Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Evidence For A UFO Cover-Up Grant. Cameron..


Watch: Chase Brandon/CIA/Roswell posted here on my blog :) the same day as this one 7/15/2014

I didn't find Grants lecture, that he mentioned in the video above, but.. I found him talking for himself.

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  1. my view on the idea of aliens is this look up jump room teck, if we were to have traveled time in 53 back in time billions of years looked at earth but set up base on mars in the blink of an eye modern empire could have been set up back in time, now think of the advancements made takeing the teck of 53, back millions of years guided by constant leaps back time to guide the agenda, the idea of man wanting to be god like, aliens made in our image us enslaveing them, the opposite of what the tv programs feed us, Obama, Clinton, bush all seen then groomed, all told they would be president, there is a new book about area 51 the writer said the alien bodies were in fact Russian children that had been mutated, what if in fact, a hybreed made by man, in a god like production , and explains to me why there would be so many socalled alien bases un our bases, these things have no sex organs they cannot eat as us, they cannot breed and they must be feed, they may be addicted to something, some human aspect that allows for our addictive side to come out in this, creation, of separate race or races, in the same way simple minded people spend there intire lives doing anything for there fix