Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Romanek Documentary Production update: Next steps for extraordinary: the Stan Romanek story

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We’ve received numerous requests for updates on where we are in the production of “extraordinary: the Stan Romanek story,” and although we’ve answered the question numerous times in comments on this website and via YouTube, we decided to do it one more time in a post.
We are in post-production, which requires video editing, sound editing, scoring and mastering, among many other elements. Another big part of the process is the development and execution of a distribution plan. We’ve had many people ask why we don’t distribute the film directly, and the answer is simple: Direct distribution reaches a specific target audience — people who already believe. In order to reach a larger audience — which has been our goal from the very beginning of this project — we are exploring several distribution options, including screeners and bringing the film to festivals.
In order to reach an audience of believers, fence-sitters and skeptics, we have to deliver a compelling story about people and their struggles to survive. That has been a goal from day one, too. If we created a documentary film highlighting only Stan’s evidence, it would not have been an accessible film. It would, more than likely, become a target for criticism and debunking. Instead, we’re telling a human story that is made more extraordinary by the element of Stan’s compelling experiences. We’re telling a story that believers and non-believers alike will connect with because everyone can relate to the human side of Stan and Lisa’s story.
Yes, the evidence will be there. But the emotion will be there, too. The challenges, the obstacles, the fear, the hanging-by-a-thread-to-get-by emotionally, spiritually and mentally will be present throughout.
Stan’s story is best told as a human story vs. a science fiction story. Doing so makes it accessible to larger audiences because the film is more appealing. The goal is to create awareness among the masses vs. preach to the choir. We want as many eyeballs as we can possibly get on this film. That’s how we can impact awareness.
As for dates and locations, we don’t have those finalized yet. When we do, we will post them here for everyone to see. Thanks for your patience and continue interest in this important project.


  1. Thanks Lisa, I know it will be well worth the wait. Stans case is the most interesting & intriguing I've ever followed. Lovin the evidence & the commitment you have to share. Bob(UK)
    p.s. Books are great too :)

  2. Give me a release date? They never say when exactly..

    1. The release date is May 13th, on