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A gathering of anomalous science researchers is planned for 2013 in Edinburgh

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How to Find Extraterrestrial Life

How to Find Extraterrestrial Life

Seth Shostak

Posted: 07/05/2012 9:02 am

It's largely a technical achievement, but it augurs well for the chances of finding life trillions of miles from Earth.
A team of mostly Dutch astronomers have used the Very Large Telescope -- situated atop a barren ridge in the Chilean Andes -- to examine a planet hugging the star Tau Bootis, 51 light-years away. The planet is hellishly hot and impressively hefty; it packs the mass of a half-dozen Jupiters. But the truly interesting thing is that the VLT was able to detect this world's elusive infrared glow. Applying a bit of spectral analysis, the team uncovered carbon monoxide in its atmosphere.
Now carbon monoxide, familiar to many as a noxious tail pipe emission, is just another of the simple molecules that are as common as clover in the cosmos. No biggie. But could this same technique be used to find biologically relevant gases, such as ozone (a form of oxygen) or methane? If so, it would be a method for discovering life from afar.
Frankly, today's telescopes would have a hard time pulling this off. But new, outsized instruments sporting mirror diameters of 100 feet or more are in the offing. They're complex and they're costly, but they're also game changers, and could offer a life-detection scheme as promising as sending people or probes to Mars.
Which brings me back to the summer of 2006, when I was preparing a talk about the search for extraterrestrial life for a group near San Francisco. The newspapers were thick with stories relevant to biology beyond Earth: ice on Mars, discovery of a few more planets, etc. If you paid attention to it all, you'd be swamped. But it struck me that by stepping back from this daily dose of astronomical revelation, it was clear that all these stories neatly fell into three categories -- three approaches to determining if there's anything alive out there.
In other words, there's a three-way horse race to discover extraterrestrial life. For your consideration and contemplation, I list this trio of trotters below:
1. Discover life nearby. This is horse number one, and where you'll find the big effort and the big money. National space agencies back this nag by sending probes that might eventually ferret out microbes in the dark aquifers beneath Mars' sterile landscape, or in the hidden oceans of such moons as Europa, Callisto, Ganymede, Titan or Enceladus.
This is the search for life in our solar system, a holy grail ever since Galileo first swung a telescope towards the moon. But so far, no joy. Despite tantalizing suggestions of fossilized microbes in meteorites, puzzling and possibly biogenic methane gas in the martian atmosphere, and a long-standing controversy over the Viking lander experiments of nearly 40 years ago, there's still no Exhibit A that points unequivocally to biology in our own back yard.
Nonetheless, the search goes on, becoming ever more extensive and more sophisticated. It's like Prince Henry the Navigator, sending ship after ship into the South Atlantic, hoping to find a route to the East. He eventually succeeded, and maybe we will too.
2. Sniff it out. Horse number two is the strategy described at the start of this article. A decade ago, NASA had plans to build a space-based, infrared telescope called the Terrestrial Planet Finder. It could both image exoplanets as well as do the sort of spectral analysis that might detect atmospheric gases caused by biology. Alas, the TPF is presently in a state of "indefinite hold," which many researchers think is a euphemism for rigor mortis.
But the idea is good, and either something like the TPF will eventually fly, or the humongous telescopes currently on the drawing boards will use their cyclopean mirrors to search out life around other stars by sensing its exhaust gases.
3. Eavesdrop on ET. Otherwise known as SETI, this third horse is an effort to detect radio signals or laser flashes from technically savvy extraterrestrials. The down side? Life able to build transmitters or lasers is surely less widespread than the type of single-celled organisms that might be discovered by schemes 1 and 2. So SETI will have to search farther and wider to win this race. The up side? It could, in principle, succeed tomorrow.
Of course, some folks consider SETI a long shot. But it offers a big payoff if it noses across the finish line first: Namely, life (or at least intelligence) that could have something interesting to say.
So what are the chances that any of these horses will make it into the stretch?
That's a big guess of course, and not much more than a guess. But unless you think that life is highly improbable -- that in a galaxy filled with planets and the basic molecules of biology, life only seldom appears -- then it's hard to believe that all three of these horses will scratch.
As to who's favored to prance into the winner's circle, my opinion is that, a priori, each of the contenders boasts roughly equal odds. In the next two decades, we'll see yet more robotic explorers on Mars, and possibly even on the more seductive satellites of the outer solar system. That's good news for horse one. But within the same time frame, large telescopes and possibly a cousin to the Terrestrial Planet Finder will be analyzing the light from planets around nearby stars. And SETI experiments -- assuming that continued funding can be found -- will increase the number of stellar systems examined by a factor of a thousand.
So the next time you check out the myriad science stories here and elsewhere that pertain to the matter of life beyond Earth, consider this simple way to categorize their relevance. The field is small, the contenders well-matched, and the horses are out of the gate.

