Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ophir | Being Sound, Vol. 1 | CD Baby

There comes a time when we should all step forward and do something wonderful, even for someone we don't know. That is my mission for today. Holly Lindin and Matt DeMeritt the creators of Ophir-"Being Sound" have just released their album "Being Sound"  today, and would like for you all to share in the wonder and beauty of the music they have created.

Holly say's "Most, if not all, of our songs are about raising consciousness and finding the power within yourself  fighting the system, and finding your creativity and personal beauty. We don't tend to do mainstream Love songs, but there are two on the album that ride that line - just in a different way than is normally presented."

Holly has provided me with a link for you all to go to, listen to the song clips, and then simply click on the title of this blog, and order either one song, or the entire album.

From my heart to yours,

To preview songs:

Live without fear, Love without limit,


  1. You are so sweet and wonderful, Lisa! I don't think you'll ever understand how much I appreciate this. And I'll DEFINITELY be looking through your blog, as I've had my own E.T. and UFO experiences throughout my Life. Thanks so much for being awesome - Ophir is so grateful to you. You've certainly made my day brighter than it started! :D <3

  2. You know the kind of music I listen too and have for yrs but I really like this I am actually amazed how much I like it lol

    1. I know Shannon, it is really good!

    2. Wow, thank you, you two! That really means a lot! :D <3