Monday, July 28, 2014

Dorothy Izatt

Extraterrestrial or Extradimensional?

These images taken from one of Dorothy Izatt’s films, seem to show some humanoid figures and kids in a passageway of light.
The case of Dorothy Izatt presents us with important evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Since 1974, Dorothy has been filming luminous objects in the night sky of Vancouver with an 8 mm film camera, best known as Super-8. Dorothy has over 9000 meters of films of these objects floating in the sky and creating explosions of light.

Many Hollywood experts have examined her films and have declared that reproducing these images digitally would require a team of professionals working full-time, and a lot of money. In 2003, when Dorothy Izatt was 81 years old, Frank Longo made a documentary about her experiences called “Capturing the Light”. This documentary was awarded the EBE to the documentary with the best UFO images in 2008.

Left, the explosions of light appear in just one photograph, leaving no trace. Upper right, Dorothy Izatt with Dr. Hynek, in 1975. Lower right, a zoom-in to Dorothy’s images, where the crew of one of the aircraft is seen.
After a series of tests to verify the authenticity of this phenomenon, Dr. Allen Hynek (1910-1986), a renowned astronomer and UFO researcher, decided to endorse Dorothy Izatt’s films. We must consider that Dr. Hynek, together with Dr. Jacques VallĂ©e, proposed that UFOs could be beings from another dimension, which would explain how they can defy the laws of physics. As to the strange light forms in Dorothy’s films, Hynek suggested they could be passages to the world where these beings lived and that they would open every now and then as a result of the dimensional portals that these beings would use to get to our world. 

In one of her contacts with these light beings, Dorothy asked: Do you have a name? Then, there was an explosion of light and the object disappeared. When the film was developed, an explosion of light appeared, leaving a trace that resembled a signature on the lower right side.

 We hope that those more than 9000 meters of film registered by Dorothy are not left abandoned in a basement and that they are studied. Maybe the clues that are needed to start to seriously consider the existence of alien life are hidden within these images.

Above are images of aircraft-shaped images extracted from Dorothy Izzat’s films.
I will leave you with a statement made by Dr. Allen Hynek in 1977, during the first International UFO Congress in Chicago:

“I believe the UFO phenomenon is real, although I don’t think it’s one single thing. We have to ask ourselves whether the variety of UFOs sighted come from a single source… there is enough evidence to defend the existence of alien intelligence, as well as inter-dimensional intelligence. To me, it seems possible that there is a civilization covering physical, material and mental aspects. There are millions of stars that are millions of years older than the Sun. There could be a civilization millions of years more advanced than ours. We passed from the Kitty Hawk missiles to the Moon in almost 70 years. It is possible that a civilization that is one million years old knows something we don’t. The realms of the mind, so mysterious for us now, could be a common part of an advanced technology”.

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