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Aliens Are After Our Oil

Aliens Are After Our Oil

By Norma Lee Jennings
January 10, 2013 1:14PM

Aliens may be trying to steal our oil — and there’s nothing you can do about it.
See, if we assume the laws of physics operate consistently throughout the galaxy, an alien spacecraft traveling millions of miles to Earth would eventually need some kind of fuel, maybe some form of hydrogen fusion or a gravity drive. Another possibly: a UFO would need something as low-tech as gasoline.
I know what you’re thinking – if aliens have the ability to fly across the universe surely they’ve progressed beyond the same fuel that powers weed-whackers. But new photographic evidence suggests that at least one type of alien craft does, indeed, run on gasoline.
Over the summer of 2012, crude oil was disappearing from an oil company in Cotulla, Texas. Thinking the culprit was a human rebelling against high gas prices, the oil company set up security cameras to catch the thief in the act.
But the cameras didn’t catch an earthly crook. Instead, on the night of July 5, video surveillance captured the image of what some experts believe is an alien spacecraft stopping by for refueling. The spacecraft is disc-shaped and has three visible running lights along its edge. It appears to be hovering at a least a foot off the ground.
The story and photo was reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) in the last few days, and is already sparking controversy in the Ufology community. If it turns out that certain types of UFOs do indeed run on combustion engines, this would not only change the way in which ufology thinks about alien spacecraft, but it may also change NASA. If it only takes small amounts of crude oil to power interstellar flight, who knows what the future of space travel might bring?

Strange Lights In Detroit Point To Aliens

Strange Lights In Detroit Point To Aliens

By Lyz Lenz
January 15, 2013 1:16PM
It seems as if there is more life happening over Detroit than in Detroit. The Huffington Post recently reported that strange lights have been hovering over the Motor City. The local Fox 2 News documented the mysterious lights, while many Michigan residents wrote of similar sightings on the network’s Facebook page.
Shaun, one Facebook poster, claimed: “They were black triangle-shaped objects making circles over West Bloomfield and Farmington Hills. There was no noise and they had bright lights. I’m not making this up and I know somebody else saw these things.”
Click here for the full video.

While the Fox report dismissed the lights, noting that the Air Force conducted an investigation of UFOs and found no proof, something strange is definitely happening over Detroit.
It’s possible the aliens heard that there is some cheap real estate and have come to capitalize. Maybe they were invited by the government as part of an effort to fix the housing crisis. Or maybe the aliens figure, if they invade Detroit, no one would ever notice.
(One Huffington Post commenter surmised that it could be the Mayan gods coming back to earth, a month late. Another commenter noted that it might be an “interdemensional lab” apparently developed by the US and India. Or it could just be swamp gas.)
Whatever the case is, if the aliens are looking for intelligent life in Michigan or an internet comments section, they are going to be sorely disappointed.

I'm With Stupid: Why Are Geeks So Mad About Star Wars?

                   I came across this article and had to share it. 


Todd Hartley I'm With Stupid: Why Are Geeks So Mad About Star Wars?


Columnist, screenwriter, playwright, lyricist, novelist, blogger and stand-up comedian

