Thursday, April 12, 2012

Red light UFOs in Texas City still a mystery

Courtesy Photo  This photo is one of a dozen making the rounds on social media websites that shows several red glowing objects in the sky over Texas City on Saturday night.

Red light UFOs in Texas City still a mystery

Published April 12, 2012
TEXAS CITY — While pretty certain they were part of a prank or hoax, officials still haven’t determined what created a series of red flickering globes in the sky over the city during the weekend. They might be getting some help.

A field investigator with a national UFO network said he’s opened up an investigation to try and determine what was hovering over the city’s Moses Lake on Saturday and Sunday.

The red hovering lights have been the talk of the town for days and prompted interest from UFO investigator Chuck Stansburge who handles field investigations in this area for the Mutual UFO Network or MUFON.

Stansburge said he is a retired cop who tracks down UFO sightings in a 14 county region along the Texas coast. The organization uses a website to track tips from across the globe, he said.

Stansburge said Texas records the second highest number of reported UFO sightings in the country. The number one state for reported UFO sightings to MUFON is California, he said.

According to the MUFON website database, there have been 50 UFO sightings in the state since Feb. 25, including the sightings during the weekend in Texas City.

Bruce Clawson, the city’s Homeland Security coordinator, said that while he suspects the mysterious objects in the sky were Chinese lanterns, which take flight much like a small hot air balloon, his office has been unable to confirm that theory and no one has called to admit he or she is responsible for the commotion.

“There was no threat to the security or safety of the city,” Clawson said. “And they never got high enough to disrupt air traffic, so no one will likely face any charges, but we would like to know who is responsible.”

After The Daily News first reported the mysterious objects in Tuesday’s edition, Clawson’s office has been inundated from media outlets from Houston and beyond about the lights.

The story also drew interest from people who track reported visits to the planet from space aliens. One such “passionate” man visited with Clawson on Wednesday and insisted the lights were from the ship of visitors from another planet.

“He even said he had proof,” Clawson said. “All he has was a bunch of stuff printed from the Internet.”

Clawson had to escort the man out of the building, he said.

Stansburge is hopeful his investigation will uncover the real reason for the five to six red glowing objects.

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