Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Memoirs of a Messenger...One woman's Journey to Awakening.

 My name is Jackie, and this is my  journal. What I'm about to tell you is very real... these events are Not dreams...Not delusional,  are not wild imaginings of a overactive imagination. I'm just letting you know these events took place in the non-dream ...fully  functioning  waking moments.

I have always known something explainable was happening around me. For many decades, I believed that the events I was experiencing  were caused by "ghosts."   In 2008, I realized it wasn't. It was far more unimaginable than that!  

My first memory of paranormal events occurred when I was 10 years old,  (I'm now in my 40’s) I had been out playing with two of my friends, who were  sisters,  on what we thought were abandoned railroad tracks. We separated,  and explored in our own directions.  I stayed to pick rocks on an old wooden bridge. As I wandered along, totally focused on my search for pretty rocks,  I heard the rumbling of the train. I was on a corner bend  of the tracks ... a trestle  with no solid ground in sight.  I didn't see the train until the last minute, and had no time to run. I had two choices, I could jump into a swamp with hand carved spikes sticking up everywhere, or I could hang from this bridge. I opted to hang from a single track bridge because I could not out run a train.  My friends came running to me after the train passed and started grabbing at me trying to help.  I had already tried to maneuver myself off the bridge but found it impossible.  I told my friends to back off because they were making it worse.  Once my friends backed off, a force came along and lifted me off the bridge.  I knew something amazing took place, but didn't quite understand what it was.  This incident has  forever lingered in the back of my mind.

At 15 years old, I was travelling down the highway with my friend who was driving.  I looked up into the sky and I couldn’t believe my eyes.   I saw an extremely vivid image of Jesus Christ in the sky looking down at us.  He was NOT made of clouds, it was a very distinct image in the plain blue sky and you could not miss it.   The image was so amazing that I had to point it out to my friend who ironically was named John.  I was not a church-goer or had any ties to any religious beliefs other than my own…  I did and still do believe in God, but didn’t know much about the bible during this incident.

Another weird episode happened around the same time I would guess between fifteen and sixteen years old.  Sometime late in the afternoon while everyone was still at work, I noticed a nice-looking out of the ordinary black car with tinted windows drive down the street. This car immediately caught my attention because no one on our street drove anything even similar to this. The people that lived on our street were all very close neighbors, almost like family.  Being that our house was the last house on a dead-end street, I figured whoever was driving the car would turn around in the loop and drive away past our house and be on their merry way.   But instead, the car proceeded to park on the opposite side of the street and strangely, nowhere near a driveway.  This vehicle now had my full attention.  Why didn’t  they drive away?  Why did they parked where they did? I had already stood up at the large dining room window and was watching them before they turned the loop and parked.   Even though the windows of the vehicle were tinted, I could still see inside the car.  There were two men who appeared to be very broad in the shoulders, as I remember their shoulders could have been touching each others. They appeared to be wearing dark-colored business suits that formed points at the shoulders.   They appeared to have short cropped hair and everything was very neat looking.  As I continued to watch, neither of the two individuals got out of the vehicle the entire time. Instead, they passed binoculars back and forth, each holding it up to their face and staring into the house looking right at me.  I know they clearly saw me standing up at the window looking out at them.  They certainly weren't hiding and they didn't seem to care that I was watching them. After five minutes or so of us staring back at each other, it started to creep me out.  I left the kitchen window area and walked out of the main view, but was still able to watch them further back from the dining room area.  They hung around for nearly fifteen minutes and then just drove off.  I knew that I witnessed something extremely strange.  I just couldn't put my finger on it, but knew something very odd had  happened that didn't make any sense. What were they doing watching me?  I wasn't a drug dealer.  I wasn't doing anything illegal. I was fifteen years old for pete’s sakes. 

Now when I look back at this incident I can honestly tell you I feel with certainty that these were the elusive Men-in-Black.  I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that these beings which appeared human were alien beings on a mission.  These beings had a role to play as the elusive ‘Men in Black’ and had a very special task at hand.  Their purpose was to make sure I’d recall the day they showed up in the strangest way which would have me thinking about it for many years to come.   Of course, none of this made any sense until decades later.     