Posted: 01/18/2013 4:48 pm

I have a five-year-old son, and we have satellite radio in one of our cars, so we spend a lot of time listening to a station called "Kids Place Live." As you can probably glean from the name, it's aimed at youngsters, but to be honest, it's actually one of my favorite channels.
There are some awful songs, to be sure, but most of them are pretty good. One song in particular that my son and I enjoy is "Why Is Dad So Mad?" by a band called The Board of Education. The lyrics go something like this: "Why does Dad get so mad about Star Wars? Mr. Lucas, what did you do?"
The song hints at the titular dad's reasons for being angry about Star Wars, most of which are already well known to people my age. First, there are the changes -- such as Greedo shooting first at Han Solo -- that George Lucas made to the old trilogy for the so-called "special editions." Then, of course, there are the prequels, which are so bad that they've dragged the whole franchise down into the muck.
My son, who has seen only the original Star Wars, doesn't really understand the song, so he asked me one time, "Why does his dad get so mad about Star Wars?"
I attempted to explain, but being unfamiliar with the atrocity that is Jar Jar Binks, my son couldn't exactly fathom what it is that my generation is so up in arms about. It's hard to convey just how unspeakably awful Episode II -- Attack of the Clones is to someone who hasn't seen it and will hopefully never have to endure it.
To me, though, there's more to it than just Lucas messing with the films we grew up loving and then saddling us with three borefests. What I also object to is the way Star Wars has been so thoroughly co-opted by geeks.
(At this point, I'd like to pause for a couple of disclaimers, lest my computer get hacked by some insulted party: I like geeks. I've always liked geeks. By just about any quantifiable measure, I was a geek myself in high school and remain one to this day. So please don't think I'm harboring some sort of anti-geek bias.)
The thing with geeks, however, is that back in my day, geeks weren't so completely invested in their geekdom. Sure, we had Star Wars action figures and bedsheets and lunchboxes, but we understood that there was a real world out there that we were a part of. With geeks these days, I'm not so sure.
The latest example of geekiness run amok -- in particular Star Wars geekiness run amok -- was the recent official petition, signed by 34,435 people, asking the Obama administration to build a Death Star.
Now, I realize that most of those people probably signed the petition in jest, but you know there are more than a few geeks out there who were dead serious and were probably devastated when the White House rejected the petition. I hope none of them successfully committed hara-kiri with their lightsabers, but it wouldn't surprise me if a few of them tried.
The reasons for not building a Death Star ought to be obvious to anyone. For one thing, there's the cost, which a White House spokesman estimated would be more than $850 quadrillion. I don't see how we could find that in the budget when we can't seem to pay for education. Then there's the whole point of the Death Star, which is to destroy planets. I'm guessing Obama's forthcoming changes to national gun laws might forbid something like that.
So, clearly, the U.S. government shouldn't be in the business of building massive, space-based battle stations, even if they would create jobs and even if geeks, who are the only ones with that kind of money, agree to foot the costs.
You know who should consider building a Death Star, though? Las Vegas. I'm totally not kidding about that, by the way. How awesome would it be to have a Death Star casino? Seriously. You could have imperial stormtroopers for security guards, and all the cocktail waitresses could dress up as Princess Leia in the gold bikini. It would be the coolest thing ever.
Best of all, it would give Star Wars geeks exactly what they're looking for, only instead of destroying planets, it would destroy people's life savings and relationships with their families. But hey, that's what the dark side is all about, isn't it?
Todd Hartley lost 50 pounds for his role as Jabba the Hutt in "Return of the Jedi." To read more or leave a comment, please visit

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Who is the UFOnut?

Chuck Zukowski is the UFOnut!

Chuck Zukowski

Chuck’s website is UFONUT which stands for Unidentified Flying Objects Nonhuman Unidentifiable Technologies.  

Some people think that if you believe in UFOs, Ghosts, Bigfoot, Alien life, Cattle Mutilations etc., that you must be a nut. I must agree. I am a huge fan of Chuck Zukowski and his work. I am also a nut, a UFOnut  that is!

If you want to become UFOnut sign up today!!! 

O Chuck and his team of UFOnuts.. display various information on the UFO/Paranormal field which also includes personal blogs about his research and investigations. Working closely with, Chuck is able to post professional quality videos and webisodes featuring his latest investigations. He also has numerous videos on YouTube under the WWWUFONUT heading, which portrays more of his work.

                             The UFOnut team Matt, Debbie,Trina and Chuck


For the past 25 years Chuck has been researching and investigating the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon. As a field investigator, he’s appeared on radio and television shows discussing his investigations. Chuck approaches every investigation as a skeptic looking for any known possibility before claiming otherwise. He also implements new and innovative field experiments from time to time, to enhance his investigations looking for new evidence. Among his investigations Chuck has become quite fluent with the Roswell Incident of 1947. He’s worked closely with Archeologist, Dr. Bill Doleman, UNM., on two separate UFO shows; SCI-FI Channel’s special, “Roswell, Startling New Evidence”, and NBC/SCI-FI Channel’s “SCI-FI Investigates, Roswell” episode. Chuck has also contributed to the SCI-FI Channel’s book, “The Roswell Dig Diaries”, and has written a workbook, “Extraterrestrial Archeology”, a field guide to UFO Archeology (out of print). Chuck has been interviewed numerous times by the media on the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon discussing his investigations. He was interviewed for the Peter Jennings special, “Seeing is Believing”, for SCI-FI/NBC’s Fact or Faked, History Channel’s UFO Hunters, Denver PBS, Colorado Springs and Denver’s television news stations; and numerous periodicals including the Colorado Springs Gazette, Denver Post, and the LA Times. Chuck is also included in the book Weird Colorado highlighting his UTE Valley Rock Face investigation and has written articles for UK’s, UFO Matrix magazine.

