Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"What is the Catalyst for the Hunt?" Documentary Film by: S. Browne

Scott Browne grew up in a small CT town with 2 brothers and a sister, the children of a police officer and a waitress. His grandfather owned the funeral home in town and later on the town newspaper. In 1972 the family moved to another small rural town in Massachusetts, where Scott resides today. 

He has been a professional graphic designer and photographer for over 30 yrs creating artwork for such clients as Disney and the rock band Foreigner. 

 Scott also spent over 25 yrs. researching and doing work in the field concerning the UFO phenomena which led him to create the Facebook group "In The Field."  This page is for diligent researchers and videographers from all over the world. They are unique in the fact that a steady flow of dis/misinformation is not present in the group and majority of them shoot, study and share our own footage or photographs of these anomalies.

 Scott says that he has always felt that something triggered his overwhelming obsession with the phenomena which started back in 1987 after a strange incident that left him with a million questions and no answers. 

This documentary below explains some of the confusing events that have surrounded Scott Browne from a young age and the possible trigger for this interest.

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