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Who is the UFOnut?

Chuck Zukowski is the UFOnut!

Chuck Zukowski

Chuck’s website is UFONUT which stands for Unidentified Flying Objects Nonhuman Unidentifiable Technologies.  

Some people think that if you believe in UFOs, Ghosts, Bigfoot, Alien life, Cattle Mutilations etc., that you must be a nut. I must agree. I am a huge fan of Chuck Zukowski and his work. I am also a nut, a UFOnut  that is!

If you want to become UFOnut sign up today!!! 

O Chuck and his team of UFOnuts.. display various information on the UFO/Paranormal field which also includes personal blogs about his research and investigations. Working closely with, Chuck is able to post professional quality videos and webisodes featuring his latest investigations. He also has numerous videos on YouTube under the WWWUFONUT heading, which portrays more of his work.

                             The UFOnut team Matt, Debbie,Trina and Chuck


For the past 25 years Chuck has been researching and investigating the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon. As a field investigator, he’s appeared on radio and television shows discussing his investigations. Chuck approaches every investigation as a skeptic looking for any known possibility before claiming otherwise. He also implements new and innovative field experiments from time to time, to enhance his investigations looking for new evidence. Among his investigations Chuck has become quite fluent with the Roswell Incident of 1947. He’s worked closely with Archeologist, Dr. Bill Doleman, UNM., on two separate UFO shows; SCI-FI Channel’s special, “Roswell, Startling New Evidence”, and NBC/SCI-FI Channel’s “SCI-FI Investigates, Roswell” episode. Chuck has also contributed to the SCI-FI Channel’s book, “The Roswell Dig Diaries”, and has written a workbook, “Extraterrestrial Archeology”, a field guide to UFO Archeology (out of print). Chuck has been interviewed numerous times by the media on the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon discussing his investigations. He was interviewed for the Peter Jennings special, “Seeing is Believing”, for SCI-FI/NBC’s Fact or Faked, History Channel’s UFO Hunters, Denver PBS, Colorado Springs and Denver’s television news stations; and numerous periodicals including the Colorado Springs Gazette, Denver Post, and the LA Times. Chuck is also included in the book Weird Colorado highlighting his UTE Valley Rock Face investigation and has written articles for UK’s, UFO Matrix magazine.

 UFO/Paranormal Investigations
  • Roswell Research and Field Investigations
  • UFO Sightings and Landing Trace Evidence Field Investigations
  • Animal Mutilations Investigations
  • Big Foot Field Investigations
  • Ghost Investigations
  • Alien Abduction Investigations
  • Paranormal (beyond the range of normal experience) Investigations
  • Amateur UFO Archeology Research and Field Investigations
  • Consultant for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and STAR Team Field Investigator
  • Witness Interviewing Skills
  • Technical knowledge
Chuck is a Principle IC Mask Design Engineering Consultant with his company, Zukowski Inc. He has over 25 years of Graphic Mix Signal IC Microchip design and is a former Reserve Deputy Sheriff with El Paso County Sheriff’s Department, Colorado (2002 to February 2011).
His education includes; an Associate’s degree, a Bachelors degree, and a Certification in Electronic Engineering . 

Chuck has lectured on the Roswell incident, Animal Mutilations, and on other various UFO associated investigations. From time to time Chuck is asked to teach training seminars discussing his experience and investigation techniques.

Chuck approaches his investigations with an analytical understanding, making sure to address all human known possibilities before venturing into the non-human or paranormal aspects of the sightings. This approach ensures his investigations are more plausible and skeptic proof.
Tools of his trade include; multiple Sony 8mm IR cameras, Sony IR 1/3 16mm audio DVR cameras, Celestron’s Sky Scout, Night Owl binoculars, EMF meters, radiation sensors, metal detectors, spotting scope, Meade’s 8″ Schmidt Cassegrain telescope with video recording capability. Kits include (RRK), Rapid Response Kit, Animal Mutilation kit, and Basic Archeology kit.

Experiments have included; (EMF) Eltro-Magnetic Field generation, (BS-VCT) Binary Sequenced Visual Communication Techniques, and (E.R.E) Event Recreation Experimentation.

I will be sharing some of Chuck's Investigation video links from his YouTube account WWWUFONUT today as well, so that you can acquaint yourselves with one of his most interesting Big Foot  investigations here in Bailey, Colorado. 

Please, visit to read his Blog, check out the wide range of investigations he has done. WARNING: Cattle Mutilation Pics are very graphic!!! 


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