Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You Are Not Alone!!!

Are you the spouse, partner, child,or parent of an extraterrestrial Abductee/Contactee? Well, You are not alone.

I am the author of From My Side of the Bed: Pulling Back the Covers on Extraterrestrial Contact, A Spouses Point of View, I am the wife of the well-known extraterrestrial abductee/contactee Stan Romanek.

I wrote this book for all of you. I realized that there are two sides to every story, two sides of every bed, and I have learned the importance of taking that which is personal and at times embarrassing, and turning into that which serves the public— those who have walked in the same slippers that I have as a spouse,child, parent,or partner of an abductee.

This book takes you on my heart wrenching, thought provoking and at times hilarious journey as the wife of Stan Romanek. I volunteered, to be a spokeswoman for those who feel that they are alone in a world of extraterrestrial chaos beyond their control. Just remember, You Are not Alone!!!

As the wife of an abductee and mother of three children I have a simple message to share:

Live without fear, and Love without limit.

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