Friday, July 12, 2013

Romanek July News..

 July 2013

Hello Everyone,
It’s been a few months since our last newsletter and we have gone without incident except for four separate UFO sightings. So all in all its been quiet on the home front.
The first sighting that we had happened  a couple of months ago, an orange orb craft 100 yards or so off the ground floated above a lake between Windsor and Loveland Colorado.
The second was while fishing on the river in Nebraska near Steele City Nebraska. It too was an orange craft.
The third sighting occurred while enjoying a concert in the park in Denver on 4th of July. Four separate lit crafts appeared, fell towards the ground merged together, crossed paths and three remained the fourth vanished.
The fourth was in May when we were in Florida for the StarWorks Symposium. One of the producers working on the documentary named Jack Roth, his friend Scott and I were standing outside behind the hotel with people from the conference when Scott yelled UFO! We all looked up just in time to see a large dimly lit triangle UFO rotating slowly as it floated over us.  Jack was so excited I thought he was going to start crying. Sadly even though we all had cameras we were so enthralled, we forgot to take pictures.
We also decided to spend 2 hours doing a Native American Cleansing of our house to remove the negative goo that was purposely thrust upon us through some unique gifts, intentions, spells, remote psychic junk, curses…whatever you want to call it. We were told to use white sage, red cedar, and a lot of intention to clear the space. At this point what could it hurt? Thanks to some amazing friends who assisted us with the protocols we think it worked but only time will tell for sure.
We have noticed that for whatever reason UFOs have shown up at many conferences that we speak at. Calculating the odds there seems to be and 80% chance to see something at one of our talks and with the ever growing witnesses list there is evidence to support our calculations. But then again, the hybrid kids like to make appearances as well.  So, if you are interested in having a possible sighting Lisa and I will be doing a conference sponsored by Etherean LLC Publishing, called TRANSITION Advancing the Understanding of the Extraterrestrial Experience in Clinton, New Jersey on July 20th, 2013.

This will be different than anything we have ever done it will be a 12 hour interactive event with a panel of speakers that includes Grant Cameron, Michael Austin Melton, Jennifer Stein, Chris Augustin, Larry Frascella, and George Filer.

So if you are in the area PLEASE come see us. It will be a great opportunity to have real conversations with all of us. To our off world visitors feel free to drop by, it would be very nice to meet you.

For ticket information go to and our sponsor website

Links are available on all sites as well as on our Facebook pages.

Also July 26-28th the UFO Watchtower is having an event.

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