the public— those who have walked in the same slippers that I have as a spouse,child, parent,or partner of an abductee.

This book takes you on my heart wrenching, thought provoking and at times hilarious journey as the wife of Stan Romanek. I volunteered, to be a spokeswoman for those who feel that they are alone in a world of extraterrestrial chaos beyond their control. Just remember, You Are not Alone!!!

As the wife of an abductee and mother of three children I have a simple message to share:

Live without fear, and Love without limit.

go to:
For a list of where you can find my book.

The Romanek's Two Day Lecture Event In Fort Lauderdale, FL



Art Serve is proud to announce a two-day conference hosting Stan Romanek, a best selling author of Messages: The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story.
Mr. Romanek and his wife Lisa will explain in detail their past eleven years of close encounters with the E.T.s, the continuing paranormal activity that happens nearly on daily basis along with presenting photographic, audio and video evidence that has been examined by renowned scientists from all over the world.

The Romaneks have recently written three books called the Answers, Orion Regressions, and From My Side of the Bed by Lisa Romanek.

After the conference Art Serve will host a book signing and their books will be available for purchase.
Don't miss out on this one-time opportunity to see the authors in person and get a glimpse into their extraordinary lives and their adventures.

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Respected theoretical physicist and author gives paranormal presentation

Respected theoretical physicist and author gives paranormal presentation

NASA Scientist Debunks Apocalypse Theories (Video)

NASA Scientist Debunks Apocalypse Theories (Video)

The Nightmare

This past weekend, I attended the Phenomenology 104 Conference 2012, in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. One of the vendors/speakers drew my attention on a regular basis. I was unfamiliar with his story, and was told that his families story had been featured on the Discovery Channel’s “A Haunting” in 2006, titled “The House of The Dead.” I was fascinated to learn more about his story, having had my own experiences with ghosts since the age of nine. I never approached him to have a conversation, and it was only after Stan Romanek (my husband) had finished his presentation, that I was given an opportunity to exchange a few words with him. He appeared in the hall and thrust his book into my startled hands. “I would like you to have this,” he said. I apologized that Stan’s talk had gone 30 minutes over time, and he hushed me, “It is alright, please read this book.” For some reason, and it wasn’t out of a feeling of obligation, I opened one of the boxes of books, and handed him Stan’s first book, "MESSAGES, The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story." If I was simply trying to be nice, I would have handed him my book. Something told me, he needed to read it as much as I needed to read his account.

The next morning,Sunday March 25th, 2012, Stan and I were seated on a plane in Baltimore Maryland, ready to fly home to Colorado. In my lap was Bill Bean’s book, “Dark Force: The Terrifying and Tragic Story Of The Bean Family.” As I began to read, and the story unfolded in my hands I realized that my experiences were very different, yet similar as well.

Billy relates that, in 1970, his father and mother William and Patricia Bean moved into a modest three bedroom ranch style house, in Glen Burnie, Maryland with their three children. Billy was four years old, Bobby was just a year old, and Patti, who at the time was 13 years old.
From my own experiences and those of my children, I know that children are able to see and hear ghosts more readily than adults. And the fact that Patti was 13 was a major source of energy, having the onslaught of puberty knocking at her door, reminds me of my twin daughters at her age. They were not only a source of a lot of energy, but the victim of a few attacks as well. Why? To create more energy for the spirits to draw off of!

Bill recalls that his first memories of the house on Little Road, in the quiet cul-de-sac of Harundale, in Glen Burnie were frightening ones. "It had a very foreboding and ominous feel from the start," he says.

Bill relates in his book, “Dark Force” that not long after the family moved into the little pink house, his father, William Sr. began working on it to repair and improve the dilapidated structures. What the family didn’t know is that a demonic force already occupied their new home. While trying to make this house a home for his family, he had unintentionally aggravated the evil that lurked within. Devastating and life altering events began to happen. Billy said, “The activity began as noises and gradually escalated into violent physical attacks on us by the entities. My family was literally ripped apart by an evil force that co-existed among us."
As I continued to read, I realized the connection that had continually drawn my attention to this tall, burley man. Chapter 12: The UFO Connection… What? I almost dropped the book.
Please go to Bill Bean’s website, order his books, and view his videos. This is an amazing story of survival, and another example of unbelievable events that are absolutely true.