 UFO/Paranormal Investigations
  • Roswell Research and Field Investigations
  • UFO Sightings and Landing Trace Evidence Field Investigations
  • Animal Mutilations Investigations
  • Big Foot Field Investigations
  • Ghost Investigations
  • Alien Abduction Investigations
  • Paranormal (beyond the range of normal experience) Investigations
  • Amateur UFO Archeology Research and Field Investigations
  • Consultant for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and STAR Team Field Investigator
  • Witness Interviewing Skills
  • Technical knowledge
Chuck is a Principle IC Mask Design Engineering Consultant with his company, Zukowski Inc. He has over 25 years of Graphic Mix Signal IC Microchip design and is a former Reserve Deputy Sheriff with El Paso County Sheriff’s Department, Colorado (2002 to February 2011).
His education includes; an Associate’s degree, a Bachelors degree, and a Certification in Electronic Engineering . 

Chuck has lectured on the Roswell incident, Animal Mutilations, and on other various UFO associated investigations. From time to time Chuck is asked to teach training seminars discussing his experience and investigation techniques.

Chuck approaches his investigations with an analytical understanding, making sure to address all human known possibilities before venturing into the non-human or paranormal aspects of the sightings. This approach ensures his investigations are more plausible and skeptic proof.
Tools of his trade include; multiple Sony 8mm IR cameras, Sony IR 1/3 16mm audio DVR cameras, Celestron’s Sky Scout, Night Owl binoculars, EMF meters, radiation sensors, metal detectors, spotting scope, Meade’s 8″ Schmidt Cassegrain telescope with video recording capability. Kits include (RRK), Rapid Response Kit, Animal Mutilation kit, and Basic Archeology kit.

Experiments have included; (EMF) Eltro-Magnetic Field generation, (BS-VCT) Binary Sequenced Visual Communication Techniques, and (E.R.E) Event Recreation Experimentation.

I will be sharing some of Chuck's Investigation video links from his YouTube account WWWUFONUT today as well, so that you can acquaint yourselves with one of his most interesting Big Foot  investigations here in Bailey, Colorado. 

Please, visit to read his Blog, check out the wide range of investigations he has done. WARNING: Cattle Mutilation Pics are very graphic!!! - Episode 010: Bailey Bigfoot Returns - Episode 008: Bailey Bigfoot Investigation

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2013 StarworksUSA UFO Symposium

Look To The Stars

 Symposium Schedule Image

The Florida UFO Symposium brings together leading women and men in UFO research, documentation and related information. The 2013 Florida UFO Symposium will be held at the Chateau Elan Hotel & Conference Center in Sebring, Florida, on May 10-12, 2013. The event will be hosted by Peter Robbins, world-reknown author, artist and UFO researcher.

 All exhibitor spots for the 2013 Symposium have been filled.


  EARLY-BIRD • $90 per person (before April 1, 2013)
  REGULAR • $125 per person (April 1 and after)
Visit our Registration Page to reserve your spot. Seating is limited.

Event Highlights

• Movie about the Betty & Barney Hill case followed by Q&A with their niece, Kathleen Marden
• Special presentation by Hon. Paul Hellyer
• "Sapphire Starlight Social" with Symposium presenters, Friday evening, May 10
• Presentations and panels, Saturday, May 11 & Sunday, May 12
• Buffet Dinner with the Speakers, Saturday, May 11 (optional; purchase dinner ticket separately)
• Skywatch, Saturday, May 11
• UFO Marketplace and book signings
Tour of Kennedy Space Center, Friday, May 10 (optional; purchase tour tickets separately)
For more information: or 303-415-3900


Friday, May 10, 2013

Morning (Time TBA): Optional Tour of Kennedy Space Center, NASA
6:00 pm: Sapphire Starlight Social
7:00 pm: Movie about the Betty & Barney Hill Case followed by Q&A with Kathleen Marden

Saturday, May 11, 2013

9:00 am: Opening Guided Meditation with Karen Gresham Nickell; Award Presentation to Yvonne Smith; Welcome by Race Hobbs and Royce Fitzgerald (Eyewitness Radio/Global Radio Alliance); MUFON Introduction
9:30 am: “Chosen? Hypnotherapy and Contact,” Yvonne Smith
10:30 am: “International UFO Updates,” Paola Harris
11:30 am: “Rendlesham Forest Incident,” Peter Robbins
12:00 pm: Panel Discussion “Is Seeing believing?”
2:00 pm: “Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience,” Kathleen Marden
3:15pm: “Commonalities Among Abduction Experiencers,” Denise Stoner
4:30 pm: “Romanek Disclosure,” Stan Romanek
9:00 pm: Skywatch