At 17 years old, I was standing inside my bedroom conversing with my friend (in which I haven’t spoken to in nearly 30 years) and as we were standing near each other and very near the open door of my bedroom, we both could see with our peripheral vision that something was moving towards us from a distance within the basement. We both witnessed a huge blue smoke ball ¾ the size of a blown up beach ball floating towards my bedroom approximately fifteen feet away.   It was roughly eight inches off the ground with a beautiful blue-colored smoke twirling around inside the blue ball.  We both looked directly at it and watched it come through my open bedroom door travelling at a slow pace.  We both took a step back from it as it traveled slowly between us.  We were able to get a very good look at this blue smoke ball as it continued on.  I didn’t dare touch it as I wasn’t sure what would happen if I did.  I had respect for this object because I knew it was something rare and exceptional.  It veered off to its right and headed through the solid wall inside my bedroom … and then it was just gone.   Immediately following its disappearance through the wall, I looked directly at the spot where it disappeared into and I then said the words, “You showed yourself to us… who are you?… and what do you want?”  I never got a response and never saw it again.  I thought at the time it may have been the ghost of my grandmother.  

However, the facade of ghosts is over as I've come to find out.  I have discovered I was asleep for years "so to speak"   I woke up and realized that I am a huge part of them  brought here to help with the ascension of others on this planet.  These beings have spoken to me on occasion... at this point and time they're not telling me about saving the planet etc... they are introducing me to my star family.  I have always known I was an old soul, I just didn't realize how old I really was...     

 Now, I deeply believe this blue ball was processing a formulated event to magically occur in two weeks time and this ball was setting a destination point and time for a time travel experience, as amazing as that sounds. Approximately two weeks after the blue ball floated through my bedroom, I arrived home from school at around four in the afternoon.  It was very quiet in the house  and I yelled for anyone and no one answered, no one was home.  I then headed down the stairs to my bedroom to grab something.

 Something completely bizarre occurred as I made contact with the floor of my bedroom.  The absolute instant my foot made contact with the floor inside my bedroom, an instantaneous party started taking place upstairs that lasted a full two hours.   When this party first started, it caught me off guard… and I closed the door with a back hand and jumped onto my bed.  I then covered up with my blanket where I would stare at my door for the next two hours hoping no one from this other world would open it. 

The party started as if the volume was taken off mute.  It started very sudden and loud and ended in the same manner when the door from the outside opened for someone to enter into the house. During this extraordinary party, I could hear very loud talking, laughing, party-style hooting and hollering, including people running up and down the stairs, which was right next to my bedroom door.  I could clearly hear what sounded to be a large group of people enjoying themselves loudly for hours and roaming about the house.  It ended just as quickly when someone from the outside opened the door to come into the house.  The outside door was just outside my bedroom window and I could hear it open.  The party instantly stopped in that fraction of a second when the outside door was opened.  I was  frantically screaming at who ever had entered the house to come downstairs. 

  I believe wholeheartedly that this blue smoke ball that arrived two weeks earlier was used for setting up the starting and stopping points of a time travel experience from inside that house in which I was purposely meant to partake in.  I believe these alien beings wanted me to experience this time warp because I believe I will be partaking in these types of events in the future and they wanted me to experience it, understand it, and not be afraid of it.  It’s a lot easier not be afraid of something when you've been a part of it and experienced it.

 Also , this is documented with my Dr.... at age 17, around 1982, I had 6 - 10 episodes of sleep paralysis which I always thought to be exactly that... a sleeping disorder.   Each episode of these sleep paralysis materialized the same.  I instantly woke up, knew I was fully awake and wasn’t dreaming.  I felt absolutely terrified because every part of my body, except my eyes, were completely paralyzed.  I could not scream or move and was completely helpless at that moment.  The paralysis kicks in the millisecond moment you've woken up, it’s that quick.  I can’t say for sure how long it really lasts …but I can tell you how long it appears to last, and that is anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.  In each of my paralysis, I never saw anything, or felt like I was being harmed.  Even though I never did see the supernatural force creating this phenomenon. However, I strongly without question, felt the overwhelming presence of an entity in the room. 

