Thursday, April 12, 2012

Whale Sized Green Object Falls from the Sky

A Mystery in the Hills of Connecticut                   

Bantam Lake sighting lures nationwide attention 

A report of something falling from the sky and into Bantam Lake early Tuesday inspired a bit of humor Thursday at Lazy Frog's restaurant in Morris.

John McKenna Photo

MORRIS — The glowing green object dropped from the sky and into the lake in a flash. Buzz over the mysterious sighting over Bantam Lake is lasting much longer as the talk of the town here and, based on Internet chatter, around the globe.

Theories abound, and one question keeps coming back: How might this mystery be solved?

About 2 a.m. Tuesday, two separate reports, one from a state trooper, were called into Litchfield County Dispatch: a green object the size of a whale dropped from the sky. The trooper, who was in Warren, estimated it was headed for Morris; a driver on North Shore Road in Litchfield said it splashed into the lake, prompting a boat search by firefighters. 

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