Sunday, May 12, 2013

8:00 am: Morning meeting with abductees, facilitated by Yvonne Smith
9:00 am: “UFOs and Presidents,” Grant Cameron
10:00 am: “UFOs are as Real as Airplanes,” Hon. Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defence
11:00 am: “The Life of a Contactee,” Karyn Dolan
12:00 pm: Closing Ceremony

Friday, May 10, 2013

Morning (Time TBA): Optional Tour of Kennedy Space Center, NASA
6:00 pm: Sapphire Starlight Social
7:00 pm: Movie about the Betty & Barney Hill Case followed by Q&A with Kathleen Marden

Saturday, May 11, 2013

9:00 am: Opening Guided Meditation with Karen Gresham Nickell; Award Presentation to Yvonne Smith; Welcome by Race Hobbs and Royce Fitzgerald (Eyewitness Radio/Global Radio Alliance); MUFON Introduction
9:30 am: “Chosen? Hypnotherapy and Contact,” Yvonne Smith
10:30 am: “International UFO Updates,” Paola Harris
11:30 am: “Rendlesham Forest Incident,” Peter Robbins
12:00 pm: Panel Discussion “Is Seeing believing?”
2:00 pm: “Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience,” Kathleen Marden
3:15pm: “Commonalities Among Abduction Experiencers,” Denise Stoner
4:30 pm: “Romanek Disclosure,” Stan Romanek
9:00 pm: Skywatch

Sunday, May 12, 2013

8:00 am: Morning meeting with abductees, facilitated by Yvonne Smith
9:00 am: “UFOs and Presidents,” Grant Cameron
10:00 am: “UFOs are as Real as Airplanes,” Hon. Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defence
11:00 am: “The Life of a Contactee,” Karyn Dolan
12:00 pm: Closing Ceremony

We have a distinguished group of speakers lined up for the second annual StarworksUSA UFO Symposium. The event will be held at Chateau Elan Hotel & Conference Center, 150 Midway Drive, Sebring, FL 33870 from May 10-12, 2013.

Presentations * Panels * Community * Sharing

Symposium Registration

  • Early-bird Registration: $90 per person for registration received by April 1, 2013
  • Regular Registration: $125 per person for registration received after April 1, 2013
Symposium attendance is limited. Reserve your spot now using your credit card or PayPal account. Symposium tickets will be available at the door, if not sold out.
The price of Symposium Registration includes:
  • Entry to “Sapphire Starlight Social” cocktail party on Friday, May 10
  • Entry to Betty & Barney Hill movie followed by Q&A with Kathleen Marden on Friday, May 10
  • Entry to all speaker presentations and panels on Saturday, May 11 and Sunday, May 12
  • Entry to the Marketplace on Saturday, May 11 and Sunday, May 12
  • Skywatch on Saturday, May 11
All registrants are encouraged to visit the Kennedy Space Center, NASA on Friday, May 10 when the presenters will also be touring the Center. More information will be available soon. Please Note: Tickets should be purchased directly from the Kennedy Space Center; entry is not included in the price of Symposium registration.

Dinner with the Speakers

Purchase advance tickets to Saturday night’s “Dinner with the Speakers,” a dinner buffet to be held at the Chateau Elan Hotel & Conference Center restaurant. Dinner tickets limited to only 40 people. Include name(s) of each dinner guest with reservation. $30 includes full dinner buffet.

Register By Mail

To register by mail, print and mail the Registration Form with check, payable to StarworksUSA, to: StarworksUSA, PO Box 20124, Boulder, CO 80308-3124. For questions or more information: or 303-415-3900
Symposium Cancellation Policy: In the event of cancellation, Symposium registration fees will be refunded (less a $25 per person processing fee) if written notice is received by April 26, 2013 (5 PM, Mountain Time). Cancellations after April 26, 2013 (5 PM, Mountain Time) and “No Shows” are non-refundable.

Hotel Reservations

Visit our Lodging page for more information about recommended area hotels.

Davos 2013: World leaders to discuss aliens, super-humans, and immortals: Voice of Russia

Davos 2013: world leaders to discuss aliens, super-humans, and immortals: Voice of Russia

Davos 2013: world leaders to discuss aliens, super-humans, and immortals

Jan 25, 2013 15:01 Moscow Time

земля планета земля инопланетянин земля инопланетянин космос инопланетянин инопланетная жизнь 2011 май коллаж

© Colalge "The Voice of Russia"

This year, apart from the traditional economic concerns, the program of the World Economic Forum in Davos is scheduled to address a number of highly controversial issues which have been kept classified for decades. Called the 'X factors', these issues include the potential risks of medically induced enhancement of cognitive abilities, prolongation of human life, and discovery of extraterrestrial life.