The very first sleep paralysis that I had was the worst of them all and left a physical mark on me that was documented with my Dr., who upon examination, gave me the strangest look... this was something bizarre and unexplainable. 
That morning, after the severe sleep paralysis,  I got out of bed and walked upstairs.  My friend, who was over noticed something on my head and started to point at it.  He FINALLY told me “you’re missing some hair!”  I grabbed a mirror and had a close-up look and I was completely shocked at what I saw. An entirely perfect circle of baldness encompassed the back top right side my head with not one iota of hair left in it.  Every strand of hair was completely gone.   The circumference was approx. 2 inches around and was dark pink in color as I compared it to the rest of my scalp which was whitish.  I know my hair wasn’t in this condition the day before.  For quite some time after that whether I wore my hair up or down, I could not hide this bald spot I suddenly had.  I knew something very strange had happened, but I certainly didn’t chalk it up to alien beings taking my hair… but now I know different.

 So why did these aliens take my hair?  I knew from the moment I discovered the truth in 2008, that not only was it aliens who are in contact with me, but now they have my DNA as well.  It really isn’t hard to figure out from there.  I knew from the moment of truth in 08, that I am a hybrid mother.  I also believe this paralysis could very well be the result of me coming back from a teleportation.  (I didn’t know that then, but I have come to that conclusion, as I would experience years later… teleportation of objects right in front of me)
A clear message was later given to me in 2009 on the computer and in front of two witnesses who saw exactly what I saw.  We all witnessed a sentence appear on my computer when no one said these words and no one was touching the computer… the computer wrote out in these exact words, ‘Morrar is your son the alien.’  Complete with the capital M and period ending the sentence, which is a very clear message.  They confirmed that I was a hybrid mother and they wanted me to know his name as well… they would again bring two girls into my view to whom I believe are my daughters as well.  They both looked very much like me and they both have my hair color.

I  was married at 18  (since divorced) and  we purchased a house and settled in.   A year into living in the house, my husband  made a comment about our toilet paper disappearing at an alarming rate.  The moment he said that, I too had been noticing it… so he just confirmed what I already knew.  I wasn’t sure if this was some kind of weird trick he was playing on me or not.  I decided to get to the bottom of it and find out what was really going on. I pulled a brand new roll of toilet paper out of its packaging and hooked it onto the dispenser before heading to bed.  I stayed awake the entire night to see if he would walk into the washroom.  He never once entered the washroom from the time I placed it on the dispenser until I entered the washroom at 6 AM.  I really wasn’t expecting to notice anything out of the ordinary, but when I looked at the roll of toilet paper that I had attached just hours earlier, it looked to be half the size than when I first attached it.  No one had been in the washroom to use it, so I knew something strange had happened.  I then took it off the dispenser and placed it on top of a brand new roll of toilet paper in which I again pulled out of the packaging and compared it.  It was clearly half the size and this was now a confirmation that something bizarre happened in that washroom within those hours.  Being that I was awake the entire night, and my bedroom was situated beside the bathroom, I never heard any noise coming from that bathroom whatsoever.  

Approximately two weeks later, the two of us were sitting in the livingroom talking.  Our baby, who was 2 months old at the time, was asleep in the crib. I happened to be sitting in a chair turned somewhat sideways in my chair facing the hallway and sofa talking to my husband.   My husband was to the left of the hallway sitting in the middle of the sofa looking at me.  As we sat there talking, I witnessed a brand new roll of toilet paper come flying out of the bathroom in a straight line approx. 5 feet above the ground and then come crashing into the dead end closet opposite the bathroom.  It appeared as though someone stood there and threw it, yet no one else was in the house with us.  It hit with a hard thump onto  closet door opposite the bathroom, fell to the ground and bounced hard all the way back into the bathroom. 