Bill Bean has a strong faith in GOD and JESUS and say’s they saved his life. He is a light of God, as we all are. He has become a messenger of hope.

Live without fear, and Love without limit…

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Area 51 Exhibit To Feature Russian Roswell UFO Artifact At National Atomic Testing Museum

Written by: Lee Speigel

Area 51 has been called the most secret place on Earth that never existed. And for a long time, that was true.

On March 26, the Smithsonian-affiliated National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas plans to unveil the first-ever Area 51 exhibit, and it will be loaded with UFO and possible extraterrestrial-related items.

The exhibit, dubbed "Area 51: Myth or Reality," will present the historical records of a place that has long been shrouded in mystery.

Watch this Area 51 exhibit promo video:

"The CIA declassified most of the records on Area 51 up through the late '60s and early '70s. It's out in the public now," said museum CEO and executive director Allan Palmer.

"Now we know a lot more about it and can present some of the really true stories that happened out there. And we feel a bit of an obligation to tell the larger story about the public's perception of Area 51, which runs right into aliens, UFOs and extraterrestrial time travel, and those kind of things," Palmer told The Huffington Post.

For years, UFO conspiracy theorists have claimed that the U.S. military was using a secret facility in the Nevada desert to examine captured flying saucers. Fuel was added to that fire when many people reported seeing strange craft in the skies around the mountains that surround an actual military base, located near a salt flat called Groom Lake, about 80 miles north of Las Vegas.

It's now widely known that Cold War spy planes (including the U-2) were developed and tested at the base. The man who broke the story in 1989 about alleged alien technology at Area 51 was Emmy Award-winning news journalist George Knapp of KLAS-TV in Las Vegas.

"There had been bits and pieces in aviation publications about the possibility of something really weird flying around there, but nobody had done any serious reporting about it," Knapp told HuffPost.

In 1989, Knapp met Bob Lazar, who claimed to be a physicist employed at an area of the base named Sector Four, or S-4. As the tale goes, Lazar alleged that this secret military facility was used to study several alien spacecraft, with the ultimate goal of trying to reverse-engineer the technology to figure out how it worked.

"There are questions that I have about Bob," explained Knapp, "and I know there are problems and gaps within his story, but there were a lot of things that Lazar knew about the base that are really difficult to explain. For example, he knew there was a place called S-4, and that had never been printed anywhere."

The Bob Lazar story unfolds here:

Prior to the news series that Knapp reported on Area 51, the world had never heard of the place. Only the people who worked there or lived in the area knew about it. Unless you had a specific connection to the activities there, you wouldn't have known the place existed.

The National Atomic Testing Museum -- the nation's newest national museum -- decided to combine the true stories of those who actually worked at Area 51 with the speculative reports of an extraterrestrial element.

Because of his key role in putting the secret facility on the map, exhibitors asked Knapp to be involved. To that end, a special George Knapp room has been included in the exhibit, where visitors can see a variety of documents and artifacts that he’s collected over the years: films, videos, photos and something very special to be unveiled for the exhibit opening.

In 1986, an unidentified object streaked across the sky over Dalnegorsk, USSR, and crashed into Mount Izvestkovaya, also referred to as Height 611.

Through many contacts and great effort, Knapp obtained some of the strange materials actually gathered at the scene of the crash.

"I'll give you a hint," he said. "We've often heard the argument from the naysayers that there's nothing to study, no evidence. This famous case happened in Russia where scientists went to the scene of a very dramatic incident and collected samples, and they gave me some of them!"

Some have referred to the crash as the Russian Roswell, referring to the famous 1947 crash of an alleged alien craft in New Mexico and the subsequent cover-up of facts surrounding the case.

The public will have a chance to see what Knapp brought back from Russia and decide for themselves if it's Earth-based or out of this world.

Area 51: The top secret military test base that never existed: (story continues below)

Area 51 Warning Sign
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Area 51 (Groom Lake, Dreamland). Photo taken near Rachel, Nev.