After reading the Executive Summary of the WEF 2013 one is left with an impression that he has just read the scenario for the next 'X Files' episode. Runaway climate change, rogue deployment of geoengeneering, and digital wildfires are just a few issues that the readers of the Executive Summary can find not only unconventional but also futuristic. Nonetheless, all of these themes are due to be discussed under the rubric of the 'X Factors'
Developed in partnership with the editors of Nature, a leading science journal, the 'X Factors' category looks well beyond the landscape of 50 traditional global risks and identifies the most significant game-changers of the next decade. Apart from the already mentioned runaway climate change, digital wildfires, and rogue geoengeneering, which seem to be at least minimally realistic, the list of 'X Factors' also includes the possible implications of people living longer, getting smarter, and meeting extra-terrestrial 'Others'. While some remain highly skeptical regarding these issues, the editors of Nature together with the WED team seem to be convinced that in the very near future these risks will not only become very real, but will also profoundly challenge the existing social and scientific paradigms. 
In WEF team's opinion, super-human abilities are no longer the preserve of science fiction. Instead, the time of human prodigies is fast approaching the horizon of plausibility. At the time when researchers all over the world are working hard to develop the medical cure to such mental illnesses as Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia, it is conceivable that in the not too distant future scientists will identify compounds that will be more effective than existing cognitive pharmaceutical enhancers such as Ritalin and modafinil. While these new compounds will be prescribed only for treatment of severe neurological diseases, it is highly likely that they will also be used off-label by healthy people seeking for an edge in their every-day endeavors. effective new compounds which appear to enhance intelligence or cognition are sure to be used off-label by healthy people looking for an edge at work or school. 
Interestingly, WEF experts believe that significant enhancement of cognitive abilities can be attained through hardware as well as drugs. Laboratory studies indicate that direct electrical stimulation through the implanted electrodes can significantly improve memory. Unlike drugs, such cognitive enhancement therapy is less easily available and is thus less likely to be adopted by healthy people. Nonetheless, the scientists suggest that within 10 years time intra-brain devices and sensors will open a new realm of enhanced neurobiology for those who can afford it. In this context, the scientists wonder whether it can be ethically acceptable for the world to be divided into the cognitively-enhanced and unenhanced. Will the humanity accept the idea that significant cognitive enhancement should be available to purchase on the open market or will there be a push for legislation to maintain a more level playing field? 
The other question that the experts are asking is what happens if cognitive enhancement program goes awry or if it falls in the wrong hands. Cognitive enhancement drugs and devices have a very wide-ranging effects on various systems of human body since they work by targeting neurotransmitter systems. In this respect, WEF scientists argue that "there is a significant possibility of (un)intended effects on other systems – for example, drugs to enhance learning may lead to a greater willingness to take risks; drugs to enhance working memory may lead to increased impulsive behaviour". Indeed, recent research into the field already suggests that, in addition to improving long term memory, it is possible to use TMS to manipulate or even suspend a person’s moral judgement of right versus wrong. The technology can also be used to “erase” memory and deliberately cause permanent brain damage. In this sense, it is not difficult to see how new cognitive enhancement drugs and technologies can open up a space for their misuse by criminal organizations and terrorist networks. 
Another issue that the WEF experts decided to present for discussion this year is the implications of longer life-span among humans. The WEF team suggests that while "medical advances are prolonging life, long-term palliative care is expensive. Covering the costs associated with old age could be a struggle". Indeed, according to official statistics people all over the globe now live up to 35 percent longer than hundred years ago and more funds are needed to provide adequate care for the millions of elderly. However, the problem of funding is not the only concern which is related to longer life-span. The risk of over-populating the planet is yet another issue which the world will soon face.
In this respect, most radical commentators were quick to suggest that the only solution to the problem of longer living humans is euthanasia. The proponents of this view contend that with medical advancements even the weakest and the sickest people will survive and live to their late 90s and possible 100s, which will not only lead to a significant increase in global population, but will also negate the fundamental law of the survival of the fittest. In this context, some suggest that euthanasia might be the only way out from the vicious circle of artificially healthy individuals living unnaturally long lives. 
The last and probably the most controversial X Factor that will be discussed during the Davos Forum is the possible discovery of extraterrestrial life. While it is the first time that the Forum addresses the aliens, the issue has recently become a frequent theme of discussion among the world leading politicians and military officials. In December 2012, Russian Prime Minster Dmitry Medvedev mused on topic of aliens after completing an on-camera interview with international reporters in Moscow. Back then, Mr Medvedev jokingly claimed that "I will not tell you how many of them [aliens] are among us because it may cause panic". It turns out, however, that Mr Medvedev's concern with the aliens did not end last December. A shocking Davos Forum agenda aims to bring the topic of aliens beyond the realm of jokes. 
WEF experts contend that "given the pace of space exploration, it is increasingly conceivable that we may discover the existence of alien life or other planets that could support human life. In 10 years’ time we may have evidence not only that Earth is not unique but also that life exists elsewhere in the universe." In this context, WEF team urges the global elite to prepare themselves and their nations for such discovery. The scientists suggest that new funding and new brain power will be needed to overcome the challenges that the humanity will face as a result of its encounter with an extra-terrestrial civilization. The world might even need to create artificial-intelligence emissaries to survive an inter-stellar crossing. The discovery of an Earth 2.0 or life beyond our planet might also inspire new generations of space entrepreneurs to meet the challenge of taking human exploration of the galaxy from the realm of fiction to fact. 
At the same time, WEF experts do not believe that the discovery of alien life will change the fabric of human society in the short-run. While the discovery would certainly be one of the biggest news stories of the year and interest would be intense, it would not change the world immediately. Over the long run, however, the psychological and philosophical implications of the discovery could be profound. In the opinion of WEF scientists, "the discovery of even simple life would fuel speculation about the existence of other intelligent beings and challenge many assumptions that underpin human philosophy and religion."
All in all, it seems that humanity is heading to exciting times, and Davos may be the first trigger that will unleash a series of most extraordinary worldwide revel worldwide revelations.