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UFOs sweep the skies: Orbs spotted worldwide (VIDEO)

On June 30th, at approximately  10:30 pm Stan and I were in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for "The RomanekDisclosure Event"  Shortly after I had finished my lecture, we were alerted by our friends that had organized the conference and who  we were staying with that strange noises were coming from inside of one of our friends's apartments. We all ran to our cars and rushed to the apartments. Within just a few short minutes, an object much like the one in the video below appeared. As we watched it, we at first dismissed it as a plane. Needing to get some dinner, before traveling to the night-watch/sky-watch gathering location, we again got in our cars, and started to leave the apartments,for a nearby restaurant, only to see the same object had returned , or perhaps it hadn't left at all. Many people across Fort Lauderdale, witnessed this craft, and it was quickly being reported on the local Fox 13 news station. The clip, of that news report has been removed, and the station can't explain how...or why! 

Fast flying orbs of light have been spotted in the US and Europe almost simultaneously. While many suggest they were the same UFOs, the question remains: how they could travel so fast?
First the phenomenon was spotted over Salt Lake City, Utah, about a week ago. Then it was also seen in Poland, Greece and Slovakia, some 9,000 kilometers away.
Footage uploaded by many who witnessed the UFOs reveals that they appeared almost simultaneously.
The trajectory of the mysterious orbs was nothing like that of any man-made flying object. The orbs were of red and orange color and were moving very fast, witnesses say.
Many witnesses noted heavy rains in the regions where the orbs appeared.

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URGENT.. Cosmic Exploration: Science, UFOs and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Alejandro Rojas,  Needs Our Help Getting Video Funding for this Cosmic Exploration Conference (CEC)


I am holding a conference on the mysteries of space titled Cosmic Exploration: Science, UFOs and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life. The conference is already happening, but what I need help with is video taping these amazing lectures. I want to record them so they can be shared on YouTube, and also offer them on DVD, but I need help raising the money for the video equipment. That is where you come in. For making a pledge you will get either DVDs - which won't have adds on them or need to be streamed over the internet like the YouTube videos - or you can pledge at a higher level and actually join us at the conference. We would love to see you there!

Please visit the link site below, and make a pledge, be a backer, and lets help make this happen !  

Date: October 5 – 7, 2012
Location: Tropicana, Las Vegas, NV
Confirmed Speakers:
Wilfried De Brouwer: Major General Belgian Air Force, Ret. 
Dr. Jeffrey Bennett: Astronomer, Teacher, & Writer 
Dr. Ron Westrum: Professor Emeritus of Sociology
Dr. Ted Peters: Professor of Systematic Theology 
Ben McGee: Geoscientist, Aerospace Consultant, Resident Scientist on National Geographic’s Chasing UFOs
George Knapp: Investigative Journalist 
Leslie Kean: Investigative Journalist/New York Times Best-Selling Author 
Dr. Albert Harrison: Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Dr. John Alexander: Retired Army Colonel, Author

Lee Speigel: Huffington Post Staff Writer

Visit the conference website at:
    Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    Part II: Was US Spy Drone Captured by Iranian Flying Saucer?

    Part II: Was US Spy Drone Captured by Iranian Flying Saucer?

    Sterling Allan, the founder of PESN, had the opportunity to conduct an hour and a half long interview with Mehran Keshe, the individual who claims to have given Iran the advanced space technology that enabled them to capture a US spy drone.
    Stream |
    90 min
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    Interview > Listen
    On December 14, Sterling Allan conducted an interview with M.T. Keshe as part of theFree Energy Now series.
    The US spy drone captured by the Iranians.
    Credit: AFP

    by Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan
    Pure Energy Systems News