I saw what transpired from start to finish.  My husband happened to look over when he heard the thump and then saw the latter part of it heading back towards the bathroom with hard bounces.  Both he and I knew it wasn’t either of us who did this.  It flew from the opposite direction of where we were sitting.  We were stunned and just stared at each other with our jaws dropped for a few minutes and never said a word.  As we got up to investigate, the closet door opposite the bathroom was tightly closed in the hall and the baby was just fine sleeping in the room next to the bathroom. 

At the time, I believed it was a ghost and ruled out my grandmother’s spirit on this one.  I decided that I needed to investigate the house for my own piece of mind as well as for this entity and to bring closure.  I felt as though this spirit may be locked between worlds and couldn’t find his/her way.  I felt obliged to be that person to help this entity since he/she seemed to be trying to communicate with me.  
I eventually signed myself into the Archives Building for research on nearly a daily basis until I came up with a name this spirit could be.  After doing much research through film slides and other resources, I came to the conclusion that the ghost in the house was a man by the name of Nick M******.   I went on to mistakenly believe that for many years. My husband and I with baby in tow moved out approximately two months after the toilet paper incident.  There’s no doubt in my mind today that what we encountered was an entity that day, except it was not an entity of the human kind.

A few years later, I was separated and moved back to my home town in 1990.  In 1993, I had another completely peculiar incident take place.  I was at home and decided to do laundry, so I headed down the stairs.  As I reached the basement floor, I could hear this really loud flapping noise.  Out from nowhere a duck came waddling right up in front of me where we stood toe to toe from each other.  We then stared at each other for quite some time.  I broke our chain of staring...  Have you ever seen a duck behave like this?  I thought how strange is this?  I then started to head up the stairs.  He was right behind me every step of the way.  I would take one step up… he would take one step up.  I would take two steps… he would take two steps.  It carried on like this until we played our game all the way up the stairs and into the kitchen.  I grabbed some crackers and attempted to feed him but he didn’t want any of it. 

 The local newspaper got wind of this and took some pictures of this mysterious duck that appeared in the house.  Even the photographer from the paper quoted this duck to be confused like he wasn’t sure why he was there.   As a result, we appeared on the front cover of the newspaper.  The newspaper photographer asked me questions about the duck and all I could really say was no one knows how he got into the house.   I asked my kids back then… and asked them again when they had kids of their own… if they knew how this duck got in the house and they said back then and still claim to this day… they have no idea how it got in.   Besides, I could tell by the surprised look on their faces and their reaction that they were clueless like I was about this duck.
My landlord at the time, who happened to live in the house next to me, also took notice of this bizarre wood duck from reading the newspaper.  Although he never saw the duck in person, he states from the size of the duck he saw in the paper, there’s no way he could have gotten in through the chimney.  He was also too large to just come walking into the house without us noticing.   There were no other openings for him to come through.  I believe this duck was placed in my house as another weird incident to take note of as well as a message of ducks being keepers of clairvoyance… as clairvoyance is surfacing in my life as we speak. I have a lot of peculiar animal stories that seem to follow me around which I won’t get into all of them at this time, except for one which you are about to read because it’s very well worth mentioning.

In 1996, I flew to Montana to visit a friend.  When I arrived, everything seemed conventional at first, but when it was dinner time, the man who owned the house put the dog’s food bowl on top of the table to sit and eat with us.  I thought what have I gotten myself into?  I thought the owner of the house to be quite eccentric to say the least and actually frightened me.  I could clearly see that the family dog was cherished by him and was probably treated better than his own children were.
When it was time for bed, I could see I had a pleasant looking room made up for me, so I lay down and went to sleep.  The next morning, I could hear the door of my room open slightly.  I cracked my eyes open just enough that no one would notice in an attempt to see who it was.  I could see the owner of the house was peeking in on me. 
The family dog which I only met for the very first time the day before, jumps onto my stomach and embarks into a bizarre ritual.  This dog would give his master a sinister look and then ferociously bark, growl and snap towards him.  The dog would then walk up onto my chest and lick my face a few times as though he was making sure I was ok.  This dog would then head back down to my stomach area, give his master another sinister look and would repeat the ferocious barking, growling and snapping towards him again… then back up to lick my face again until this scenario repeated itself for about 10 minutes.  I decided to put an end to it and get off the bed. 
The master of the dog was so freaked about what just took place that he asked me to leave the house right there on the spot and instantly drove me to the airport.  This was the very first time he did not bring the dog with him.  Again, at that time, it was an incident that I could never figure out and it always lingered in the back of my head.  Now, I look back at this weird incident and see it as perhaps my friends from above were showing me how they can manipulate mind control and at the same time protect me from this peculiar eccentric man.