Total comments: 101 | Post a Comment 1 of 9
The entire museum documents the shared Cold War history between the U.S. and the old Soviet Union, running from the end of World War II to the present. In 1950, President Harry Truman set up the Nevada Proving Ground, which evolved into the Nevada Test Site, created to test nuclear weapons in order to keep up with the Soviets.

Visitors to the Area 51 exhibit will see artifacts and other pieces of the secret facility's history.

"When you first go in, you're going to be treated like a new recruit to Area 51," said Palmer, who has the rare distinction of being a highly decorated combat jet fighter pilot for both the Air Force and the Navy.

"You'll be left to decide what you think is the true story about the place: Is it aliens, UFOs, intelligence? What's all this about? And that's what we're going to expose them to.

"Sometimes what you see is not always what's real. And that may be true the other way around," Palmer added. "What you may think are just ordinary, regular things might be extraterrestrial or visitors from other places. Who knows?"

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Digitaljournal, Nancy Houser article...UFO information disappears from UK Ministry of Defense - again

UFO information disappears from UK Ministry of Defense - again

By Nancy Houser
Mar 21, 2012

One of the best poster-size images of a 1990 UFO mysteriously disappeared from the wall of Britain's Ministry of Defense somewhere between 1991 to 1994, along with other UFO originals and negatives.
According to Huffington Post, "The photo was one of six taken by a pair of hikers who spotted a strange diamond-shaped object in the sky over Pitlochry, Scotland, on Aug. 4, 1990. It appeared to hover in the air near an Royal Air Force Harrier jet. Eyewitnesses reported seeing the unusual object above the ground for nearly 10 minutes before it zoomed away at high speed."
This is not the first UFO disappearance in Britain of important information. Key documentation that related to the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident has also disappeared without any explanation. Rendlesham consists of mysterious lights reported by US servicemen at RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk in 1980. The missing papers were found when 8,000 UFO files were released to the public, a huge gap found by officials where the files should have been.
Whether the British government deleted the current missing UFO files is debatable, based on the country's history of claiming "missing files." In 1977, Prime Minister of Grenada Sir Eric Gairy planned on calling for the United Nations to set up a unit to investigate Britain's missing UFO files. What sets this case apart are numerous eyewitness accounts, high-level interest from government officials, and the abrupt disappearance of the UFO photos and negatives.
Nick Pope, previous head of Britain's Government UFO Project and leading expert on UFOs, stated in the Huffington Post article that the missing poster-size image of the UFO "clearly was a technology significantly ahead of anything we had in our infantry or even on the drawing board. This was up close and personal, reach-out and you-can-touch-it stuff. 'I don't know what it is, but it's not one of ours' was the stock answer to the inevitable question."
When Pope was head of the MoD division for 21 years, his superior was said to have taken the UFO image down and store it somewhere.
The original photos were sent to the defense intelligence staff, who then sent them on to imagery analysts at the Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Center," said Pope. "At the time, [the Ministry of Defence] hadn't even publicly acknowledged that there was any intelligence interest in UFOs. Though we'd never say so publicly, the bottom line was that we wanted the technology. It was better than anything we had and we wanted it for our own military aircraft and drones."
According to the latest data, "governments around the world have been in regular contact with aliens for many decades. 'Aliens have made both formal and informal contact with thousands of people throughout the world from all walks of life." But according to released documents by the Ministry of Defence in 2010, Winston Churchill may have ordered a UFO sighting to be kept secret.
Such claims from Timothy Good, a former U.S. Congress and Pentagon consultant, are the first to be made publicly by a prominent academic. Most are from UFO theorists with nothing to support the evidence.