    Mehran Keshe of the Keshe Foundation claims that the advanced space technology he gave the Iranian military a few years ago, was used to capture the Sentinel spy drone. He claims saucer craft were able to pick the drone out of the sky with force fields, and bring it down from its 20,000 foot cruising altitude to the ground in tact. We reviewed his claims in part one of this article, titled, "Was US Spy Drone Captured by Iranian Flying Saucer." 
    Now, Sterling Allan, the founder of PESN, has conducted an hour and a half long interview with Keshe. The interview spans a wide array of topics, covering everything from Iranian saucer technology, free energy technology, and even global politics.
    As the interview began, Keshe reiterated his claim that the Iranian military used advanced space technology (far beyond anything NASA may have) to capture the Sentinel spy drone. He claims the proof of this is that the drone was barely damaged in the photos released by the Iranian military. According to him, if the drone had been shot down or simply hacked into, it would have crashed and been destroyed.
    The guidance technology on that drone is the most sophisticated navigation technology on the planet, at least among the non-black-budget projects. Interception required jamming the guidance signal that would trigger it to self-destruct in the case of hacking or other interference.
    Allegedly, the technology used by the Iranian military to build their saucer fleet was given to them by the Keshe Foundation. The technology does not only offer an advanced means of propulsion, but also inertial damping, tractor beams, force fields, and the ability to jam radar. He states that although the Iranian military was the first to acquire the technology, he has also given the technology to the Belgian government, along with another undisclosed nation. He claims that Canada stole some of his technology when they seized all his papers and materials when he was on a trip through Toronto.
    When it comes to the potential use of the technology for warfare, Keshe stated that he wants all nations to acquire the technology. He claims if all nations have the technology, then no nation will have an advantage over others who do not; and its primary advantage is defensive, not offensive.
    A variation of the same technology that is said to allow for advanced propulsion is also asserted to allow for the clean production of electricity. Keshe is taking deposits for both 3-4 kilowatt power generators that require a 500 Euro deposit, and 10 kilowatt power generators that require a 2,000 Euro deposit. The full price of the 3-4 kilowatt system is five thousand Euro, and the full price of the 10 kilowatt system is twenty thousand Euro. However, he stated the prices for both systems are about to go up, due to high demand. During the interview he explained how these systems are far more economical and advantageous than solar powered systems. They run twenty four hours a day, unlike solar panels that only operate in the day time, and they are cheaper than solar power systems. They also are claimed to only require refueling once every thirty to fifty years. These systems are also sealed to prevent anyone from opening them up and seeing how they work.
    Keshe claims they started manufacturing the first ten thousand units six months ago. The first units should start shipping to customers in about six months. He mentioned that if the units are not shipped within 12 months the deposits will be returned. He described how the deposits are sitting in a secure bank account, completely untouched. A story was told about how once someone complained about how the deposits were being managed. Keshe said that two governments examined the bank account the deposits were held in, and determined everything was in order.
    In the near future, after the ten thousand units are delivered, the profits generated will be used to open a university where students will learn about the technology. They had approached established universities requesting access to their facilities, but their requests were denied. 
    A long conversation began about the concept of free energy, and the implications in regards to government revenue. Keshe made it clear that he did not want to disrupt the status-quo, and was cooperating with governments to make sure they would be able to tax the energy produced by his systems, or the systems themselves. It seems he thinks taxes on fuel and energy are the main source of revenue for many nations, and there are no alternatives. Sterling Allan brought up the idea of reducing the size of government so such taxes would not be needed. Keshe still insisted taxes would be needed.
    Repeatedly, he stated that people have the wrong idea about free energy, because they will not be able to use it without paying taxes on it. If people did not pay taxes on free energy, kids would not be educated, the old would not be looked after, infrastructure would deteriorate, etc... My opinion is that free energy technology will stimulate the economy so much that no such taxes will be needed, because the tax revenue from other sources will increase. For example, if more people get jobs due to new factories being built to manufacture millions of free energy devices, then they will actually be earning money so they will have to pay more to the income tax. In addition, they will be buying more goods so they will be paying more sales tax. They will be paying other taxes as well. Right now, one reason why so many nations are bankrupt is because their people are bankrupt. When people are broke and out of work, they are not paying taxes. If free energy technology can put people to work, then governments will be able to generate revenue without creating any new taxes.