In the region of 2001 or 02, another off-the-wall occurrence takes place.  My daughter and I went to bed very late one night.  Before we headed up the stairs, I double checked to make sure the doors were locked, shut off the T.V., and turned off all the lights on the main floor.  Tonight was the very first time I’ve ever shut every light off in the house because I was always afraid of the dark.  I have no idea why I did it on this night…there’s no explanation for it. 
The house was dead silent and dark… and before our heads even hit the pillow a very distinct noise started coming from the main floor.  The noise was very loud, precise and very familiar…we both knew what it was.  It was my daughter’s toddler car, the one with a bubble and encases balls inside and every time you move it, the balls inside jump around which is exceptionally loud.   I knew nobody else was in the house and I also knew I had locked the doors.  Nobody else had keys to my home, and besides, we were just down there a minute earlier and no one was in the house.  Upon hearing the noise, my daughter jumped up and screamed “Mommy, who’s driving my car?”
 I was completely shocked and my eyes widened.   I grabbed for the blinds as fast as I heard it so we could get a little bit of light into the room.  I very calmly told her to lay down and go to sleep and not to worry about it. 
About an hour later, I managed to get enough courage to get out of bed and turn on the bedroom lights, and slowly started to make my way down the stairs.  I double checked the doors and they were locked.  I looked at her popping car and it was in the same spot where I believed it was previously, up along the hallway wall where we keep it.  Yet, we both clearly heard it moving around and we both knew the distinct sound it made… there was no mistaking it! The message to me is a child was on that popping car and someone was sending that message very clearly.  

I was home alone during this particular day around Christmas time in 2001 or 02.  I was sitting at the computer in the livingroom with a basket of food I’d received as a gift and figured I’d open it.  I grabbed a knife from the kitchen and headed back to the computer.  I opened the cellophane and placed the knife flat on the far right side of the desk.   I periodically went in and out of the kitchen a few times, forgetting each time to return the knife back to the kitchen.  I saw it each time I returned to the desk.  Infact, I cursed myself on each occasion for forgetting it.

I had laundry to do, so I quickly ran downstairs and threw the pre-sorted clothes into the washer which took me less than a minute.  I headed back up the stairs and before I even arrived back at my desk, I instantly noticed that my knife was no longer in the position I left it.  Not only was it not in its original location, it was now embedded underneath the frame of the upper half of the desk with the blade completely under the frame. I noticed its new location before I even arrived back at the desk.  I stopped right in my tracks  and said Holy ****!   I couldn`t believe what I was seeing because I knew I hadn’t put it there and I was the only person in the house. 
The knife’s blade was completely buried between the frames conjoining two parts of the desk, the upper frame and the desk itself.  I examined it for a few minutes and was totally amazed at what I saw.  Now it was now time to investigate what just happened.  I immediately thought it was Nick the ghost up to his old tricks again.  I had to literally take a stance and pull as hard as I could with great force to get it out.  It did not come out easily and being that I am no weakling, it took me almost five minutes to get it out.  I couldn’t budge it for the longest time, until finally it just came out with my last pull. I then attempted to embed the knife back exactly where I found it and I absolutely could not do it.  I pushed with great force at various different angles to bury it back in there and it just wasn’t going to happen no matter what I did.   I do not know why they used the knife as a prop other than I was very aware of where it was and they knew that. 

