Monday, June 30, 2014

A Statement from Starborn Support International

There are those in the UFO/Abduction Studies branch of Ufology, and Ufology in general who have been paying close attention to all of the recent unfortunate events happening in the lives of some of the m
ost prominent alien abductees and contactees. At this point, it seems clear that “two plus two equals four,” meaning that there appears to be an intentional smear campaign being executed by unknown forces in order to ruin the credibility of experiencers in general. The observant ufologist will realize that this is history repeating itself. It has happened in the past to some of our greatest researchers seeking out the truth, but unfortunately getting too close. Recall in the mid 1990’s a smear campaign was put into play attempting to ruin the credibility of two of the most revered individuals in the field: Budd Hopkins, and Psychiatrist Dr. John Mack. Unfortunately, it seemed that Dr. Mack persisted in his efforts to chase down the truth, and we all know what happened to him. He got too close. We lost him soon thereafter. Also, recall the lies perpetrated by the late Carl Sagan earlier in history in the series “Cosmos” that attempted to discredit the Betty and Barney Hill Abduction.

Apparently, those who continue to thwart any efforts to expose the truth do not like the current “coming forth” of many abductees into the light of day – those who are willing and able to risk it all and tell their story, revealing the truth. They detest the increased interest the mainstream media has regarding UFOs, abductions and the truth regarding such phenomena. As a result, experiencers are being monitored: Phones are tapped, computers hacked, explicit threats made to the experiencers themselves, and sometimes those associated with them in an effort to intimidate them and promote fear and paranoia. This is not paranoia. With emphasis -- this is not paranoia! Many of we experiencers are reporting these activities, as well as other “scare tactics” that we are confronted with.

At the present time, we seem to be the focus of unknown forces, let us say “agencies,” using God knows how many resources, taxpayer’s dollars, and advanced technology to execute this apparent smear campaign. Again, as in the past, terrible things are being done to us, and right in front of the public’s eyes. One of the world’s most well known experiencer and abductee is being characterized as a terrible sexual deviant, and whether it be a true or false accusation, this might be considered the “kickoff” to the current smear campaign.

We ask that all of you in the field, and in the mainstream media and the public in general, take a step back and consider all of the evidence, both current and historical (perhaps all the way back to that fateful day in July of 1947 in Roswell New Mexico). Gather all of the facts. Notice all of the debunking efforts and debunkers. Look at the backgrounds of the abductees and experiencers: doctors, lawyers, laborers, psychiatrists, and yes, even Indian chiefs. They are your normal, ordinary, average people who, through no will of their own are involved in extraordinary circumstances.

We implore you, the community of ufologists and the public in general, do not pass judgment on anyone or anything at this time. Don’t forget the code of our legal system: “Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.” Those that want to see our community crumble and fade have two potent weapons: fear and intimidation. Without these two swords of incredulity and extirpation they have no power. They will lose the chokehold they imagine to have on our community. In fact, we should, regardless of what community, race, religion or financial status we live in stand in opposition to these two weapons.

Experiencers: Please at this time be careful. This is a time to circle the wagons, and rely on 100% trust. If you feel the slightest amount of misgiving, then do not speak. Their desire is to spread chaos and distrust among us. They want to keep us away from each other. Their goal is to drive wedges between us, obliterating our community. Remember there is strength in numbers. Protect your back; watch your neighbor’s back. The truth is all that matters here.

In closing, a little food for thought: If we are lying and making up our experiences for fame and fortune, then why are most of us not wealthy? Where is the fame and adulation? Why has our secret government gone to such drastic measures and spent perhaps billions of your dollars to “rub us out,” make us look like lunatics, and charging us with absurd and contemptible behavior and charges with no apparent evidence or proof (or, is it slander?). Why are they trying to suppress knowledge, and alter history? But if we were to accuse them, we would adhere to the judicial system’s motto: Innocent until proven guilty. We stand on neutral ground, and are aiming to protect our community as a whole, even those accused and currently in the public eye.

This is our position statement. Starborn Support is there for the people that embody the community of experiencers and abductees. For the People! We will not pass judgment, as a few others have already chosen to do. Why? Because despite whatever a person is charged with in our legal system, there is still a person hurting underneath. Even if they were never abducted, contrary to their claims, or whether they have never even boarded a city bus to get from point “A” to point “B,” Their pain is real. They are being inundated with threats which in turn produce the two most powerful weapons the dark forces within our government possess: fear and intimidation. We as a community renounce the flimsy fantasy of power you wield, dark government. We stand strong because we feel we know the truth. You can bet all of your billions of foreign-owned gold bullion that we will make every American citizen aware of our plight, despite the price. We have a job to do and a mission to complete. It is all or nothing at all.


The Starborn Support Staff and Affiliates in the United States, and across the World.

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