    According to Keshe, he has been given one or two lectures a week for many months. Most of these lectures have been held in Europe. He claims to have demonstrated multiple technologies in a recent lecture in Belgium, but he required that everyone put their cameras and cell phones in black bags, to prevent any pictures from being taken. In 2012 there will be many more such lectures. The lectures will also have different topics. Some of them will be about the energy producing aspects of the technology, others will be about the medical applications, and others will be about the space travel aspect of the technology. Many of these lectures will be held at the Keshe Foundation facilities that have a room that can host 130 people.
    Keshe sees his technology as benefiting space travel more than anything else. It allegedly solves all the problems relating to space flight. 
    Here is a short list of what it is capable of accomplishing, according to him.
    • Extremely fast speeds that would allow for rapid travel through the solar system and beyond. A round trip to Mars, with a stop at the moon, would take a few days.
    • Deflector fields that can destroy tiny particles that could impact and destroy a vehicle traveling at high speed.
    • Friction removal, so there is no effect from environmental friction as the vehicle travels through the atmosphere.
    • Inertial damping so that the occupants of a craft would not feel accelerations.
    • Force fields that can block space radiation.
    • Artificial gravity so that the occupants would be able to live and work just like they do on Earth, without having to worry about the effect of weightlessness on their body.
    • Invisibility or cloaking technology.
    • Replicators or the ability to turn energy into food and water
    • Healing technology to address injuries or sickness that might arise.
    Over the last year he has also gained new supporters, and describes the Keshe Foundation as being "cash rich." He claims they do not need partners to help manufacture products. They have the money and facilities they need. If a serious company wants to distribute products, they can come to them and put in an order. When the products are ready they will be notified, and they can pick them up. 
    When Sterling asked who should a potential interested party contact to get confirmation the technology works, Keshe stated that they show everything to serious parties. If a company is interested in the technology, they should go directly to the foundation. They would provide them with the information they need. However, they ignore the "lunatics" that are not serious, and do not really want to help them. 
    Other technologies the Keshe Foundation is working on were also talked about. They have medical technologies that are claimed to allow paralyzed individuals to re-gain their ability to walk. Some time ago they offered to use the technology to help congresswoman Giffords, who was shot in the head. Also, they claim to have a technology that can create water and food anywhere -- on Earth or in space. For space travel, it is claimed the technology transforms the gaseous carbon that is emitted from breathing into solid carbon, that can "have some things added to it", and can be consumed as food. This product is claimed to be in human trials.
    Keshe announced during the interview that a deal had been made to commercialize devices using his technology that somehow produces water by extracting it from the humidity in the air. Instead of using condensation methods, the technology uses magnetic fields. The resulting water is said to be completely pure. This would be potentially a better solution than obtaining water from condensation systems, because pollution from the atmosphere can contaminate the water they produce. Keshe's method allegedly attracts only the water molecules from the surrounding, and nothing else.
    The subject of Iran's image around the world was also discussed. Keshe repeatedly claimed that Iran is a peaceful nation. He claims that Iran will never use the saucer technology to attack other nations. However, he did say that if the United States or another nation sent a missile to hit Iran, that they have the technology to send it back at whoever sent it, or to deflect it out to space, because nuclear explosions anywhere on earth impact the entire planet, as illustrated by the Chernoble and Fukushima disasters. 
    During the call he also thanked Iran and Belgium for supporting his research.
    When the topic of UFOs was brought up, Keshe made it clear he does not think extraterrestrials are visiting our planet. He thinks that there is life elsewhere in the universe, but ETs are not flying in our skies. Despite the fact that nations like the United States have black budget programs working on advanced, top secret aircraft, he does not think that there is any space technology in the world that can compete with his. 
    It is difficult to determine the truth about these claims. I see three possibilities.
    1. Keshe is the most important scientist in the history of mankind, and is about to push humanity into an amazing new era of almost "too good to be true" technology.
    2. Keshe has a theory and is working on a product, but is exaggerating about what has been accomplished with the technology. 
    3. Keshe is delusional and needs mental help.
    I think that all three of the above have about an equal probability of being true. 
    Regardless if he is a hero or an insane madman, his story is interesting. I'm really hoping he is telling the truth, and his claims are accurate. If they are, the future is about to become very exciting!


