Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Romanek's...The Rest of the Story...

I truly am a UFO insider. I am the spouse of an extraterrestrial abductee/contactee. As hard as that simple fact may be for some people to understand or even accept, it is the truth.

I met my husband Stan Romanek, 11 years ago, and at the time Stan was of the opinion that anyone who believed in UFO's or Extraterrestrial life should be fitted with a straight jacket and were in his words  "wackadoodles." I was a bit offended, at being called crazy, because I had always been a believer in the existence of off-world beings. Four months after we met, Stan comfy little world as a skeptic was turned upside down. He became a "wackadoodle." He saw his first UFO on December 26th, 2000. I was stunned, and a little upset that Stan the non-believer had  not only seen a UFO that he had captured the entire event on film. I had personally never seen a UFO that couldn't be explained away as being a satellite or an airplane. Imagine if you will, that you are driving along and see a 30 foot shiny object hovering above the power lines of a busy street near the well known Red Rocks area in Denver, Colorado. This event was only the beginning of his 11 years of sightings, abductions and contact.

Stan wrote MESSAGES: The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story,( Llewellyn Publications, 2009)  in which he shares his accounts of abduction, UFO sightings, and much more. Stan has released  his newest book, ANSWERS: The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story Continues. In this book, he shares what he has learned, the answers to many burning questions about the future of our planet, Quantum realities, time-lines, as well as who we really are. Stan has also released a book titled, "The Orion Regressions" which contains 5  regression session transcripts, conducted by Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle. 

And as exciting as all of that is, the emotional story...The Rest of the Story... had still not been told. Stan wasn't the only one in our family that was affected by his abductions. Stan's abduction experiences impacted our entire family. Feelings of fear, anger, frustration, blame,and guilt controlled our daily lives. After living and overcoming these emotions, I decided the rest of the story had to be told. My side of the story. No other spouse has ever been brave enough to stand up and be heard. Something in my heart told me that there were others just like me, other spouses who are still living  in the shadows of the extraterrestrial secrecy and fear. Other spouses or partners of abductees/contactees who are suffering silently thinking they are the only ones, that they are alone in this world of chaos. I knew, someone had to step up and say, "You are not alone." So, I volunteered, and wrote,  "From My Side Of The Bed: Pulling Back The Covers On Extraterrestrial Contact, A Spouses Point Of View." I wrote this book for all  the spouses, children, parents, partners, girlfriends, boyfriends and contactees, who feel they are alone in this world of extraterrestrial chaos... this shadowy place of secrets, anger and fear. This book was written for you!!!  I have walked this path on a daily basis for 11 years, and have emerged a survivor, not a victim. This incredible journey has taken me from anger to enlightenment, and my hope is that it will benefit you as well. My credo:  Live without fear, and Love without limits....

Much love to you all,
Lisa Romanek


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