Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Time Has Come

A Beautiful Video With a simple yet... profound message!

Our Time Has Come 


Dr. Carol Rosin
P.E.A.C.E. Inc.


  1. Carol is a very informative person. I have seen a few videos of her over the years. I believe her, and wish more people would wake up.
    Lisa, I was wondering why I can't get up to date
    event and appearane dates for you and Stan? They are not on his site or yours. I found out on my own that you guys are going to be in PA in Oct, but since I won't fly. I can't make it there. I am in UT. I have read ALL your books, and am very fascinated with your story! When will you guys be appearing again closer to UT?
    I had to go camping with my NON-BELIEVING husband when you had the UFO camp out in Co.(watchtower)
    That drove me crazy!I have never seen a UFO personally, so I was hoping that being around you guys might help my chances! Anything that I can do to help get the story out is my goal!
    Thanks for all you do.
    Candi S.

  2. Lisa, Candi here again!
    I'm speaking to you here since there is no other
    place to contact you directly. I have bought numerous copies of Stan's first book for my friends, and relatives. I am trying to spark interest in this subject, and you know how that
    gets received. :( I am not a troll or a shill, just a real person who wants your story to come to pass ASAP! We are up against the devil himself and I want us to survive and thrive! My
    email is If you can't reply since you probably don't speak to strangers, and I understand that, please tell me when I can see your next event that is closer to UT! Please put this on your website if possible. Thank you!
    Candi Steudtel, Herriman, UT 84096