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January 2013 The Romanek’s Newsletter

The Romanek’s Newsletter

January 2013

You have to check this out as well...great books!

Thank you for allowing us to use this cartoon!

Though we haven’t been available much lately…We are back and in full swing of things. We would like to apologize for the absence of the Newsletter over the past few months. For those of you who follow us on Facebook and Twitter, as well as those of you who got the last Newsletter…you know that I have been dealing with a few health issues.  I am fine, so don’t worry.  Thank you all for the positive energy, get well wishes and prayers. We just needed a little down time to decompress, relax and enjoy family and friends during the Holiday season which for us… apparently began in October.

 As we mentioned in the last newsletter, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter. If anything news worthy happens we share it there as things happen. We are excited to announce that all of our books are finally available on NOOK and available in Barnes and Noble Book Stores!

Before we get into past events that you may not be aware of, we want to tell you about the exciting upcoming events that we will be attending in the next few months.

Lisa and I will be at the (IUFOC) 22nd Annual International UFO Congress February 27th to March 3rd 2013. We are not speakers this year, but we will be in the Vendor’s room every day signing books. We can’t wait to see all of our old and new friends. Stop in say hello and visit awhile! To register or for more details go to:

In May I will be speaking with an incredible line-up of speakers at the 2013 StarworksUSA UFO Symposium. For registration and details go to: Space is limited, so register today!


October 8, 2012

Lisa and my stepdaughter April witnessed a UFO.  Lisa shared this on her Facebook page. We were facing east, in Northern Colorado and the object was not above us, but we were looking East at it. I should have taken a pic of where we were, in relation to the ground. I will try to get back there today and take a pic. At least I know my directions, but lat. long, and distance from ground and or angle are not my strong areas of observation. I had to zoom the cell phone camera, and point in the direction and hope I got a pic of it, and I did. It isn't easy to do, but there was a light post in the parking lot, so I followed it up into the sky, gauged where I could see it, and took about 8 shots. I would relocate it, point and snap again. It was bright white against the clouds, so it was easy to follow. I was watching the object...and a balloon that was that high up and still watchable would have to be one HUGE balloon. It would remain stationary for a long time, go backwards, go up, go down, and go forward. 5 minutes is a long time to watch the same object. I have had enough experience to know that most sightings last less than a minute, and seem to take much longer. I am not a novice UFO spotter, however 12 years of seeing these objects, doesn't make me an expert either. I know what it wasn't, but it was not a bird, a plane, helicopter, a balloon...or a bug!