Read more:

Friday, March 23, 2012

Peter Maxwell Slattery... Paranormal and UFO story

Since 1995 Peter Maxwell Slattery has witnessed many UFO’s and Shadow men (which are also known as ghosts). Also Pete has had encounters with a light being in his house multiple times and a blue humanoid being through remote viewing while in a meditative state. Recently he has come forward about his experiences as he has now had direct contact with inter-dimensional beings. On January 1st 2012 Pete was visited by a female inter-dimensional being called Shi-Ji. When asking Shi-Ji where she was from she told him that she was from the Pleiadian star system, but when he asked whereabouts in the Pleiadian star system, she said that Pete would not understand. Pete says she is helping him raise his vibration frequency and also awakening Pete to who he really is and helping him harness his hidden ability’s which he says “we all have the ability to access” from psychic abilities, to being able to astral travel when needed. Pete has been told by Shi-Ji that he and others all around the world have been chosen to help raise others vibrational frequency and to help educated people on the E.T reality and the spirit realm. Doing this he is told, will help awaken people for the coming spiritual and earth changes that he has been told will take place soon. Pete is grateful for this opportunity and is also grateful for the fact that he has been visited and not abducted. Another thing that Pete goes into is how God, Angels, Ghosts, UFO’s, Science, all religions and the universe are all connected. All is revealed in Pete’s next two books called “My awakening - A paranormal UFO story”. Part 1 is about his experiences with ghosts and UFO’s, and the second deals with messages Pete has been given after being visited by Shi-Ji and other beings which is still occurring today. So in other words the first book is before contact and the second book is about after contact. For the rest of Peter's story, to buy his books, or just browse his many videos and photographs go to his website @

Thursday, March 22, 2012

5 Stages of Coping with Abduction

An excerpt from my book, "From My Side Of The Bed." Chapter 3, Abductions Begin...

While helping Stan through his experiences, I began to notice that there was a pattern of emotional responses to these sightings and abduction events; much the same as the emotional struggles experienced by the family members of the elderly population I cared for. I have come to realize that the abductees/experiencers and their families and friends go through a coping process much like dealing with a terminal diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and even death. Abduction experiences also affect you in stages in much the same way. These feelings are to be expected, and they’re normal.

Denial is the first step. Some experiencers of ET contact tend to withdraw from the world around them. Others may feel as though they must be having a bad dream and that they’ll soon awaken from it. Most don’t want to believe that aliens are real or that what they have experienced is possible.

The second step is anger. Experiencers and people close to them are angry that these experiences are happening to them. They may lash out at the people closest to them, and not know why they are doing it. Anger may also lead to feelings of guilt.

Bargaining is the third step in this process. Many experiencers begin to bargain with themselves and others. If this will stop, I will be a better person. They imagine that if they promise to do this or that, God will return things to the way they used to be.

Like in the death process, the stage to follow is depression. For many, this can be the most difficult stage to get through. Signs of depression include a feeling of melancholy, unconcern about the outside world, or a loss of interest in eating and sleeping. Feelings of guilt, helplessness, hopelessness, and worthlessness are common.

The final stage is acceptance. As abductees deal with these experiences and accept that they are real, they come to understand and accept that they are beginning a new chapter in life. A new "normal" emerges, and in such a new understanding the happiness and laughter returns.

Live without fear, Love without limit...

Lisa Romanek

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Reed Brothers UFO Case: News Interview 2011

Reed Family Abductions - Part 1: First Encounters

Amazon's top 20 UFO related books...

This weeks top 20 list of most popular UFO books, on Amazon:

My favorites of course have not yet landed on the list, Answers: The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story Continues and (my book) From My Side Of The Bed: Pulling Back the Covers On Extraterrestrial Contact, A Spouses Point of View...

1.UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record by Leslie Kean (Aug 2, 2011)

Extreme UFO Briefing -- For Your Eyes Only by Chet Dembeck (Dec 27, 2010) - Kindle eBook

Proof of Extreme UFOs Encounters Based on Physical Evidence & Eyewitnesses (Physcial proof of Extreme UFOs Revealed) by Chet Dembeck (Jan 9, 2010) - Kindle eBook

Real UFOs Witnessed By Real People -- Documented Cases Only by Chet Dembeck (May 6, 2011) - Kindle eBook

1520 Things You Don'tKnow about Ancient Aliens, UFOs, Aliens Technology, Extraterrestrials and U.S. Black Operations. Part 2 (Aliens among us) by Maximillien de Lafayette (Jun 27, 2011) - Kindle eBook