    Was US Spy Drone Captured by Iranian Flying Saucer

    Part I: Was US Spy Drone Captured by Iranian Flying Saucer?
    Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, an Iranian scientist and engineer, claims that an Iranian flying saucer technology he developed was used to capture the Sentinel drone about which the mainstream media has been reporting. Does Iran have a space program more advanced than NASA's?

    The US spy drone captured by the Iranians.
    Credit: AFP

    by Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan
    Pure Energy Systems News

    Of all the inventors making bold claims on the internet, Iranian nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe is perhaps the most enigmatic, and the most interesting. By allegedly harnessing a fusion reaction that manipulates dark matter, regular matter, and antimatter, he claims to have developed technologies that rival those in science fiction. As we reported last April, Keshe claims that years ago he gave the Iranian military his technology in order for them to produce flying saucers; and the alleged Iranian flying saucer that had popped up in the news last March was a result of that. He had offered it to NASA, but they poopooed it.
    If his statements are true, these craft can do more than just manipulate gravity for propulsion. They can also produce force fields, emit tractor beams, generate unlimited amounts of clean energy, and have inertial damping systems that allow occupants to avoid feeling accelerations.
    Keshe is now claiming in a post made to his forum on December 13, that this technology was used by Iran to capture the unmanned Sentinel spy drone that the US military had sent over. He states that the drone was snatched out of the air with force fields, and then placed on the ground, without significant damage (as seen in the photo), to be retrieved. This is very different than Iran's official story that claims the drone was captured with a "cyber attack" or hacking. If Keshe's claim is true, then the "official" story from Iran is a spin. According to the mainstream media, the method by which the drone was captured is a mystery. [Link]
    As he continues in his post, Keshe talks about how the Iranian saucer program is more advanced than NASA's space program. He describes it as being "light years" ahead of NASA. However, he makes it clear the technology is not going to be used for aggressive purposes by the Iranian military, but only for peaceful purposes. He describes Iran as a peace-loving nation, which may or may not be accurate.
    In the same post, he invites the United States and other nations of the world to negotiate with the Keshe Foundation for full disclosure and use of the technology. It seems that he is serious about wanting the technology to be used for the good of the planet, and not to give one nation's military an advantage over all others. Here is an excerpt.

    There is no hacking, but the use of advanced space technology.
    In the past, in this forum, and in my presentations around Europe, and in my international interviews in the past months, I have explained again and again that the Keshe Foundation and Iranian spaceship program has the capability of radar blockage and capture of material in airborne condition.
    The Islamic republic of Iran has the capability of capture and landing of any flying object irrespective of their size and speed as seen with capture of one of the most advanced flying crafts in these above videos and the request of so called the most advanced nation on earth for its toy back.
    In this case, there has been no malfunctioning of the craft, but this has been a simple capture and landing of an object at high speed through advanced space programs.

    What he may or may not realize, is that the black-budget, military-industrial-complex based in the United States has been testing advanced air and space craft for decades. Some of these very secret craft are probably using technology reverse-engineered from the extraterrestrial space craft that crashed near Roswell, NM in 1947. After fifty or so years of working with ET technology, the military-industrial-complex more than likely has craft that rival those in Iran's nascent saucer program. The difference is that Keshe offers his technology to mankind, while the military-industrial-complex sequesters their advanced technology for their own nefarious purposes. According to Keshe, Iran just happens to be the first to embrace his technology.
    It is difficult to know if Keshe is telling the truth, if he is exaggerating, or if he is delusional. He has made so many extremely amazing claims, it is hard to believe all of them can be true. If they are *all* true, then he has developed every technology needed for humanity to colonize the galaxy. Simply put, we would not need to wait hundreds of years to build the Starship Enterprise, we could build it right now! 
    For a review of his technology, see our feature page:  
    Keshe seems to be starting to provide some limited amount of evidence to back up his assertions. He claims that there was a demonstration during a one and a half hour lecture in Belgium on December 3, 2011, that was organized by the Belford Group of Belgium. According to him, 130 people attended the demonstration. During the event, he asserts a video recording of a laboratory system was shown, that had weight reducing abilities. Afterwards, the actual weight reducing system was demonstrated to the audience. In addition, a 3-4 kilowatt generator was presented, along with an "Oasis" system. You can read the post that describes the lecture, here
    An article  found on the "" website discusses a lecture he gave in the Netherlands, in November of this year. The author of the article describes how during the lecture he showed a video of a three kilowatt generator, but then claimed he could not demonstrate it there, because the police had stolen it from him.
    Repeatedly, Keshe claims to be the victim of suppression by various governments and organizations. For example, in Toronto he had all of his papers stolen by Canadian government officials. If his technology works as he claims, I think suppression of his technology is very likely, because it could change the world if widely adopted.
    If Keshe's claims have any veracity, this is one of the most amazing developments taking place on the planet.
    Stay tuned for Part II, a report on a 1.5-hour interview Sterling had with Keshe today.
    Update December 15, 2011, 9:00 am MST.
    We have the audio file prepared.
    # # #

    This story is also published at BeforeItsNews and Examiner.