Our friend Mark Johnson alerted us to a false Facebook account that had been created under the name, Stan Romanek. The creator had used pictures of me, created false book covers and went to a lot of work putting it together with the sole purpose of misleading innocent people who simply wanted answers, disinformation, creating fear and simply destroying my credibility. We are really sorry if any one was hurt or confused by this occurrence! It was removed and reported. Thanks Mark for the heads up! If you come across any other fraudulent accounts, please let us know. Also many people can’t find my account; here is the link to that


Documentary Update: Why we’re telling the story we’re telling and why we’re seeking the largest audience possible.
First and foremost, we’d like to thank everyone who has been following us on this journey for their support and, most importantly, their patience. This has been a long road for us — three and a half years — and an even longer one for Stan and his family.
I also appreciate all the comments asking for updates on the latest and greatest, for those who have shared their stories and even for those who are pissed off because we’re not further along! As I mentioned in a recent comment response, we have been working diligently in aligning all the pieces in order for the film to be received in the most positive way possible.

 For the full story go to:

Written on December 6, 2012 by Jon Sumple

 extraordinary: The Stan Romanek story Doc. Trailer



For those of you that were concerned about the 12/21/2012 End of the World-Mayan Calendar thing, I just want to say, WE made it! For those of you, who were willing not to dig a bunker, spread words of fear or even hide in fear…“I told you so!”  I do not say that in the sense that I was right and you were wrong… or to be a jerk, but instead to applaud YOU ALL for the positive efforts that you made.  Your choices changed the course of possible doom that had been laid out for all of us. Through global consciousness OUR working together changed fear to hope and WE created the outcome, we all made a difference!

Lisa posted this message December 20, 2012 on her Blog as well as on our social media sites. Lisa’s Blog address is :

In this time of uncertainty as we approach the supposed Doomsday,  End of Days, The End of the Mayan Calendar, the End of the end of 2012.  We wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Holidays, Kwanza, or Winter Solstice, etc.
We do not believe in all of this dark days stuff. We have looked at it, listened to it, read about it, just as many of you have... and we have decided it does not fit. It does not resonate in my heart that anything will end, except the darkness.

Though I can't tell you not to prepare (food, water, heat sources...) for what MAY HAPPEN, I ask that you remember that this is a time of Celebration, of Joy and above all LOVE.  I want to remind you, this is a time of NEW BEGINNINGS.
Stan and I send prayers and love to the world, especially to the innocent victims and their families of the many shootings that have transpired since July 20th, 2012.
I hope it will bring a bit of peace into your individual lives, to a world wracked with sorrow and pain, and return each of us to a place of thankfulness, joy, love, hope and celebration of change.
As I write this, I too am uncertain of what tomorrow will bring. That is what is so wonderful about being human.  But I know this, my first grandson is yet to be born and I plan to celebrate his birth, as I have celebrated his conception...with Joy and Excitement of knowing I will watch him grow up.  I celebrate that I have three amazing children, and a son-in-law, I celebrate that I have a husband who loves me, a home to snuggle in a blanket and watch Holiday movies all day tomorrow 12-21-2012, as well as friends and family who love and support me in all that I do, and all that I am.  I am thankful for each and every one of my on-line friends as well.
Celebrate and be happy, for tomorrow is 'just another day' that we have to get through, before we can open presents!!! :)
Be well, Be Blessed, and Be LOVE!



Bless Lisa for her positive messages. We survived as we knew we would.

By the way below is a link for a great documentary on what the Mayan say happening, please watch it and share it. The Shift of the Ages is a dramatic documentary film that reveals the story of the Mayan culture and its sophisticated prophecies of time, as told for the first time by the Grand Elder of the Mayan people, Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj. Commissioned on behalf of the Maya nation, the Shift of the Ages is the first official discourse to the world from the Mayan Council of Elders, intended to dispel misconceptions and replace them with the positive story about this incredible period of time for humanity. Known as “Wandering Wolf,” Don Alejandro is the elected Grand Elder of the living Maya, former Ambassador in the Guatemalan Government, and mystical Aj Q’ji, or timekeeper of tradition.

We enjoyed Christmas, and New Year without giving the negative any thought at all.  We hope you all enjoyed the Holidays as well. 

For us New Year was extra special!! On January 2nd  2013 Lisa and I became the proud Grandparents of our first Grandchild, a beautiful 8 pound 14 ounce little boy named Travis David. 


Lisa, has quit smoking!!! Two weeks and going strong! I am very proud of her for this decision. She said, “I just became a Grandmother, a Nana, to this amazing little boy.  That made me stop and think about getting old, dying young and about what is really important. Family!!! I love my children, my husband and now… my grandson and the rest of my family and want to be with them for as long as I can be.”