On Aug. 11, 2007, I was sitting out on the deck of the house having my last cigarette at about 1:10 AM before I headed to bed.  It was a warm calm evening as I sat taking it all in.  Then, for whatever reason, I looked up into the sky and the very moment I did, something very odd caught my eye.  A large bright white light had begun to slowly transcend in motion across the sky heading west.  This object had no noise coming from it nor did it have any blinking lights as a plane would, so I continued to watch it with great interest.  Now it really grabbed my attention when it came to a complete stop in mid-air for approximately ten to fifteen seconds.  Then, with no warning, an explosion of purple blew up surrounding the white light and then it immediately bolted at hyper-speed from a dead stop and headed in the same direction it was travelling before it stopped.   It also left a red tubular shape behind in its dust.  
My jaw dropped, my stomach churned and my heart started to race.  I tried to get up, but I was so weak in the knees that my legs couldn’t hold me up.  I fell to the ground, was trembling and had a difficult time getting back on my feet.  There was a school teacher from Alberta, a friend of my friend, staying at the house during this time and I described to him what I saw the next morning. 
I didn’t want to mention to him that it almost seemed as though it were meant for my eyes only… since it just happened to come into my view from above the trees at the precise moment I looked up. 

There was also another occasion during the summer of 2007 in which something strange takes place.  I was enjoying a warm evening laid out on a lounge chair on the deck of the house.  It was a beautiful clear night and as I looked up and glanced at the stars for a few minutes… everything appeared normal.   But then something started to move up there.  What appeared to be one of the further distant stars began travelling erratically at hyper-speed in every direction possible…but would continue to home back to its center base with each shooting out of movement.  This star or UFO, whatever this was, was travelling at extremely unimaginable speeds and travelling great distances.  It continued to shoot around for about 20 min.  I pointed this out to my friend as I was becoming increasingly stressed and agitated.  I would occasionally take my eyes off of it to de-stress with my head buried in my hands until if finally just disappeared.
I’ve never seen a star behave like this in my lifetime.  What was it really?
I’m personally not sure enough to give you an answer, but one thing I do know, it was peculiar enough to add to my life’s chain of bizarre events.

Nov. 23, 2008  was the most shocking day of my life…this was the day of my awakening and realization to the truth behind my past.  This is the day I found out my life hasn’t consisted of ghosts for so many years… but other beings not from this planet.  The very moment it crossed my mind on this day, I absolutely knew the truth and that I’d been mistaken for decades.  What a shock that was! 

 My head was churning with all the thoughts of my past.  From ghosts to aliens…I was now dealing on a much larger scale… and this was devastating for me… and there was no changing it.  There are no words to describe to you how I felt…  any words I would use would be a complete understatement. 

A month or so into discovering the truth… my daughter lay in a deep sleep on the bed.  I laid down beside her with tears streaming down my face as I stared at her wondering what is going to become of our lives.  At that very moment, my daughter speaks in a very clear concise manner, and states “I’m in a euphoria.”  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  I eventually went online and looked up euphoria…it is quoted as a “a state of well being.”   I asked her the next day if she knew what euphoria meant and she said she didn’t know.

I would no longer get the type of sleep paralysis I had in my teenage years, but now I would get a different type of paralysis.  This new paralysis was the electrical energy I was describing above.  They’re very intense but are not painful.  If standing up when one of these electrifying currents hit, you have to get low to the ground, because you no longer see what’s in your physical world, you are now looking through the physical world and into another dimension.  They are allowing me to do this, to see this…they are doing this to me.  I am not angry about it, I know there’s information they want me to obtain. These events would now occur when I’m walking about doing everyday things in the middle of the day...except they weren’t as paralyzing on the body as they were on the brain.  The brain goes into an extremely intense motion almost electrifying, and it’s so powerful that it knocks me off my feet.  From these non-painful electrifying moments, I am getting visions during these moments, where I can see a visual in my head being played out (very much like a video) in which I have no control over what I’m seeing. 