    Fascinating information from the Keshe Foundation

    Born in Iran in 1958, son of an X-ray engineer, he was introduced to the world of radiation and nuclear science at a very young age.
    In 1981 he graduated from Queen Mary College, University of London, as a nuclear engineer specializing in reactor technology system control.
    He has spent the years since then completing a system for the production of gravity and energy using a radioactive hydrogen-fueled reactor that is clean and safe.
    He has covered all aspects of the design of a new plasma nuclear system from the very beginning to its present stage. This has included the design, the fuel, the testing and practical applications.
    Since 2002 he has concentrated on completing the full range of his technology for launching into the scientific world and industry.
    In September 2004 he was invited by a leading western country, through its government office organizations, to present his technology for evaluation.
    From November 2004 to March 2005 his technology was under consideration by scientists at a university.
    In March 2005, the report from the university declared that energy production through this new technology isfeasible.
    In April 2005, through government organizations, a commercial development partner was found to study the practicality of developing this system. Agreement was reached between both parties and the development company was satisfied that the system is practical and workable, as was reported in the feasibility study by the university.
    By 17 September 2005 the preliminary evaluation of the system was complete and the parties agreed that they were ready to proceed with the physical production of the first Gravitational and Energy system.
    European and international patents for the technology were applied for in early October 2005 for all aspects of possible use of the new technology, covering some hundreds of applications.
    At the end of 2005 and the beginning of 2006 several static plasma reactors were built to confirm the theoretical principles of the technology. These static reactors all work at room temperature and at normal atmospheric pressure, and provide voltage and current.
    Since the beginning of 2006 several prototypes of dynamic plasma reactors specifically designed to achieve lift and motion have been built and successfully tested.
    Through the development of these new systems, deposits of nano-carbon have been generated, and Raman spectroscopy has confirmed that these are in Sp2 and Sp3 form.
    The use of plasma reactors for health purposes has been tested, in cooperation with doctors, and some of the results achieved in these trials can be seen in the Health section of this website.
    paper was published about the direct capture of CO2 and CH4 from the environment, where the CO2 and CH4 were in a liquid state at room temperature and room pressure. The CO2 and CH4 were proven by IR and XRD spectroscopy performed by a Belgian university.
    In July 2009 the first bookThe Universal Order of Creation of Matters was published.
    In early 2011 the second bookThe Structure of the Light was published.
    In October 2011 the third bookThe Origin of the Universe was published.
    In 2006 the intellectual properties related to this technology were transferred to Stichting the Keshe Foundation in The Netherlands. The main objective of this Foundation is the distribution of licensing fees to five different areas related to the welfare of mankind and and world education.
    The Keshe Foundation is an independent non-profit and a non-religious organization founded by nuclear engineer M.T. Keshe. Aiming to bring new scientific knowledge and new technologies to mankind, and to bring new solutions for the major global problems, like famine, water shortage, shortage of elec...

    Due to success of the 21st of April meeting, the second international presentation meeting for governments and space institutes are being planed for the 6th of September 2012 at the Keshe Foundation centre in Belgium.
    In the 21st meeting we have galvanised to bring governments of a continent, which the Foundation can do the most positive changes has already started.
    By nature of our work, we will not release any information about these meetings and the same has been asked of the ambassadors and officials whom attended the 21st meeting.
    Please keep the information flow to your governments, as your work brings the change and not us talking to governments, this we have seen to work as we inform the governors of the nations and at the same time they know that their public knows about what is going on with the technology.
    This technology as of the 21st of April shall not be shelved, but all efforts will be made to control it.
    Through our release of information and informing directly the governments about the capabilities of this technology we have brought about two international peace talks forward, which we know about and as has been in the news as of late.

    Important notice

    Through presidential decree signed into law by His Excellency president Obama early this week, with this decree now the technologies developed by Keshe Foundation and similar to it for space technology and their use by other Governments has become a criminal offence.
    Which, this means that scientists from this week cannot release their technology to public or any governments any more unless is beneficial for use in war and in benefit of western arm manufactures nations.
    We do not accept such castration of science and we ask the United state of America's government for clear clarification of this decree by the White House.
    Is this law to silence the Keshe Foundation and other research organisations or can American bring pressure that only their technology can be accepted throughout the world.
    This act of the presidential decree is against international scientific freedom for development, research and information sharing and this is a gagging order of scientific organisations like ours.

    Please inform your press.

    M T Keshe

    Follow the discussion in the forum.