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Barbara Lamb

 Barbara Lamb

Barbara Lamb, M.S.,MFT,CHT

Barbara Lamb 
1517 Marjorie Avenue  
Claremont, CA 
Telephone:  (909) 626-8332 

Barbara Lamb is a licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Regression Therapist in private practice in Claremont, California. She specializes in Regression Therapy with people who experience encounters with extraterrestrial and with interdimensional beings. Beginning in 1991, she has regressed 671 persons to abductions and visitations by these unusual beings, totaling at least 1870 regressions to these kinds of experiences. 

Trained for several years by the International Association of Regression Research and Therapies (IARRT), Barbara has subsequently trained other professional therapists and hypnotherapists in doing this unique work: through IARRT, through The Professional Institute for Regression Therapy (PIRT), and for other professional training groups. She is currently President of The Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists (ACCET) and is a Board Member of the online Journal of Abduction Encounter Research (JAR). 

Barbara has presented numerous lectures on the ET Encounter subject, for many major conferences across the U.S., in Canada, England and Belgium. She has shared this material with many types of groups, and has been interviewed on numerous television and radio programs. She conducts a monthly support group for experiencers of ET encounters. She answers hundreds of emails from people worldwide who have these unusual encounters, and makes referrals for regression therapists in their geographical areas.

 Her book ALIEN EXPERIENCES, co-authored by Nadine Lalich, presents 25 Cases of Close Encounters Never Before Revealed, from her files of the hundreds of people she has regressed to ET contacts of various kinds.




Psychotherapist and Certified Hypnotherapist


Regression Therapist of Extraterrestrial Encounters and Past Lives


Researcher: Crop Circles and Extraterrestrial Encounters Lectures
Panel Participant 
TV / Radio / Film Interviews

Author:  Alien Experiences and Crop Circles Revealed
Trainer of Hypnotherapists-for ET work

Leader of Experiencer Support Group

Power Point Presentations

BARBARA LAMB will share unusual encounters with extraterrestrial beings, including positive, educational, and inspiring experiences. This material comes from her 21 years of hypnotically regressing more than 730 people to the details of their real encounters with various kinds of beings from the cosmos. She has conducted well over 2000 regressions to these impactful encounters. These experiences go way beyond the abductions we hear about in the public media, and give a new perspective to the alien abduction phenomenon. Barbara’s illustrations will show depictions of many different kinds of extraterrestrial beings who have a variety of agendas with human beings. Some of these beings seem to be more self serving and cold-hearted, while others seem to be more caring, helpful, educational and inspiring to the humans whom they visit. 


From Barbara Lamb’s twenty -two consecutive years of personally visiting and researching hundreds of crop circles in England, her presentation will show the indications that these complex and beautiful patterns were designed and executed by creative intelligences other than human. The scientific testing of plants from inside crop circles and the significant changes in the plants and the soil indicate that these formations could not have been made by people with boards or rollers. Instead, these formations must have been made by a source of intelligence applying at least 800 degrees F, and making complex energy vortices, or by using highly charged balls of light or beams of light coming from above the earth. 

Richly illustrated with aerial and ground photographs of some of the most outstanding crop circles through the past 30 years, Barbara’s presentation will build a case for complex messages having been deliberately given to mankind by an off-planet intelligence: messages which predict astronomical events such as collisions of comets, asteroids, solar system changes, eclipses of the sun and of the moon, long term solar cycles, solar flares, predictions of changes occurring in 2012, and other significant events. Other crop circles indicate complex mathematics and geometry, fractal geometry, sacred geometry, dynamics of energy and the way energy moves, wormholes, portals to other dimensions, UFO propulsion systems, magnetic, and anti-gravity technology; as well as spiritual symbols, evidence of designs requested by humans being answered by the anomalous circle makers, deliberate communications from extraterrestrial intelligences, and preparations for transformational energies coming to earth and affecting all life here. 

Crop circles are stimulating our evolving in consciousness, and are giving us valuable information about the universe and reality. Barbara is well experienced in enlightening audiences about these significant communications and how they strongly suggest that we are being communicated with by highly intelligent beings from elsewhere. 

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