On Dec. 2, 2008, I had my first visual (remote viewing)  during my first brain freeze.  It was the middle of the day and I was going about my daily business around the house.   As I walked into the bedroom, my name was called twice back to back by a male voice through telepathy.  I know it was a telepathic voice that spoke to me.   I completely wasn’t expecting to hear that… or what was to follow.   An intense brain freeze immediately occured after my name was called, I then fell onto the bed and then what seemed like a film started to play in my head in which I had no control over whatsoever of a white light coming down which I immediately recognized as extraterrestrial craft.  Then a grey alien with extremely large glossy eyes appears as a profiled image.  He has a probe sticking out of his mouth and he slowly turns toward me.  The probe was hanging down and was approx. 20 inches long and silver looking.  Even though the probe was hanging down, I could see no body to this entity, only the probe and the entities face.  We stare at each other until I try to shake myself out of this trance like moment.
It’s an incredibly intense experience and I can’t say for sure how long these types of episodes really take place.  It’s pretty much a guess, and I may be way off of the time frame. 

 However, in this situation on that particular day, I believe they wanted me to remember this incident.  I’m positive I’ve been in and out of their space craft, but they never wanted me to recall those particular incidents.  These beings definitely wanted me to experience witnessing this grey alien and to remember it.   I felt more as though they were giving me the knowledge and confirmation into what’s been happening to me, not in great detail, but that they are coming down and probing at me.   Again, it’s part of the package of a very large puzzle I’ve been handed to sort out.

 This electrifying brain freeze with visual (remote viewing) happened a couple of more times after the grey alien incident.  One case being  shortly after I moved out to the country in  Aug of 2010.  I was laying on the futon completely awake when this inter-connection again took place.  These aliens are either playing a film in my head for me to observe, or I am actually there in another realm in that moment of time.  I can’t say for sure which one it is, but it is definitely one of those two scenarios being conducted by these beings.  In this situation I was travelling through space and could see the stars travelling slowly past me in which I now refer to as home. 
This happened again after travelling through space, as a single eye brought me 2 young adults who could have been twins, except one was slightly smaller than the other.  The smaller one was smacking her lips as though she had just put on lip gloss.  The eye was present beside these girls.  They studied me hard and I believe they could be my daughters.
All my life I knew I was different, even as a small child around the age of 8.  I felt like I didn’t belong on earth, so different that I felt as though I didn’t have a skeleton inside me.  Now I know why I believed that, there were many times I was spirit, which holds no skeleton...Then in my teenage years I was telling anyone who would listen to me "I didn't belong here and I wanted to become an angel of God and fly around and help people".... (those were my exact words) 
I have come to realize that I am a star child of sorts.  I was placed here for a reason.  

Nov. 1, 2010
My new neighbor and I went for a drive in the rural countryside.  On our way back we took a back road and being that it was a beautiful evening, I asked him to stop right where we were.  We got out of the truck and started to look at the stars.  It was an incredibly clear night and very dark where we were so the stars shone bright.  Not long after we were out of the truck a huge light came from a distance and travelled right over top of us.  It was quite low, it had no sound and it wasn’t blinking any lights.  Suddenly this craft changed from white, to lime green to pink and then red and then completely disappeared into nowhere as it was extremely clear that night.  When it first came onto the scene, we saw it at a fair distance away, but when it disappeared in front of out eyes, almost as though it entered a worm hole of some kind.  We should have been able to track it further before it disappeared.   It just disappeared practically right over top of us on one of the clearest nights yet.

Nov. 2, 2010
My neighbor and I took another drive out in the country to see what we could find.   We got out of the truck and were standing behind the truck talking, the neighbor was facing me and looking into my face, I had just turned and took my eyes off a spot in the sky a millisecond earlier, when a flash of light so bright came from the sky that he said it lit me up a million times brighter than a welder’s light.  So here you have a scenario, that I saw where the flash came from, which was the sky, my neighbor was looking at me, light up like something out of the twilight zone except far brighter.  It was as though a huge camera took a picture of us from the sky.  But a flash from a bulb cannot compare to what we witnessed that evening.  The neighbor recalls I was completely white, my skin, my hair, everything was a white.  When we got back, we talked about what happened some more and what we saw.  We both recall the exact same thing, the only difference being our eyes were focused on different objects. 