Proof of Ezekiel's ETs - Extreme UFOs of the Bible (Revised and Annotated) by Chet Dembeck, Arthur W. Orton and Chet Dembeck (Jan 6, 2010) - Kindle eBook

1520 Things You Don't Know about UFOs, Aliens Technology, Extraterrestrials and U.S. Black Operations. Vo.1. (UFOs and Alien Technology) by Maximillien de Lafayette (Sep 29, 2011) - Kindle eBook

Gray Highway: An American UFO Journey by Matthew Holm (Dec 22, 2005)
(5 customer reviews)

The Report On Unidentified Flying Objects by Edward J. Ruppelt (May 2, 2011)

The Real Men In Black: Evidence, Famous Cases, and True Stories of These Mysterious Men and their Connection to UFO Phenomena by Nicholas Redfern (Jun 15, 2011)
Kindle Edition

UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Coverup, 1941-1973 by Richard M. Dolan (Jun 1, 2002)
Kindle Edition

UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities by John B. Alexander (Feb 28, 2012)

Flying Saucers and Science: A Scientist Investigates the Mysteries of UFOs: Interstellar Travel, Crashes, and Government Cover-Ups by Stanton T. Friedman (Jun 1, 2008)

Need to Know: UFOs, the Military, and Intelligence by Timothy Good (Nov 15, 2007)
(38 customer reviews)

Dark Object: The World's Only Government-Documented UFO Crash by Whitley Strieber and Don Ledger (Mar 6, 2001)

JUST RELEASED --2010: The Reality and Cover-Up of UFOs -NEW SPECIAL REPORT (Just Released. SPECIAL REPORT) by Chet Dembeck (Mar 27, 2010) - Kindle eBook

Messages: The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story by Stan Romanek (May 8, 2009)

Crash: When UFOs Fall From the Sky: A History of Famous Incidents, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups by Kevin D. Randle (May 20, 2010)

Mind Blowing Dialogues With Anunnaki Ulema Masters Living Among Us. 5th Edition. Revelations of the Greatest Information, Secrets & Mysteries of UFOs, ... and Life After Death (Anunnaki Ulema Series) by Maximillien De Lafayette (May 8, 2010) - Kindle eBook

Crash at Corona: The U.S. Military Retrieval and Cover-Up of a UFO by Don Berliner and Stanton T. Friedman (May 2, 2004)

What are your favorite books? What books have you read, old or new that have made an impact on your life?

Go to , most books have a sneak preview.

Live without fear, Love without limit...
Lisa Romanek

Twelve Signs of Awakening

Twelve Signs of Awakening

These are times of heightened awareness, tremendous input of information from the media and a deep inner desire to understand what is going on. Many of us hear the news and grind our teeth at what we hear, we feel it in our hearts and we help carry the burden at unconscious levels. But then there is something deeper than that going on. We want to wake up, we want to connect and feel that we are contributing something to the planet, to its people, our family and friends. Yes, that is all good, but then something is happening to our bodies… We are in the process of conscious awakening.

You Are Not Alone.

And these are some of the signs:

1. Body aches and pains, especially in the neck, shoulder and back. This is the result of intense changes at your DNA level as the "Christ seed" awakens within. This too shall pass.

2. Feeling of deep inner sadness for no apparent reason. You are releasing your past (this lifetime and others) and this causes the feeling of sadness. This is similar to the experience of moving away from your parents home or moving from one city to another after many years of being there. You are leaving behind the memories, energy and experiences from the past. This too shall pass.

3. Crying for no apparent reason. Similar to #2. It's good and healthy to let the tears flow. It helps to release the old energy within. This too shall pass.

4. Sudden change in job or career. A very common symptom, as you change, things around you will change as well. This too shall pass. You're in transition, and you may make several job changes before you settle into one that fits your passion.

5. Withdrawal from family relationships. You are connected to your biological family via old karma. When you get off the karmic cycle, the bonds of the old relationships are released. You will develop new relationships with them if it is appropriate. However, the relationship will be based in the new energy without the karmic attachments.

