Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Normal Night at the Romanek's

Hey all, 

Just thought I would share a strange event from the other night.

I went to bed about 11:30 and Stan was tucked in and sleeping. I had gone to the garage and my daughters cat Damien followed me out. I shut off the lights, went up the stairs, pulled the guest room door shut, and went to bed. At 12:15 I heard a door slam shut from somewhere in the house. It startled me awake. Stan sleeps with headphones and music on, so he didn't hear it, so I woke him up to see if he had heard it. He said, NO. I went to check the house, for the source of the slammed door. I opened the guest room door, and Damien was sleeping on the bed. He had been in the garage when I went to bed, and he was now sleeping on the guest bed, with the door closed. Stan had joined me for the house search. I checked the front door, still locked, then the back door and garage doors, both of them were still locked. Confused, I unlocked the garage door, and stepped out. The main garage door was opened all the way. It was closed when I locked up the house. Nothing seemed out of place, but I checked the windows, all locked, and Stan's office was undisturbed as well. Chalking it up ghosts, or visitors who had breezed through, I went back to bed. About 5 minutes after we were both back in bed, talking about the strange event, we heard a loud thump that came from either our bedroom floor, or the family room ceiling. We searched again, and found nothing out of place.  Welcome to our night life!!! 

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