Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beyond the Blood: Stirrings of a Grand Spring

Stirrings of a Grand Spring: By Dale Triplett @

 I love this time of year. Even here in the desert Southwest, crisp mornings are giving way to warmer sunrise’s, and the air is redolent with a thousand, colorful blooms that mock the desert chill, invigorating the spirit. 

Spring has sprung, but not just any Spring.  It’s Spring 2012.

To some, that simply means the countdown to doomsday is ticking away that much faster; but I’m of the optimistic ‘glass-half-full’ sect, fully believing we’re on the brink of   stupendous, world-changing opportunities.

When I still lived in the Missouri Ozarks and experienced a more pronounced changing of the seasons, I penned the following poem, called ‘Stirrings’:

    Cool Mists of Transition descend from Above.
    A chilled cleansing of breathe;
    Mother Nature's sweeping glove;
    Battalions of Geese bode the soon-budding blooms,
    Sleek Riders upon ancient waves,
    Rebuking Winter's gloom.
    With Soul-cleansing Vigor we suck in Spring's Promise,
    And breathe out Gracious Thanks,
    For the New Life upon us.
    One step in the Dance of our Orb 'round the Sun,
    A pin-prick of change 'midst the myriads spun;
    From Cosmos to Being in a wispy, cool, flash;
    Our substance of presence in the Panoply's Path.
    Our share in the Grandeur and Wonder of Being,
    Heartened in Spirit,
    By the Stirrings of Spring.

My prose means more to me these days in the context of global change and global consciousness than it does in a mere shifting of the seasons. Global signs and messages aren’t pointing towards armageddon, but instead towards a shift in human understanding and our place in the universe.

I look to the diligent research of my amazing friend Colin Andrews, who’s devoted the lion’s share of his life in making sense of the ever-evolving complexities of the substance and messages found within crop circles. He believes humanity to be on the cusp of a great shift that will avail itself this year, but not without cost. The price is not onerous - but elusive.

Another great friend, famed abductee Stan Romanek shares Colin’s view of this window of opportunity dawning upon us this year, but also with the same price.

Do I believe the fate of the world hinges solely upon the belief’s of a kindly English engineer and an American abductee?  Not entirely, but in a nutshell — Yes.

The price-tag for our progress as a species?  Unity.

I’m not banging a New-Age drum - far from it.  Nor am I naive enough to believe all humanity can unite beyond their apparent differences and the negative connotation’s man-made borders have created.  

One person at a time. 

One positive thought at a time. 

Just one believing we’re all human - that we’re all related, and we’re all in this together can create the impetus needed to guide us beyond the need for war and strife, instead embracing love, peace and a semblance of harmony.

One turns to two. Two turns to four. And four can turn into infinity - if we defy fear and negative thinking and willingly embrace change and progress.

I’m no prophet and I’m not espousing anything you don’t already know.

I do know the onus of change rests squarely upon all of our shoulders, and I believe great things await us if we only give goodness a chance.

Relish the Spring - and dream of greater things to come.

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