6. Unusual sleep patterns. It's likely that you'll awaken many nights between 2:00 am 4:00 am. There's a lot of work going on within you, and it often causes you to wake up for a "breather." Not to worry. If you can't go back to sleep, get up and do something rather than lay in bed and worry about things. This too shall pass.

7. Intense dreams. These might include war and battle dreams, chase dreams or monster dreams. You are literally releasing the old energy within, childhood memories and traumas. These energies of the past are often symbolized as wars, running to escape and boogeyman. This too shall pass.

8. Physical disorientation. At times you'll feel very ungrounded and spaced out. As your consciousness transitions into the new energy, you body sometimes lags behind. Spend more time in nature to help ground the new energy within. This too shall pass.

9. Increased "self talk." You'll find yourself talking to your Self more often. There is a new level of communication taking place within your being, and you're experiencing the tip of the iceberg with the self-talk. The conversations will increase, and they will become more fluid, more coherent and more insightful. You're not going crazy, you're just moving into the new energy. Spirit is descending.

10. Feelings of loneliness, even when in the company of others. You may feel alone and removed from others. You may feel the desire to "flee" groups and crowds. The void within will be filled with the love and energy of your own Christ consciousness. Call Your Spirit Guides to be with you as you walk the path transition.

11. Loss of passion. You may feel totally disimpassioned, with little or no desire to do anything. That's okay, and it's just part of the process. Take this time to "do no- thing." Don't fight yourself on this, because this too shall pass. Sit back have a glass of wine enjoy while you wait.

12. A deep longing to go Home. This is perhaps the most difficult and challenging of any of the conditions. You may experience a deep and overwhelming desire to leave the planet and return Home. The root cause for this is quite simple. You are at the end of your karmic cycles. You are completing your contract for this lifetime. You are ready to begin a new lifetime while still in this physical body. Spirit needs you here to help others transition into the new energy. They will need a human guide, just like you, who has taken the journey from the old energy into the new. The path you're walking right now provides the experiences to enable you to become a Teacher of the New Divine Human. So be patient as you continue growing, learning, sharing and meeting the challenges of this Journey to the heart...

It has been pointed out, that these may also be signs of depression...If you feel it is simply depression being felt my the masses, then you are not yet awake! We need to wake up. The changes we see and feel all around us, are happening regardless of our understanding why, so...we may as well entertain the idea, that 2012 is a year of great experiences, amazing changes in our selves..and around the world.

Live without fear, Love without limit
Lisa Romanek

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

UFOs 2012|UFO Sightings|Alien UFO Pictures|What Are UFOs|2012 Solar Strom|Mexico UFO: Nasa Accidentally Confirms Moon Structures Exist

UFOs 2012|UFO Sightings|Alien UFO Pictures|What Are UFOs|2012 Solar Strom|Mexico UFO: Nasa Accidentally Confirms Moon Structures Exist: In past we had reported " By Law NASA Is NOT Allowed To Tell The Truth " Now in latest interesting development, Nasa accidentally confirm...

UFOs 2012|UFO Sightings|Alien UFO Pictures|What Are UFOs|2012 Solar Strom|Mexico UFO: NASA : Alien Life May Exist On Nomad Planets Says,...

UFOs 2012|UFO Sightings|Alien UFO Pictures|What Are UFOs|2012 Solar Strom|Mexico UFO: NASA : Alien Life May Exist On Nomad Planets Says,...: Nomad planets don't circle stars, but may carry bacterial life, say researchers from Kavli Institute. This image is an artistic renditio...

UFOs 2012|UFO Sightings|Alien UFO Pictures|What Are UFOs|2012 Solar Strom|Mexico UFO: 2012 Illinois Vote Fraud : ABC7 News Accidentally ...

UFOs 2012|UFO Sightings|Alien UFO Pictures|What Are UFOs|2012 Solar Strom|Mexico UFO: 2012 Illinois Vote Fraud : ABC7 News Accidentally ...: In past we had documented, U.S. Media And The GOP Working Together To Take Down Ron Paul and also reported: Iowa Caucus 2012 Vote Fraud ...

UFO Insider-Lisa Romanek: Romanek's...The Rest of the Story...

