Thursday, June 26, 2014

Confirmation - The Peter Maxwell Slattery

Peter Maxwell Slattery is an
experiencer, author, speaker, meditation teacher and he does energy and
healing practices. His experiences started at an early age and continue
to this day and he has witnesses to events and an overwhelming amount of
photographic and video evidence of UFOs, Orbs and apparitions. From his
experiences with Extra-terrestrials, to inter-dimensional beings,
Spirits and Source, all has led Pete to dedicate himself to the healing
of the Earth and to the awakening of the human race by helping people
find their own connection to Source, and their own inter-dimensional
self. He also helps people to initiate contact themselves, on whatever
level they are ready to do so individually and in a group, through love,
good intent and meditation. Pete has appeared on Channel 7’s “Prime
News” and “Sunrise” (which is one of Australia’s national morning news
T.V shows), and he has also been on shows such as “The Unexplained with
Howard Hughes” and “Podcast UFO”.

 Visit Peters page for links for his books.

Also check out: The Peter Maxwell Slattery Show

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