Friday, March 23, 2012

Peter Maxwell Slattery... Paranormal and UFO story

Since 1995 Peter Maxwell Slattery has witnessed many UFO’s and Shadow men (which are also known as ghosts). Also Pete has had encounters with a light being in his house multiple times and a blue humanoid being through remote viewing while in a meditative state. Recently he has come forward about his experiences as he has now had direct contact with inter-dimensional beings. On January 1st 2012 Pete was visited by a female inter-dimensional being called Shi-Ji. When asking Shi-Ji where she was from she told him that she was from the Pleiadian star system, but when he asked whereabouts in the Pleiadian star system, she said that Pete would not understand. Pete says she is helping him raise his vibration frequency and also awakening Pete to who he really is and helping him harness his hidden ability’s which he says “we all have the ability to access” from psychic abilities, to being able to astral travel when needed. Pete has been told by Shi-Ji that he and others all around the world have been chosen to help raise others vibrational frequency and to help educated people on the E.T reality and the spirit realm. Doing this he is told, will help awaken people for the coming spiritual and earth changes that he has been told will take place soon. Pete is grateful for this opportunity and is also grateful for the fact that he has been visited and not abducted. Another thing that Pete goes into is how God, Angels, Ghosts, UFO’s, Science, all religions and the universe are all connected. All is revealed in Pete’s next two books called “My awakening - A paranormal UFO story”. Part 1 is about his experiences with ghosts and UFO’s, and the second deals with messages Pete has been given after being visited by Shi-Ji and other beings which is still occurring today. So in other words the first book is before contact and the second book is about after contact. For the rest of Peter's story, to buy his books, or just browse his many videos and photographs go to his website @

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