UFO Insider-Lisa Romanek: Romanek's...The Rest of the Story...: I truly am a UFO insider. I am the spouse of an extraterrestrial abductee/contactee. As hard as that simple fact may be for some people to u...

UFOs and Mass Media

Open Minds UFO Magazine - Issue 13

Fran Drescher Says She Was Abducted By Aliens

Fran Drescher Says She Was Abducted By Aliens - Episode 003, Part 2: Stan Romanek Interview - Episode 003, Part 1: Stan Romanek Interview

Deputy Fired Over UFO Investigation, News First 5 Colorado Springs, Colo...

UFOS_IN_KENTUCKY: UFOS on the rise in 2012

UFOS_IN_KENTUCKY: UFOS on the rise in 2012

UFOS_IN_KENTUCKY: Antonio Urzi case

UFOS_IN_KENTUCKY: Antonio Urzi case

UFOS_IN_KENTUCKY: Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell says UFOS are real an...

UFOS_IN_KENTUCKY: Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell says UFOS are real an...

Latest UFO News Headlines

Latest UFO News Headlines

Celebrities tweet UFO sightings

Celebrities tweet UFO sightings

UK UFO files show high level officials were concerned

UK UFO files show high level officials were concerned

British Official Says UFO Photo Confiscated

British Official Says UFO Photo Confiscated

Romanek's...The Rest of the Story...

I truly am a UFO insider. I am the spouse of an extraterrestrial abductee/contactee. As hard as that simple fact may be for some people to understand or even accept, it is the truth.

I met my husband Stan Romanek, 11 years ago, and at the time Stan was of the opinion that anyone who believed in UFO's or Extraterrestrial life should be fitted with a straight jacket and were in his words  "wackadoodles." I was a bit offended, at being called crazy, because I had always been a believer in the existence of off-world beings. Four months after we met, Stan comfy little world as a skeptic was turned upside down. He became a "wackadoodle." He saw his first UFO on December 26th, 2000. I was stunned, and a little upset that Stan the non-believer had  not only seen a UFO that he had captured the entire event on film. I had personally never seen a UFO that couldn't be explained away as being a satellite or an airplane. Imagine if you will, that you are driving along and see a 30 foot shiny object hovering above the power lines of a busy street near the well known Red Rocks area in Denver, Colorado. This event was only the beginning of his 11 years of sightings, abductions and contact.

Stan wrote MESSAGES: The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story,( Llewellyn Publications, 2009)  in which he shares his accounts of abduction, UFO sightings, and much more. Stan has released  his newest book, ANSWERS: The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story Continues. In this book, he shares what he has learned, the answers to many burning questions about the future of our planet, Quantum realities, time-lines, as well as who we really are. Stan has also released a book titled, "The Orion Regressions" which contains 5  regression session transcripts, conducted by Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle. 

And as exciting as all of that is, the emotional story...The Rest of the Story... had still not been told. Stan wasn't the only one in our family that was affected by his abductions. Stan's abduction experiences impacted our entire family. Feelings of fear, anger, frustration, blame,and guilt controlled our daily lives. After living and overcoming these emotions, I decided the rest of the story had to be told. My side of the story. No other spouse has ever been brave enough to stand up and be heard. Something in my heart told me that there were others just like me, other spouses who are still living  in the shadows of the extraterrestrial secrecy and fear. Other spouses or partners of abductees/contactees who are suffering silently thinking they are the only ones, that they are alone in this world of chaos. I knew, someone had to step up and say, "You are not alone." So, I volunteered, and wrote,  "From My Side Of The Bed: Pulling Back The Covers On Extraterrestrial Contact, A Spouses Point Of View." I wrote this book for all  the spouses, children, parents, partners, girlfriends, boyfriends and contactees, who feel they are alone in this world of extraterrestrial chaos... this shadowy place of secrets, anger and fear. This book was written for you!!!  I have walked this path on a daily basis for 11 years, and have emerged a survivor, not a victim. This incredible journey has taken me from anger to enlightenment, and my hope is that it will benefit you as well. My credo:  Live without fear, and Love without limits....

Much love to you all,
Lisa Romanek