Friday, April 20, 2012

The Road to Awareness: Michael Austin Melton

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The road to awareness
So rocky and long
Twists and turns.

It’s uphill and downhill
And sometimes it flips
And if you don’t move, it burns
Your feet.

There are times when you think
You’ve been kicked back in time
And you’re pointed in a strange direction.

And the forks in the road
And the weather ahead
Makes null the next selection.

The only good thing 
About moving along
Is that sometimes you find
A partner in crime.

And you find that your steps are coordinated
And both of you are aware.
So along this path you become educated
And then a creative pair.

The message is clear
Our task it is written
The responsibility, I must confess

Is to make sure the path
Is well lighted and smooth
So others might find awareness.

Now we do it through song
And we do it through prose
And we teach by taking part

(As we grab lost souls 
To hurry along)
In the mighty creative arts.

Now I write the songs, 
And you write the play
For the players to sing and act
And I see in my vision
Our success one day soon
And that is a matter of fact.

So until that great day
We will continue to work
Through success, difficulty and setback

‘Cause if we persevere
And keep plodding along
And truly stay on the track

No doubt, now, no doubt
They will flock from far and wide
To come into the theater and see what’s inside.

And when the curtain is drawn 
After the last line is spoken,
We both will be beaming with pride.

Success is measured by the paradigm change
And how much of it we can uncover
And the awakened will stand
Together hand in hand
Because the future is now
A beautiful ride.

Michael Austin Melton, 2009

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