Also if you haven’t already noticed I have a new website! I worked really hard to build it and hope it is easier to navigate and more informative than the old one. Also there is some new content so please make sure to go check it out ** **   

Lisa and I are on a Journey as are many of you.  Over the past 12 years we have experienced so many incredible yet terrifying events. For many of those years we were very focused on ourselves. We were angry that these wacky things were happening, frustrated that we had ‘zero’ control over our own lives. All of that has changed. We stopped worrying about ourselves, and decided to make our experiences into a positive message for those of humanity who were also having these experiences that had no one to confide in, those who were even more terrified than we had been. It has become our life purpose to eliminate the seeds of fear before they can take root. Our mission is to make a difference by simply sharing our story. By extending a friendly hand and saying, “Hello friend, you are not alone. You are not crazy! And you are not imagining things!” 

We are not teachers, yet we educate. We are not counselors, yet we listen and give guidance. We are not preachers, yet we share our message.  Our purpose is to give comfort, guidance, hope and love to those who are seeking their own truth.  It is a simple concept that we share and once you realize that humans are truly not alone in this vast universe your perceptions change. When that happens, things open up for you and you then realize that there is more out there then we could ever imagine. 

Our journey has become a spiritual journey. It is about discovery and truth.  It seems as if someone or something has played a role in manipulating our evolution, physically and spiritually.

Lisa and I believe in a higher power. God, the creator has many names. This great being beyond our understanding can be found in every religion, in every culture in every country on this planet. The difference is found only in the name, the level of compassion, as well as the title of the writings.

I look at things differently now. That being said, we are constantly searching for understanding, trying to find answers. Our search for understanding led us to start working with a shamanic teacher named Matt. We were very excited to begin our exploration and reconnection to the native and even ancient cultures and their religious practices. Part of my heritage is Cree and Lisa’s is Apache, both having full blooded Native American grandmothers and great grandmothers. 

We invited Matt to come to our house for the weekend to start our training. It has become important for us to educate and yes, ‘warn’ those who come into our lives that once you get involved with us, Lisa and I, strange things start to happen. We ‘warn them” ahead of time so that they know that they have the ‘choice’ to participate or not, to be a witness and at times an active participant of some paranormal/extraterrestrial events. Most people respond as Matt did. “Nothing scares me, I can handle it.”   He laughed it off and accepted our invitation. 

His teachings were extremely informative, as well as exhausting.  It seems he was also to be a student for the weekend. I will let him share his experiences with you. Below is his witness report!

I have known Lisa and Stan since last year; we had a chance meeting at a conference in Colorado and soon became friends. My work with them has been minimal, but my experiences quite amazing. I was up at their house in December when I was actually able to see and meet with these extra-terrestrial/inter-dimensional beings.

             My first experience was being moved off the bed and rotated 180 degrees, laid on the floor with a pillow under my head, and my iPad having been played with. This was strange to me as I never fall off the bed, and everything had been moved as if lovingly placed.

            The next incident would be the being that looked like a 3 foot tall grey humanoid, that appeared to be a miniature Paul outside the window. I was extremely excited by this, and while Lisa was laughing at me I pointed out the window shouting, "Do you see that?! Do you see that?!" I was looking away and back again to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me, and after about 30 seconds the being stepped back and the ambient light from the house returned to the reflection on the window backed by the blackness of night. Following were flashes of light, some Stan saw and some only I witnessed. They were either as a small spotlight on the wall, or a bright illumination of the entire room.

            When everyone else went to bed I went to the guest bedroom and was confronted by two beings that appeared as thick, sparkling, and brilliant energy; much different than that of a ghost/spirit. The beings seemed to stay with me, studying me. One of the beings even held my hand. I sensed that they were of good nature and could be trusted.

            The next day I explained to Stan and Lisa my experience and they were not shocked at all, only amused at my excitement over the whole event. There is no doubt in my mind the legitimacy of Stan's experiences, as I am still continuing to have my own after that encounter. It was much different than anything I had ever dealt with before, and believe me I am well paranormally traveled and experienced. Nonetheless I had a visitation; met with, and communed with inter-dimensional/extra-terrestrial beings and I will never ever forget.

I have asked Stan to keep my name anonymous as to the amazing nature of my story, but the event is true. Skeptics may question this account, all I have to say is: "You haven't had the pleasure of spending time in Stan's world, I have! I was there, I had this experience.

Thank you Matt for sharing your story, in your own words!

I hope we caught everyone up on the past couple of month’s happenings. Again we would like to apologize for the delays with getting the Newsletter out, as well as thank you for the kindness, patience and understanding of these delays and of my health issues that are ongoing. 

See you in February at the IUFOC in Phoenix, Az.  As well as the StarworksUSA Symposium in May in Sebring, Florida.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Be well and be blessed.

Stan and Lisa


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