Nov. 3, 2010
Later in the evening, the same neighbor and I were in my backyard having a fire when the same type of UFO flew right over top of the house changing colors and disappearing before our eyes when we should have been able to track it much further on a clear starry night.

Nov. 23, 2010    (My 2nd Anniversary date of knowing the truth of who they really are)   I invited my alien family to meet me at 7:00 pm.  I sent out an email with the heading "Alien Meeting"  at the date and time to prove that this is really happening.  I still have the original inside my camera as well.  I am outside in the boonies with the camera situated.  A rod with 2 purple lights flash in front of the vehicle. 

Nov. 23, 2011  (My 3rd Anniversary date of knowing the truth of who they really are) Again, I sent an email out in advance for proof to show that I invite these beings ahead of time to prove that this is what it is…and that they show up on the day and very near the time  in which I spoke to them about.  On this particular date, an amazing rod flies through the yard 9 minutes prior to the time I had indicated in the email.  The temperature is on the cooler side (-12) and had been -15 for 3 days prior.  There’s also some snow on the ground, this is clearly not a bug as some skeptics would love to call it.  I don’t live in a place where the weather has insects year round.  
 I parked the vehicle and placed the camera on the hood of the car and was pleasantly surprised to see them come into my film.   I never know what is going to happen or what I'm going to film, but I trust they'll come and they have.   They clearly hear me when I talk and this is the proof..time and time again, I make dates with these beings, send out emails  a week to a month prior to the proposed date… and they show up on the very date I stated in the email….and very close to the time frame I state in the email.  Anyone who would like to encounter this first hand, I welcome you.   How can you be afraid of something that is a huge part of yourself?
To this day, ET entities come forth and show themselves to me... and this is far from over, this will never be over for me.

Many happenings have taken place including witnessing a fireball in the middle of a blizzard on Jan. 30 of 2011.   I was allowed to witness it along with my cat who clearly saw this fireball as well.  The fireball was very large and very round.  I had already been watching outside for 10 minutes before it lit up before my very eyes.   I could see the sparks and flames shooting out of it as it appeared in the middle of an open area on land during this blizzard.  Approximately 10 seconds after the original larger fireball appeared, another somewhat smaller fireball shot out of it from the bottom left and both fireballs disappeared at the exact same time.... No one was out there and nobody on this earth could create what I witnessed and how it performed.   Are they trying to tell me this has something to do with a solar flare?  Considering the fact, the DVD “KNOWING” about a solar flare hitting the earth was sent to me makes me very curious as to why I would witness this event.

Also, prior to witnessing the fireball, my cat was chasing an invisible force in my bedroom again…in which he would do about 5 separate times within a few short months prior to his death, not making it to 1 yr. old.  A neighbor also witnessed the bizarre behavior from my cat which lasted about 20 minutes.  This is not a bug he’s chasing, as there weren’t any bugs in my house in the middle of winter and besides, we are standing right there examining the situation and rest assured, it was an invisible force.

Sometime around the last quarter of 2011, I’ll have to check the date… I had my very first experience of Astral Projection.  I was not fully asleep when this occurred.  I saw myself completely leave my body and go up to the window that was a foot from the bed.  I came up a little bit too quick on the window and pushed my face into it a little too hard.  I looked outside and saw the sky was a different time zone than my physical body lay.  I was a little scared and was a little concerned of what I just did, so I laid straight back and headed backwards back into my body and I was a perfect fit.  I immediately opened my eyes and knew what I had just done… I wasn’t even trying to do this when it happened.   I know more astral projections will be occurring as well.  This astral projection was far different than the flying dreams I had all my life.

On 11/11/11 at 11:11 pm, I was given a vision of a partial face of this being I am in contact with during meditation as I sat out in the country alone in the car.   I saw his eye with a partial face but this was not an electrifying event like I’ve experienced in the past.  As I was meditating in the car, an intricate small flash of light occurs in front of the car which was caught on film.  Later when I got home and viewed the tape…I enlarged the frame and this light has 3 separate colors in it…I believe this to be a light being.